Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on the March 18 eighth anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia, saying:

On the occasion, commemorating festivities were “held under the motto: Crimean Spring, Together Forever.”

The motto reflects overwhelming public sentiment in the Russia republic.

Crimeans chose democratic rule over the scourge of US-controlled fascist tyranny in Kiev, MZ saying:

They “did not flinch when faced with threats from Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis at the March 16, 2014 referendum.”

They voted freely and overwhelmingly for reunification with Russia. 

There’s no going back.

“No sanctions or threats, or blackmail from (hegemon USA) or its satellites, which consider themselves the collective masters of the world” will change things.

“On March 16, 2022, a brochure titled Twenty-Five Questions about Crimea was presented at the Foreign Ministry in the run-up to these memorable dates.”

It explains Crimea’s positive transformation over the past eight years.

On Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine since Feb. 24, MZ again stressed the following:

“The goal is not to seize (Ukrainian) territory, destroy its statehood or overthrow the current president.”

Fabricated claims otherwise by the US, its vassal states, and MSM co-conspirators are Russia bashing fake news.

Russian officials expressed outrage over attacks by Nazified Ukrainian forces against Donbass civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Calling them “barbarous acts of terror,” MZ stressed that they revealed the “true face” of Nazi-infested Ukraine for the world community of nations to see.

For the past eight years, Ukrainian forces terrorized four million Donbass residents by shelling and otherwise attacking civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure.

Instead of reporting about indisputable Nuremberg-level war crimes, Western MSM consistently ignored what’s gone on since April 2014.

In response to an attack last week by Ukrainian neo-Nazis that killed at least 21 Donetsk residents, injuring dozens more, MZ slammed Italy’s La Stampa broadsheet’s perversion of reality about what happened.

It disgracefully blamed Russian forces for the Kiev regime’s atrocities, adding:

“The world has seen many forgeries and distortions, but this is beyond the bounds of acceptability.”

La Stampa turned truth on its head and stomped on it.

Like US/Western MSM across the board, the Italian broadsheet supports fascist tyranny and its war crimes over the rule of law.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Ukraine — replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny — not once did US/Western media representatives come to Donetsk or Lugansk to report on war crimes by the US-installed Kiev regime.

Instead, they exclusively stuck to the fabricated official narrative — reporting state-approved fiction, suppressing indisputable reality.

For the past eight years, Donbass residents have been treated as non-people.

Thousands killed, countless others injured by Kiev forces, and vital infrastructure destroyed were considered non-issues.

Not a word was reported about Ukraine’s Nazi-infested military, MZ explaining:

“These people were brought up on blood and are steeped in nationalis(t)” extremism. 

“They swore allegiance to neo-Nazism and fascism.”

“They wear fascist and Nazi symbols on their sleeves.” 

“Those who shot at civilians many years ago (like they are doing today) are celebrated as heroes.”

“Their birthdays are marked as public holidays.”

“The Kiev regime continues to recklessly distribute weapons among anyone” — including to hardened criminals released from prison.

“According to the Ukrainian interior ministry, civilians have already obtained over 25,000 assault rifles, 10 million rounds of ammunition, thousands of grenades and hundreds of hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers.”

On orders from his US boss, puppet Zelensky signed legislation that permits Ukrainians and imported foreign nationals to use guns and other weapons on city streets.

Instead of serving Kiev’s interests, they’ve been “looting and attacking civilians,” MZ explained.

The US/West and fascist Ukraine don’t give a damn about ordinary people or the rule of law.

They’re uncaring about mounting numbers of casualties.

They’re indifferent about human suffering.

They’re focused solely on pursuing their diabolical aims.

Since empowered by the US coup, Kiev fascists instituted and enforces tyrannical rule.

MZ: “On March 15, Zelensky signed a law on collaborationism that significantly expands the punitive capabilities of Ukrainian authorities.”

“Now they can easily shut down unwanted political parties and legal entities simply for wishing to cooperate with Russia.”

“Ukrainian nationalists refuse to open humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave dangerous areas.” 

“People are not allowed to move towards Russia.”

“They are required to evacuate towards Western Ukraine.” 

“Those who refuse to do so get shot in the back by the nationalists.”

Multiple rounds of Russian/Ukrainian conflict resolution talks achieved no breakthroughs.

There’s no ambiguity why.

Hegemon USA perpetuated a permanent state of war along Russia’s borders for the past eight years.

The Biden regime ordered puppet Zelensky to continue this policy unchanged.

Multiple rounds of all-out war by other means sanctions were imposed on Russia by hegemon USA and its European vassal states. 

At the same time, a steady 24/7 drumbeat of Russia bashing continues by making stuff up.

European and other nations that wish to pursue cooperative relations with Russia are pressured, bullied, threatened and otherwise intimidated by Biden regime hardliners to obey their diktats.

Russia’s only option is breaking from the US-dominated West.

It’s acting independently in pursuit of what benefits the nation and its people.

It’s accepting the realization that normalized relations with hegemon USA are unattainable, that it’s fruitless to pursue them.

The same applies to European and other nations that sold their souls to a higher power in Washington.

Until coming to their senses, regaining their lost sovereignty, and serving their own interests with the rights of their people in mind, diplomatic outreach by Russia will be exercises in futility.

A Final Comment

A new section on Russia’s Foreign Ministry website was set up to publish indisputable facts about US and UK war crimes worldwide.

It’ll inform the uninformed about the true face of their ruling regimes, about their contempt for peace, the rule of law and rights of ordinary people worldwide.

A 1998 video was posted with remarks by the real Joe Biden.

Vice president at the time, he called for terror-bombing Belgrade — months before the regime he was part of raped and destroyed the former Yugoslavia over a 78-day period.

At this time, an undeclared US-NATO state of war exists against Russia.

If their ruling regimes push things too far, an ominous possibility, all bets are off.


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  1. Dear Mr Lendman

    Fan Fuxin Tastic

    Russia going to up it’s Game in the Information War.


    The Foreign Ministry’s Office going to start another page exposing the Criminal Activity of our despicable Ruling Class.


    That news actually makes me so fuxing happy.

    Would have never even known that unless I read you

    And I got that big hit of
    Fresh Air.

    You know what, Mr Lendman
    You’re like medicine..!


    GO RUSSIA..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    A Second Reading.

    I feel the Land of Lies
    And their Axis Appendage

    Is only capable of small peasant wars..

    Maidan Events…

    With 5000 Waffen SS
    And ISIS Terrorists

    Beset in the Loci
    For a Qwick decapitation

    Exactly like Kazakhstan,
    And 10-20 nauseam

    That’s the scope of the Capitalist Army..

    Brush fires .
    Guerilla warfare

    Fake Insurgencies

    Johnny Olsen’s VO
    “World’s in Jeopardy”

    “And Additional Funding
    Also provided by..


    Russia putting out the

    Diverted from their Strategic Goals..

    New Century but
    Same old Zbig

    “Bleed Russia..!”

    Small time pool.
    3 Rack …$5 games..

    That’s what the Mighty Mental Midget has been reduced to.


    Can’t put aircraft in competition with Russia..

    Can’t stop Russian ” incoming..”

    Have an Army they don’t Trust.

    Vaxed and waxed and
    ready to ( die )

    Go home and watch TV

    And login to their online
    Central Nervous System..!

    The Late Late Show for
    World Imperialism.

    Dead Ends..

    Point: I don’t think the Gangsters will attack Russia

    Because they can’t.

    And then I get a little bit like Yogi or Maybe Casey Stengle

    “This time of year..

    Good pitching beats good hitting..

    And vice a versa..!”

    Because the Gangsters are so trapped ..

    Who knows it might propel them into Ultimate Destruction.

    Mad Men are driving the Bus.


  3. Patrick Lancaster lives in Donetsk People’s Republic and he is a crowd-funded journalist as he pleas for likes and spreading his reports on all social media. YouTube has started deleting dates on most videos I am seeing, but looking at Patrick’s oldest playlist goes back over seven years and 2014 appears in titles. He has so many videos, it is time consuming going back to three years ago.

    He has a new video today: “First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)” — 11:08 video dated 3/20/22 —

    Patrick feels a little more safety than in last videos reporting on the cluster bomb in Donetsk and the capture of neutral zone town that saw a counter attack that sent him and his cameraman running for cover.

    The Ukrainians he talked to reflected the hardships of no heat or electricity with blackened buildings in the background. The relief effort has got to flood the areas of safety and Patrick will be all over it.

    If the guy’s name were Charlie Brown, he would be famous.


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