Banned in Ukraine: Speech, Media, Academic and Other Freedoms

Last month, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the following about reality in Ukraine — what Western regimes and the MSM press agents suppress:

“Eight years ago, the legitimately elected president of Ukraine was removed from office by (the Obama/Biden regime’s) armed coup in Kiev.”

Nazified “radical forces” were installed to replace Ukraine’s legitimate governance.

A US-orchestrated descent to full-blown tyranny followed.

“Persecution of dissents became the norm.”

Russophobia is “rampant.”

In flagrant breach of Ukraine’s Constitution and statute laws pre-coup, “a massive offensive against” everything Russian was launched — orchestrated by the US in cahoots with NATO and Ukrainian fascists.

Reinvented history reached an unprecedented scale with “Nazi collaborators and henchmen elevated to the rank of heroes of Ukraine.”

At the same time, Russian speaking Ukrainians and advocates of political and social justice have been persecuted as fifth column threats.

A so-called Myrotvorets website contains personal information about “disloyal politicians, public figures and media representatives, as well as foreign citizens (accused) ‘anti-Ukrainian subversive activities.” 

It’s one of countless examples of Ukraine’s fantasy democracy, the real thing banned, as ordered by Washington. 

Children from the wrong parents are considered “enemies of Ukraine.” 

The lives and well-being of targeted individuals are at risk at the hands of dominant Nazified nationalists.

Since fascist tyranny replaced democratic governance in 2014, Russia’s Kiev embassy and consulates in Kharkov, Odessa and Lvov were repeatedly attacked by state-supported Nazified thugs.

Extrajudicial assassinations and other reprisals against political opponents reflect official regime policy.

The same goes for attacks on and persecution of speech, media, academic and other freedoms. 

Censorship of whatever diverges from the official narrative is ruthlessly enforced.

Independent truth-telling media outlets were banned, existing ones shut down. 

Tyranny is the law of the land.

State-approved fake news substitutes for the real thing.

On March 19 as approved by his US master, Zelensky signed a decree to replace TV news channels with a single state-controlled one — to operate round-the-clock 24/7.

Falsely claiming it’s to counter Russian “misinformation,” its aim is all about controlling the message, banning what diverges from the state-approved narrative, denying it airtime. 

On February 24, martial law abolished what little remained of civil liberties.

Eleven opposition parties were banned.

Law and order in the country is what dominant Nazified thugs say it is.

Anyone considered a potential enemy of the state could be eliminated by indefinite detention or assassination.

In stark contrast to the scourge of Nazified Ukraine and growing tyranny throughout the US-dominated West, Russia prioritizes protection of the lives and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians, according to the rule of law.

Hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid continue to pour into parts of the country liberated from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

Russia aided hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee from Kiev’s ruthlessness — cross-border to freedom.

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