Is Banned Truth-Telling Official MSM Policy?

Does MSM employment require no deviations from the fabricated official narrative by its staff?

Is this policy written into employment contracts, perhaps in fine print?

Does contravening it automatically result in sacking and blackballing from future MSM employment across the board?

Has all of the above been official NYT policy for time immemorial?

Whenever hegemon USA goes to war on an invented enemy — or supports one — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and US Constitution under its Supremacy Clause, the Times and other MSM march in lockstep.

The same goes for all things related to bioweaponized kill shots and related policies — with mass-extermination and elimination of what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

It’s true as well on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical policies across the board.

Where hegemon USA goes, European and other vassal states follow. 

So do their MSM press agents for wealth, power and privilege at the expense of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, governance serving the rights and well-being of everyone, and journalism as it should be.

On all things related to Russia’s campaign against US-created, Nazi-infested Ukraine — a metastasizing tumor in Europe’s heartland –  MSM across the board are on the wrong side of history.

Since established in 1851, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT always supported privileged interests over unbiased truth and full disclosure

Rare exceptions on major issues proved the rule.

What few occurred in times past disappeared from Times editions long ago.

A Noah’s Ark of fake news reporting has been standard fare for decades — truth and full disclosure nowhere in sight on issues mattering most.

It’s notably the case on all things related to flu-covid — the mother of all state-sponsored scams with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

It’s true as well on nations free from US control, notably Russia and China because united they give US-dominated NATO pause about pushing things too far on the world stage.

Escalated Russia bashing since last year has been all about trying to break ties that bind them, a divide and control strategy that backfired.

Knowing that all-out US war on Russia by other means with regime change in mind if successful would assure much the same on China to follow drew Beijing and Moscow closer together than ever before in modern times.

In defense of its own interests, China refused to go along with US Russia bashing over Ukraine.

Both nations are each other’s most valued allies. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are best friends.

Together the nations they lead are a formidable alliance against Washington’s hegemonic aims for unchallenged control over planet earth, its resources and populations.

The NYT never met a US war of aggression it didn’t wholeheartedly cheerlead — nor a nation free from its control that it didn’t go all-out to denigrate, vilify and otherwise smear, especially its leadership.

It never met hard truths about nations on the US target list for regime change, what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative that it didn’t suppress.

On Friday, the Times once again repeated the debunked Big Lie claim about Russian attacks on civilians in Ukrainian cities.

The broadsheet has gone all out to transform democracy and rule of law supporting Vladimir Putin into an international pariah.

It’s hostile to peace and being soft on Russia while ignoring centuries of US high crimes of war and against humanity at home and abroad.

It lied about what happened to a Mariupol theater, falsely blaming Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

No Russia bombing occurred against the facility.

Explosions that rocked it were detonated by US/Western supported neo-Nazi forces.

Ignoring that Russian attacks focus exclusively on military targets to avoid civilian casualties, the Times falsely claimed otherwise.

Ignored as well are neo-Nazi forces embedded in various Ukrainian cities behind civilians held hostage as human shields.

Instead, rubbish like the following is featured:

Russian aerial operations and artillery reduced targeted Ukrainian “cities to rubble (sic).”

Masquerading as unindicted war criminal multiple times over Biden, his double disgraced himself more than already by falsely labeling Vladimir Putin this way — compounding his disgrace by adding:

He’s “a murderous dictator, a pure thug who is waging an immoral war against the people of Ukraine (sic).”

Along with reciting lines scripted for him to repeat, he’s complicit with hegemon USA’s war of words against a world class leader.

A giant on the world stage, Putin stands in stark contrast to his pigmy Western counterparts, ones guilty of virtually every conceivable crime of war and against humanity imaginable.

Notably since the the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup, the Times and other MSM suppressed information about Ukraine’s transformation from democracy to Nazi-infested fascist rule.

Fabricated claims otherwise fly in the face of indisputable facts.

The same goes for dementia Joe, interventionist Blinken and congressional Russophobes for falsely calling Putin a war criminal.

Time and again, US-dominated Western regimes have gone out of its way to falsely blame invented enemies for the worst of their own high crimes.

Vilifying Russia and demeaning Vladimir Putin are among countless other examples of turning truth on its head.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Mass Psychology of Fascism
    And Dystopian Realism..!

    The Epstein Years..!

    Performed by Droopy..
    “Ah, which way’d they go..?”

    Hey Where’s Fausti.?
    Where Walensky..?
    Wheres the nice Lady from Baltimore?

    They all just walked away..

    From a Previous Post Comment tonight..

    Where’d Wolfewitz and the

    Just walk away, Renee.
    No problem.

    The Land of Lies.


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