Highlights of Sergey Lavrov’s Remarks on RT

Interviewed by RT last Thursday, Lavrov’s remarks reflected his longstanding straight talk — in stark contrast to duplicitous, double-talking US/Western officials.

On US/Western sanctions, their goal “is much more strategic” than in response to Russia’s campaign in Ukraine, Lavrov stressed.

They reflect longstanding US policy to marginalize, isolate, weaken and undermine Russia — to transform the country into a US vassal state, balkanizing it for easier subjugation and exploitation.

Where hegemon USA goes, European vassal states follow — even at the expense of their own interests.

The Biden regime is also trying to reverse history by “com(ing) back to a unipolar world,” Lavrov explained – a harebrained scheme that’s doomed to fail.

Yet unprecedented sanctions will continue, he said, new ones added to remain in place longterm.

Ignored by the US/West is their positive side.

The harder their regimes try to harm Russia politically, economically and financially, the more self-sufficient the nation becomes.

Whenever imposed, sanctions fail to achieve strategic aims. Over time, they’re like shooting blanks.

Lavrov explained events proceeding Crimea’s sought independence from Ukraine, saying:

Kiev “sent armed groups to take control of the Crimean parliament, and that’s how it all started.” 

‘Not to mention (that) immediately on the first day of (US) coup d’etat, putschists introduced an initiative to do away with the status of the Russian language in Ukraine, which was in the Ukrainian Constitution.” 

“So all these instincts were immediately translated into very Russophobic policies.”

De-Russification is official Kiev policy — in cahoots with the US-dominated West.

It’s played out by denying Russian-speaking Ukrainians the right to “their own language, history and identity in (the country) and so many similar things,” Lavrov explained.

Dominant neo-Nazis want all things “Russian wiped out in Crimea.”

As directed by his higher power in Washington, puppet Zelensky remarked to the effect that Ukrainians who want to be Russian and want to be friendly with Russia, should go there.

They’re unwanted in their native country.

In response to US/Western sanctions war, Lavrov said Russia henceforth will become more self-reliant, more independent from Western influence.

On information about US development of bioweapons in Ukraine, Lavrov explained the following:

Documents discovered by Russia’s military indicated US plans for a “massive (bioweapons) attack” on Donbass.

It had to be prevented.

Similar US biolabs operate worldwide, many near the borders of Russia and China.

“The special Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Pentagon is in charge of this biological activity.”

It’s “developing very dangerous pathogens, including plague, brucellosis, anthrax and many others, which are really very dangerous.”

“We have been raising this issue in international organizations for…than 20 years” in vain.

No mechanism exists to open nations to independent investigation  — requiring them to provide information and guarantee transparency of their biological activity in all forms. 

Hegemon USA decided long ago that development of deadly pathogens was too risky to go on domestically.

So the worst of what’s going on was shifted abroad to countries like Ukraine.

On the issue of establishing a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace by US-dominated NATO, Lavrov explained what’s obvious.

Taking this step would risk East/West confrontation.

It would risk possible global war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

It would jeopardize humanity’s survival by making planet earth unlivable if enough thermonukes were detonated.

Lavrov stressed that Russian forces will target for elimination any cargo entering Ukraine by land, sea or air that’s believed to be weapons or otherwise military related.

“This is clear because we are implementing the operation the goal of which is to remove any threat to the Russian Federation coming from Ukrainian soil,” he stressed, adding: 

“This was part of our proposal in December last year when we suggested that we negotiate with NATO security guarantees – the way which would be codifying the old agreement reached at the highest level that no one, no country should increase its security at the expense of the security of others.” 

“So (US-dominated NATO) know(s) what it is all about.”

Lavrov stressed that the purpose of its special military operation is to eliminate the real threat posed by US-dominated Ukraine against Donbass and Russia’s security.

Along with demilitarization,”(d)enazification is an absolute must.” 

It “includes not only canceling laws encouraging Nazi ideology and practices, but it also includes withdrawing any legislation which discriminates the Russian language and other national minority languages and, in general, national minority rights in Ukraine which have been hugely discriminated and offended.”

On information war, Lavrov noted that it’s dominated by US/Western MSM with rubbish like the following:

“Russia is an aggressor (sic).”

“Russia is murdering civilians (sic).” 

“Russia is abusing sports (sic),” and more of the same in virtually every imaginable way to brainwash Western populations.

At the same time, double standard hypocrisy is official US/Western policy.

Real news, information and analysis by Russian media are considered state-approved propaganda.

Around two years ago in London, a so-called conference on media freedom was held, Lavrov explained, adding:

“(N)o Russian media were invited.”

“So we know the manners and the tricks which are being used by the Western countries to manipulate media.” 

“We understood long ago that there was no such thing as an independent Western media.”

Alternative sources in the West alone are reliable — many, unfortunately not all.

The dominant 4th estate in Western states stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Censorship of what conflicts with it has been longstanding practice.

On what Russian/Ukrainian relations may be like when conflict ends, Lavrov stressed:

Russia “never had issues with the Ukrainian people.”

He has many Ukrainian friends.

They either speak or understand the Russian language.

Russia and Ukraine share a common “culture, common history, way of life, attitude to life, traditions of families and communities.” 

Lavrov hopes when what’s going on ends, things gradually will normalize, stressing:

“It will have to be gradual.”

“It cannot come back fast because (US/Western regimes made Ukraine) a Russophobic and anti-Russian instrument.” 

The venom is deeply rooted in Ukrainian mentality, “especially the young generation which was born after the demise of the Soviet Union.”

“They have been indoctrinated in a very, very heavy way.”

“The purpose was always to make sure that Russia does not have Ukraine as a friend.”

Lavrov also cited what former US official Zbigniew Brzezinski once noted.

Russia with Ukraine is a superpower.

Without Ukraine, it’s a regional player.

“This concept is very deeply rooted in the minds of American policymakers, and it will take time to get rid of these negative legacies,” said Lavrov, adding:

“(A)t the end of the day, the historic closeness of two fraternal nations will certainly prevail.”

At age-72 this month, perhaps not in Lavrov’s lifetime.

Clearly not in mine well into my 9th decade.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Lavrov said the following:

Russia is “open to cooperation with any countries, including Western ones.”

In the US and key partnered countries, it’s clearly off the table.

It’s been this way throughout the post-WW II period.

Lavrov admitted what’s indisputable.

“(T)he West’s behvior…show(s) that it is an unreliable partner.”

So-called “democracy” in their countries exists in fantasy form alone, the real thing prohibited.

Lavrov also said that many European officials disagreed to sanctions war on Russia, realizing it’s a road to nowhere.

Yet their ruling authorities lacked backbone enough to defy hegemon USA by going their own way, independent of a higher power in Washington.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    To me Lavrov and Zariff
    All the Chinese Diplomatic Cor
    The Syrian Ambassador to UN

    Are the Top Guns in Diplomacy

    When it comes to the Best Lavrov is a master

    At playing always a half assed hand…

    Like counting on the USA to honor a deal they just made ten minutes ago..

    First Astana..Lavrov was speechless.

    Years of patience and hard work and the Gangsters told Kerry to Disavow it while the ink was still wet.

    I looked at his face
    20 times that night

    Al Jazeera..BBC..German Chinese and Indian Media..

    As they ran the tape
    Of the First Astana..

    Said to myself
    ” I love that guy..

    Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness..!

    Poor dumb bastard.

    Dick Cheney is gonna make a deal to stop stealing oil and Stop murdering People in Syria

    And the Zios are gonna give up the NEW OASIS THEME PARK

    they Have planned for 2032 in GREATER ISRAEL on the lands of former Syria..

    Just like the Golan Hts somehow is still all Zio

    While they steal the Water..

    80% of all Israeli Water
    from the Golan Hts…!

    While the Zios are now killing Russians because they invaded the Nazis in the Ukraine…

    Huh..what ..
    When does Syria get back their land




    Just like the Zio Nazis..

    Birds of a Feather..I guess.

    Zios probably have Bio Weapons Labs too, huh?


    Zios would certainly have known about the USA and the NAZI NATO PLAN

    to drop Nukes on Russia in the “LATE SUMMER..”

    Hey Maybe, Russia is going to be amalgamated into the New
    Greater Israel…huh?

    That would be their reward for stabbing Russia in the Back.

    Just like when they shot JFK
    stabbed America in the Back



    Listen to me please.
    The American People

    are not shocked
    Are not surprised

    by the Nazi War Crimes of Biological Weapons in Labs

    Made to kill people.

    Astonishing, huh.

    The Evil so pervasive

    Take that brief down 10 or 15 notches..




    (CLOSE UP).

    “Here’s the Danger..
    Here’s the Seriousness..

    Pathogens this deadly would spread all over the world

    Be in London in a week
    And Dallas in a month..

    And everyone is dead..P
    In fact, it’s the World’s Biggest Fear..

    Because there is nothing we have that can stop these pathogens from spreading..

    That’s how serious not is..!”

    Boom you have every Mother in BIG D..Dallas Texas calling her Worthless Asslicking Lying
    Piece of Shit Congressman

    Like the Crook who represents Dallas Crooked McCail

    Biggest Crook in Texas.

    That’s how you talk turkey to Mericans

    Everything Lavrov just said is perfect for the UN
    Moscow State University..etc

    But Mericans only understand one thing…

    ” Me..
    my Christian Family..
    Right here in Garland
    We could get killed, Earl..

    Yep..scary as Hell
    Ain’t it Martha..?”


    I think he’s finally over that

    “Ten Years After ”

    The Last Album on Columbia Records


    Putin put of out a fantastic meme of 28 words.

    In the Form of a Meme

    It was Perfect.

    “Bank just stole our money..
    Just enough,,not too much.

    It had every harddick in America

    “Yep..to himself

    One word
    One Buzzword
    Merican Buzzword..

    You pick up 33% of hostile audience

    An audience stupified
    And completely adumbrated by the Perversity and Cruelty and Lies…


    Now that’s the America we know


    Excuse me, Officer

    “Can you show me that in the Constitution

    I mean particularly the part about seize all my assets..

    Is that in the Constitution?

    No.. doesn’t matte..It’s in our
    Community Standards!

    So remember

    Behind the Iron Curtain
    Satan’s Curtain of Feces

    Where they only hear..
    William Casey lies

    Please simplify
    Make everything simple.

    I hate to berate my poor dumbed down drugged up beaten down Proletariat..

    Suffice to say,a
    sad lot intellectually.

    BTW..the Planet of the Apes so dystopian
    So Degenerated
    So Dumbed down

    Even the Political Leaders, News anchors and Reporters are Stupid..

    Go have dinner with these Baboons and all they can talk about was who was in what movie they saw..

    “You remember …
    It’s …oh I can’t remember his name..

    Wait..he was in Repo Man..?
    Famous father..?

    Emilio Estevez…?

    Bottom Line

    You should say it like you would to an 8yr old.

    Zarif the Master Craftsman.

    Zarif grew up in Denver, Colorado

    He speaks American.

    Lavrov is still Speaking to Moscow State University

    just come down 15 notches.


    A MSM Reporter
    wastes a minute
    Framing a question
    Filled with lies..

    No..we never left the JCPOA!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    Small very important point

    The phone is more than AI stupid..
    More than simply Malware.
    It’s Zio Rigged now.

    The Zios or the CIA
    added a word

    Can write thru me apparently and change copy


    Lavrov summing up says,

    That’s how serious (NOT)
    this is.

    THE “Not” ADDED
    is the ghost rider

    Walware from BIG BRO


    Some baby sitter

    My Case Manager in Tel Aviv
    Or Langley thought he’d be cute

    But it is a huge tell.
    No stupid Ai puts in a Word that out of Context..

    As.to change the Whole meaning

    Heads Up..

    Gonna throw this phone away next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mr Lendman


    Gilda Radner

    Remember her character Rosanna Danna
    On Saturday Night Live

    She’d make a mistake
    After calling Jane Curtain a bitch

    And then simply say
    “Oh sorry!”

    On second evaluation

    My phone regularly makes

    “It’s ” into “not”..

    That’s probably not the Mossad..or CIA.


    Please delete that and this sad lament.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you, sir, for the usual cogent reporting. Viva Russia!

    (A nitpick: I believe this sentence above should be as I’ve revised it: “Lavrov explained events preceding Crimea’s sought independence from Ukraine, saying:”)


    1. Tony B., I read you and “Liked” your comment, but I’m not so sure. The Zionists and neocons, along with all the other MIC/intel(sic)/sec(sic)/financial/political/media/academia/think-tank ilk in ZioOccupied WashDC — seeking “full-spectrum global dominance” — seem to me the quintessential (evil) “power,” They — that ilk — are the collective gorilla in the room…and the more so because of their callowness, belligerence, etc. Just IMO….


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