Undisguised NYT War on Truth

The self-styled newspaper of record notoriously provides press agent services for monied and imperial interests — at the expense of what journalism should be.

What it long ago abandoned is official editorial policy.

No deviations from the fabricated official narrative are tolerated.

None appear in its daily editions on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Fake news, not the real thing, is featured instead — daily.

In the run-up to and since Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign began, it’s gone beyond where it went before in waging all-out editorial war on Russia — based on Biden regime-approved talking points.

On Tuesday, the Times report of a Russian missile strike on a Kiev shopping mall suppressed the reality of what happened.

Nazified Ukrainian forces deployed artillery, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and other weapons in civilian areas of cities.

Overnight Monday, Russia destroyed Kiev’s Retroville shopping mall.

Left unexplained by the Times and other MSM was its use as a platform for these weapons, making it a legitimate military target.

As long as Kiev forces embed in civilian areas, they’re fair game to be struck.

As long as they use civilians as human shields, prosecution in Nuremberg-type tribunals by Russia will likely hold them accountable for crimes of war and against humanity.

Instead of reporting the above, the Times consistently suppresses it, falsely blaming Russia for their criminality along with making stuff up.

According to Times fake news, Russia “bombard(s) cities from afar (sic).”

Russia “fire(d) on buses (transporting) women and children (sic).”

Russia is “forcibly deporting thousands of children (sic).”

Russia’s use of a hypersonic weapon is “a sign that (it’s) running out of options (sic) in the face of fierce Ukrainian resistance (sic).”

Russia took 2,389 children…from their parents on a single day (sic).”

“Russian forces abducted four Ukrainian journalists and some of their family members (sic).”

Russia “attacked protesters and children (sic).”

“(T)he Ukrainian army largely stalled Russian advances on Monday (sic).”

“Russian forces pound Ukrainian cities (sic).”

All of the above are lies, Big Lies and whoppers.

From his Polish hideout, puppet Zelensky called on Ukrainians to “drive” out Russian forces — while he enjoys comforts afforded him by Polish president Duda.

“(T)rapped…Mariupol (residents) fighting to survive (sic),” the Times roared.

Most city residents were evacuated through humanitarian corridors established by Russia. 

About 150,000 remain trapped by Nazified Ukrainian forces, using them as human shields.

Ones trying to escape risk being shot and killed by these thugs.

Not a word of explanation was provided by the Times or other MSM, falsely blaming Russia for what’s going on, ignoring all-out efforts by their forces to liberate Ukrainians from their captors.

On Monday, the fake Biden falsely accused Russia of planning to cyberattack US companies.

No evidence was cited because there is none.

A White House statement falsely accused Russia of engaging in “brutal tactics in Ukraine, including attacks on civilians (sic).”

The above is longstanding US-dominated NATO practice.

No evidence suggests that Russian forces committed crimes of war and against humanity.

Claims otherwise by the Biden regime and MSM are fake news.

“Russia highjacked a relief convoy (sic).”

Russia has been providing liberated Ukrainians with food, clothing, medical treatment and other humanitarian aid.

The Times pretends not to notice. Fake news accusations are featured instead.

No “Russian bombing of an art school in…Mariupol (that) may have left up to 400 people trapped…under debris” occurred.

No Russian shelling struck “an ammonia tank (sic).”

Russia’s attack “on Ukraine…seems inexplicable (sic).”

The absurdity of the above claim needs no elaboration.

The same goes for calling Russia “a pariah state (sic).”

The designation clearly applies to hegemon USA, a tyrannical  plutocracy, oligarchy and kleptocracy — never a democracy from inception.

“Ukrainian forces continue to hold off Russian advances near Kiev, Kharkov and in large parts of the south (sic).”

Russian forces are advancing as planned.

Most remaining Ukrainian forces are embedded behind civilians as human shields.

The regime’s military is a hollow shell of its former self.

Note: As of Tuesday morning, Russia rescued 118,00 of its citizens in Ukraine, 206,000 Donbass citizens, and 41,000 citizens of other nations.

Accommodated in 34 regions of the Russian Federation, they’re fed, clothed and given medical treatment as needed.

None of the above and other Russian humanitarian efforts are considered news fit to print by the Times and other MSM.

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  1. “World’s Dullest Editorial Launches Panic” by Matt Taibbi – from about 10PM yesterday — https://taibbi.substack.com/p/worlds-dullest-editorial-launches?s=r

    In an inane sequel to the Harper’s Letter fiasco, a New York Times editorial ignites a fury proving its anodyne thesis


    Matt Taibbi established name with his coverage of the Banking handout/bailout of 2008-9 and has a paid subscription service.at Substack. Today an email carried this free release. The comments are coming in fast and now are at 484. I take for granted there are restatements of the obvious, which in the colloquial might be expressed as “The bastards suck.”

    Taibbi is as brilliant as you can get and any long time follower of Lendman knows his name. For those that don’t, you should know the name, Matt Taibbi.

    Treason fills the air.


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