NYT Fake News v. Reality of Russia’s Ukraine Campaign

Times reporting sank to an abysmal new low in geopolitical coverage on all things Russia and Ukraine — even by its own longtime fake news standards.

A daily stream of managed news misinformation and disinformation — in the extreme — has been featured over news that’s fit to print on all things related to Russia and its leadership in the run-up to and what’s happened over the past month.

Based on recent polling data discussed in a previous article, the vast majority of Americans proved once again how easily they can be mind-manipulated to believe fiction is fact — no matter how often they were lied to and mass deceived before.

In its latest edition, the Times once again turned truth on its head about Russia’s campaign in Ukraine.

Citing Biden regime propaganda, the Times sounded buffoon-like, falsely claiming that (smashed) Ukrainian forces (are) thwart(ing) the Russian” campaign (sic).

No Ukrainian “counteroffensives” were mounted, none “on multiple fronts,” no towns retaken from overwhelmingly superior Russian forces.

From day one nearly a month ago, Russia gained a decisive upper hand.

Phony claims otherwise by the Times reflect its consistent misreporting on what’s going on — willfully and maliciously lying to readers in cahoots with hegemon USA’s interests.

Indeed, tens of thousands of Mariupol residents “remain trapped in the city.”

Suppressed by the Times is their hostage status. 

Held involuntarily as human shields by US/NATO supported Nazified forces, anyone spotted trying to flee for safety risks being lethally shot.

The above reality isn’t considered news fit to print by the self-styled newspaper of record.

The same goes for virtually everything truthful about Russia’s liberating campaign — notably its overwhelming military superiority.

Saying Mariupol “remains in Ukrainian hands,” was a bald-faced Big Lie.

Half or more of the city was liberated from Nazified occupation.

What remains of fragmented Ukrainian forces are being ferreted out and eliminated.

No “Russian military setbacks” occurred anywhere in Ukraine, as the Times falsely claimed.

US/Western sanctions war on Moscow is shooting blanks at a largely self-sufficient country not dependent on imports.

Phony claims about “shrunk(en)” Russian forces is part of US propaganda war.

Saying “losses…at the hands of Ukrainian” forces indicates that Russia is “struggling on many fronts” ignored that the US-installed regime’s military was already defeated, as a same-day article explained.

Mopping up operations alone remain to be accomplished at a time when Russia forces control Ukrainian territory equivalent in size to the entire UK — a stunning accomplishment in a few weeks.

Once again, the Times doesn’t consider that crucial reality news that’s fit to print.

Instead, rubbish like the following is featured:

Vladimir Putin “expected a lightning conquest (sic).”

Polar opposite it true.

“(S)teady losses by the Russian military…le(ft) units unable to carry out combat duties (sic)” — another bald-faced Big Lie.

An unnamed Biden regime war department figure dubiously characterized fighting as “a very dynamic, active battlement (sic).”

Unexplained is how one-way things are going, Russian forces advancing steadily, what remains of Ukraine’s battered military teetering on its back foot.

Ukraine’s air force and navy no longer exist. Its remaining ground forces are fragmented and largely surrounded.

Pretending to be in Kiev, puppet Zelensky is hiding out in neighboring Poland.

No “heroic” Ukrainian resistance exists.

On Wednesday, reliable US imperial tool/UN chief Guterres once again humiliated himself by reciting more bald-faced Big Lies about Russia’s Ukraine campaign.

He lied accusing Russia of “violat(ing) the UN Charter (sic).”

He lied claiming that Russian “bombardments…terrorize civilians (sic).”

He lied saying they’re “shelling… hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and shelters (sic).”

He greatly exaggerated numbers of Ukrainian refugees, falsely claiming that “ten million (were) forced from their homes (sic).”

In mid-March, the UN high commissioner for refugees estimated that around five million Ukrainians were displaced.

Other estimates suggest a few million.

They’re all heart-rendering and wouldn’t have happened had the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup not occurred.

Hegemon USA, not Russia, bears full responsibility for their plight.

The same goes for millions of others from one US imperial war after another throughout the post-WW II period — all against invented enemies threatening no one.

Guterres lied claiming that “the war is going nowhere fast (sic).”

He lied accusing Russia of “relentlessly bomb(ing), shell(ing) and attack(ing) Mariupol,” falsely implying it’s against civilians.

His feigned concern for Ukrainians is belied by indifference toward long-suffering Donbass residents.

Throughout over five years as UN secretary general, when did he ever denounce Kiev’s perpetual war on four million Donbass residents?


Showing indifference about what the US/West considers non-people reflects his support for US/NATO direct and proxy wars, not the other way around.

When did he ever denounce the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, its tyrannical rule, its menace to central Europe, especially under US control as a platform for perpetual war-making along Russia’s borders?

Throughout his tenure, Guterres disgraced the office he holds by being on the wrong side of history and the rule of law.

Saying “(t)here is enough on the table to cease hostilities – now… and seriously negotiate” ignored what Sergey Lavrov explained on Tuesday, saying:

“When (Kiev) proposed negotiations, we agreed, and (Putin) immediately gave the order.”

“Negotiations began but have been difficult because the Ukrainian side…is constantly changing its position, rejecting its own proposals.”

“(T)hey are being held by the hand by” the Biden regime.

Their dominant hardliners reject conflict resolution.

They want perpetual war along Russia’s borders, what’s been ongoing for nearly 8 years.

They keep “pumping (more) weapons into Ukraine” with forever war in mind to the last Ukrainian if things go this far.

They “want to keep (Russia) in a state of hostilities as long as possible.”

In response to a Polish proposal for peacekeepers to Ukraine, Lavrov warned about what’s clear.

Deploying them to Ukraine would “lead to the direct clash between Russian and NATO troops.”

Moscow considers foreign military forces in the country allied with Kiev.

Their unacceptable presence makes them legitimate targets to be struck. 

On around $300 billion of Russian assets frozen by the US/West, Lavrov called the seizure “robbery.”

It begs the question.

Why hasn’t Moscow responded with appropriate toughness?

Why hasn’t it halted shipments of commodities that are vitally needed by Western countries, ones other nations can’t supply in enough volume or at all to compensate for what Russia is able to withhold?

If this step is taken, the US, UK, France and Germany will sustain a significant economic body blow.

Why hasn’t Russia delivered it? 

As for NYT and other MSM coverage of all things Russia and Ukraine, truth and full disclosure of events on the ground is nowhere in sight.

It’s longstanding MSM practice across the board. Rare exceptions prove the rule.


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  1. Good read. Thanks.

    The 60+ km of Russian military vehicles parked for about a week along the road to Kiev was not attacked despite the Ukrainians having modern shoulder-fired missiles.

    The hegemon wants the Russians on both sides to kill one another, similar to the arming of both sides in WW2. Then the hegemon will come in well past half-time hoping to defeat and garrison the loser. This tactic is unlikely to work this time because of invincible hypersonic weapons which are now field-tested.


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