Polls on Russia and Ukraine

If notoriously know-nothing Americans were polled on transition of rule in Ukraine from democracy to Nazified tyrannical rule, I doubt more than a minuscule percentage would know anything factual about the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup.

Phrasing a question with this terminology would likely get the eyes of the vast majority of respondents to glaze over from ignorance about what happened over eight years ago in Ukraine and its aftermath.

With all things Russia and Ukraine dominating MSM propaganda TV news, it’s unsurprising that a recent WSJ poll showed that 89% of Americans are following what’s reported in Ukraine very or somewhat closely.

Recent Pew Research polling reported that 69% of Americans think they know at least something — based on reports they’ve seen or read.

Gallup polling from Feb. 1 – 17 found scant mention of Ukraine from respondents.

Few individuals considered what was going on at the time an important issue.

Of 13 possible threats to the US, Ukraine was near-bottom ranked.

Over three-fourths of respondents consider cyberterrorism, nonthreatening North Korean nukes and nonexistent Iranian development of these WMDs more critical threats.

They consider soaring inflation — a real issue — a much greater problem than anything Ukraine related.

A recent CBS (fake) News poll showed that over two-thirds of respondents believe Russia intends invading other countries — despite no evidence suggesting it.

The vast majority of Americans have no understanding of Moscow’s special military operation or even use of this terminology.

It’s all about demilitarizing and deNazifying a US/NATO armed nation that’s been waging preemptive war on Donbass since April 2014 along its border.

It’s about resorting to intervention as a last resort after nearly 8 years of good faith diplomatic conflict resolution efforts failed because hegemon USA wants a state of permanent war to destabilize its heartland and threaten its security.

What the vast majority of Americans think they know is fed them by propaganda TV for the most part.

What they know factually about all things geopolitical could rest easily atop a needle without spilling over.

In other words, almost nothing other than state-approved, MSM proliferated rubbish in support of hegemon USA’s diabolical aims on the world stage.

Virtually across the board, polls on all things Russia and Ukraine point fingers overwhelmingly the wrong way.

Several polls indicate support for greater US backing of Ukraine, unaware of its Nazi-infested tyrannical rule.

Most Americans support US sanctions war on Russia — no matter how flagrantly in breach of the UN Charter, a fact they know nothing about.

They support pouring more weapons into Ukraine, creating a no-fly zone over the country’s airspace and banning Russian imports.

At the same time, most Americans oppose US military invention by deploying Pentagon troops to Ukraine.

In contrast, they favor deployment of US forces to other countries surrounding Russia.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support continued or greater US commitment to NATO — most likely unaware that hegemon USA controls the alliance, especially its wars on invented enemies.

On all things Russia and Vladimir Putin, the vast majority of Americans expressed negative views  — based on ignorance of reality, not the other way around.

At the same time, most Americans expressed support for Ukraine and Zelensky — unaware of the Nazified state and its US-installed puppet rule.

Over three-fourths of Russians support Putin and the country’s ongoing demilitarization and deNazification campaign, based on recent poll results.

In the US, nearly 90% of Americans view Putin negatively — because of daily Biden regime/MSM brainwashing demonization.

The fake Biden isn’t benefitting in popular sentiment from what’s ongoing in Ukraine in similar fashion to GW Bush’s elevated approval rating straightaway after 9/11.

After hovering around 50% through most of 2001, it jumped to 90% after what happened.

According to Quinnipiac mid-March polling data, approval of dementia Joe’s double is 38%.

A Final Comment

Post-9/11 alone, hegemon USA preemptively attacked predominantly Muslim Afghanistan, Yemen weeks later, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Somalia.

Obama bragged about attacking 7 countries in 8 years, taking credit for naked aggression multiple times over.

Aggression was launched despite no security or other threat to the US or its allies by the leadership or military of countries attacked.

Yet in the aftermath of what happened, Americans supported war against one invented enemy after another.

To this day, they remain ignorant of what hegemon USA sought to achieve.

They clearly know little or nothing about international law.

Nor about countless millions of defenseless civilians who perished from US wars, related violence, occupation, untreated diseases, and/or starvation.

They’re unaware that from inception, the US waged endless wars at home and abroad against invented enemies threatening no one.

They’re know-nothings because of mind-manipulating rubbish fed them by duplicitous politicians, complicit bureaucrats and their MSM press agents.

What Americans think they know about Russia and Ukraine is refuted by cold, hard, indisputable facts — what’s suppressed and replaced by state-approved rubbish.


3 thoughts on “Polls on Russia and Ukraine

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  1. Reuters is never going to say it is directly owned by the Rothschilds and the United Press is never going to say it is controlled by the Rothschilds and I don’t attribute it to the falseness of the statement.

    The Gateway Pundit has put together an admirable in staff in establishing itself as the leading website on The Stolen Election of 2020, that gave us a body double pretending to be pResident, a total flake job as VP, and a Pelosi who has lost her criminally insane mind while still remaining criminally insane. It is a whole new level of clown show for the world to see. It all goes to prove, the politicians do not run The Purple Show.

    “Ukraine Admits To Placing Artillery In Residential Areas Following Russian Missile Strike” at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/03/ukraine-admits-placing-artillery-residential-areas-following-russian-missile-strike/ has an embedded video showing the Russian technology in use from the Murado channel on Telegram. It seems the channel is showing actual war fare from Ukraine. Ukrainians who fire a rocket are signaling “kill me next.”

    I wish some a nice Hangable Treason, and to others, I ask the Universe and Planet Justice to demonstrate swift, total, and blinding justice.

    One thing the dumb-as-dirt Mythlanders hold true is there is an equivalency to being Jewish and Semetic when the Rothschilds and Company are .Khazarians. Everyone trying to get real has to translate the vocabulary of the Ministry of Truth/perception managers into words that properly guide the. The Khazrian Mafia hides behind the deception of “Jew” when the operative word is “Khazars,” as in “Khazarian Mafia”


  2. Mr Lendman,

    “Take My Hand…
    I’m A Stranger in Paradise!”

    “Stranger in a Strange Land”
    Robert Heinlein

    ( In truth..a Bolivian Peasant ..

    or Tin Worker is alot smarter than the Ph.d living on CPW
    or Silver Springs..

    See’s the World much clearer

    And has much more compassion for Humanity)

    The American People can’t tell the difference between Right and Wrong.

    So totally fuxed up from
    12 yrs of Public Education..

    TV.. Movie Propaganda

    And Sky Pilots …
    Remember in the USA

    Jesus came for the Wolf
    Not the Lamb..

    And Every Institution from PTA to NED to Little League..


    As Malcolm understood so clearly..

    ” The Proletariat sees thru the Master’s eyes ..!”

    “Yep.. we’re all in it together..!”

    Astonishing that some of the poor lobotomized Gamma Units
    Even find their way home at night.

    Kept dumb..

    By a Cruel Despotic
    Rulling Class.

    The Slave Owners.

    Remember for 25O years in half of America is was a Felony to teach a Slave to read…

    You’d be hung.

    But nothing changed..
    Sparky can read and watch TV
    But can’t understand anything

    So many lies
    So much distortion.


    But here’ the Good News..!

    The American Working Class is Waking Up..

    A)..even a dog knows the difference between

    being kicked in the Head
    or tripped over..!

    B)… I’ve seen with my own eyes go from ” dead in the water”


    During the Anti-War Movement

    ( Imperialist War on Vietnam)

    I was at the University of Texas


    Demonstrations of 20 people
    Went to 20,000..!

    Tens of Millions of People
    Out in the Streets

    outside of the cintrol of the Capitalists ..

    Ended the War..

    Or the Gangsters would have kept going for another Decade

    To keep extortion racket going on the Taxpayers

    And increase Profits for the War Machine.

    I’m betting on “my boy..”

    He’ll know soon enough he’s getting reamed, whipped and kicked in the Head..!

    “Real Americans
    will not be Silent…!

    Daniel Hopsinger


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