US-Installed Ukrainian Regime Officially Declares Tyrannical Rule

Over the weekend from where he’s secreted in Poland, US-installed puppet Zelensky banned 11 opposition parties — a move only despots and hegemon USA could love.

The move officially usurped power by the Zelensky-led, Nazi-infested Orwellian-named Servant of the People party (sic).

People it serves above all others are headquartered in Washington, to a lesser extent in key European capitals, Ukrainian special interests benefitting as junior partners to their foreign masters — mainly hegemon USA.

Claiming the action taken remains in force as long as Russia’s special military operation continues fooled no one.

Biden regime hardliners control things in Ukraine.

As long as they back the move, it’ll remain unchanged.

As long as they support Zelensky, he remains in office.

He serves at their discretion, a powerless figure only able to pursue policies ordered by his US master.

Along with usurping power, martial law was declared.

As long as its enforced, what there is of Ukrainian civil law is suspended or null and void.

Reading lines scripted by his US higher power for him to recite, puppet Zelensky said the following:

“Any activity of politicians aimed at division and collaboration won’t be successful, but will instead be faced with a harsh response.”

Translation: Dissent from official policy — no matter how lawless — assures imprisonment doing hard time or quelling it by harsher means, perhaps slow torture until death.

With hegemon USA behind the move, or at least OKing it, what little remained of greatly eroded freedoms in Ukraine were erased.

The draconian move became effective straightaway — to be enforced by the regime’s so-called justice ministry.

Further pre-scripted remarks by Zelensky, justifying what’s unjustifiable said the following:

“I’d like to remind all politicians, from all camps.”

“Wartime exposes quite well the paucity of personal ambitions of those who try to put their own ambitions, their own party or career above the interests of the state, the people’s interests; those who hide in the rear, while pretending to be the only one who cares about defense.”

“Any activity on the part of politicians aimed at splitting (society) or collaborating (with the enemy) will not succeed.” 

“They will face a tough response.”

“That is why the national security and war council of Ukraine decided that, given the full-scale war being waged by the Russian Federation and the ties that some political organizations have with that state, any activity of a number of political parties will be suspended (under) martial law.”

In early February, the Zelensky regime banned three Ukrainian television operations for opposing Nazi-infested fascist rule.

Virtually everything Russia related in banned, as ordered by Washington.

On Saturday, head of  Russia’s National Defense Management Center Mikhail Mizintsev issued the following warning:

Ukrainian Nazis  placed mines in ammonia and chlorine storage facilities at the Sumykhimprom chemical plant in Sumy in order to poison (regional) residents in case Russian troops enter the city,” adding:

“In the settlement of Kotlyarovo, Nikolayev region, (these elements) are plotting a provocation with the use of toxic chemicals.” 

“For these ends, they placed containers with toxic chemicals in a secondary school, which will be exploded when Russian forces approach the settlement.”

“We warn the entire civilized world and international organizations about the Ukrainian authorities’ cynical provocations, which, if realized, will be blamed on Russian troops as it has been done more than once.”

Ukrainians trying to flee from the scourge of Nazi-infested tyranny risk being shot and killed if spotted.

On Saturday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) explained the following:

In breach of international law, Ukraine’s navy mined approaches to the ports of Odessa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk, and Yuzhny with 100s of obsolete river mines, manufactured decades earlier. 

“Driven by winds and currents, mines are freely drifting in the western part of the Black Sea.”

“Bearing in mind the fact that southwards surface currents are typical in the areas of these Ukrainian ports, it is not ruled out that loose mines may drift toward Bosporus and further on to the Mediterranean Sea,” posing a serious hazard to shipping.

The Zelensky regime “once again demonstrated utter ignorance of the fundamental international laws and disregard for human lives, including of European Union nationals.”

Separately on Sunday, the US-installed regime falsely reported the following:

“Yesterday, (Russian forces) dropped bombs on an art school No 12.” 

“It is known that the building was destroyed, and civilians are still under the rubble.”

No video or other verifiable evidence accompanied the fabricated accusation because there is none.

Without exception, all Kiev and/or Western claims about Russian attacks on civilian targets have been fake news.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov on Sunday, “reliable information” from Ukrainians indicated that thuggish Zelensky regime elements blew up the school in question to falsely blame Russia for what happened.

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