Nine More Years Imprisonment in Russia for CIA Asset Navalny

In February 2021, longtime CIA asset Alexey Navalny was sentenced to 2.8 years imprisonment for multiple breaches of his suspended sentence for embezzling millions of dollars for self-enrichment.

Along with grand theft, he’s guilty of sedition and serving as an unregistered US foreign agent, a nation militantly hostile to Russia’s existence an an independent state.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced to nine more years in prison for grand theft and contempt of court.

Evidence showed his involvement with associates Leonid Volkov, Roman Rubanov, and others.

Nearly $5 million in funds raised for his so-called “anti-corruption fund” were diverted for greater self-enrichment and subversive activities.

He was found guilty as well of slandering WW II veteran Ignat Artemenko and fined  850,000 rubles (about $7,500).

Russian prosecutors sought a 13-year sentence.

Agreeing with prosecutorial charges on all counts, Lefortovo court Judge Margarits Kotava ordered Navalny imprisoned for nine more years along with the remainder of his current term.

His sentence also includes restricted activities for 18 months on probation when released from confinement.

Fined an additional $11,500, he’ll be out of circulation until well into the 2030s if kept imprisoned for the full term of his sentences.

Operating for years as a US intelligence community fifth column operative against his own country, shed no tears for a traitor of the first order.

In the US, individuals convicted of sedition face imprisonment of up to 20 years.

Trial proceedings for Navalny were held at a makeshift court inside the Pokrov IK-2 prison where he’s confined — about 60 miles east of Moscow. 

After sentencing on Monday, he’ll serve his confinement at a higher security prison elsewhere.

Navalny is a longtime darling of the West and its press agent media.

The NYT quoted former head of his phony “anti-corruption fund,” Ivan Zhdanov, falsely saying:

“The case was entirely fabricated by specific people (sic).”

“This verdict is being written by Putin’s officials (sic).”

The Times repeated the thoroughly debunked Big Lie claim about Navalny’s alleged poisoning with a deadly novichok nerve agent in August 2020.

Toxicological analysis in Russia showed no evidence of nerve poisoning or illness from “poisoning with cholinesterase inhibitors” as falsely claimed by Berlin’s Charite hospital, Moscow’s Health Department Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination director Sergey Shigeev explained, adding:

“There is a lot of information in the media outlets on the possible poisoning as a proven accepted fact.” 

Chief Russian toxicologist Alexander Sabayev in Omsk where Navalny was treated stressed that cholinesterase inhibitors were not detected in his system.

If Navalny was poisoned by a novichok nerve agent, he’d be dead. 

So would others who came in close contact to him.

A tiny amount can kill thousands. 

Symptoms include convulsions, difficulty breathing, sweating, wheezing and vomiting.

Muscles contract involuntarily, including around the heart and lungs that can cause respiratory and cardiac arrest, suffocation, and death.

Russian doctors involved in treating him called his condition non-life-threatening, diagnosing his illness as a metabolic disorder — perhaps caused by abnormally low blood sugar. 

Navalny is diabetic.

His illness included none of the above symptoms.

Claims by the Times and other MSM about a Russian attempt to kill him turned truth on it head.

Unlike countless US state-sponsored assassinations — notably against JFK, RFK and MLK — not a shred of evidence suggests that Russia operates in similar fashion.

If its authorities wanted Navalny eliminated — a figure no more than a mild irritant — he’d have been dead long ago.

He’s very much alive and will have years to reflect in longterm confinement, doing hard time, about how he betrayed his country in cahoots with the CIA and committed grand theft at the same time.

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