A Daily Dose of NYT Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Reality about Russia’s special demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine is light years apart from how the NYT misreports daily events on the ground.

An endless stream of made up rubbish defines what the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind calls news fit to print on all things Russia and Ukraine.

In its latest edition, it egregiously turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“(M)ore than half the country’s children were displaced from their homes (sic).”

Russian forces “attack(ed) 64 healthcare facilities (sic).”

Russia “devastated several Ukrainian cities (sic), caus(ing) a humanitarian crisis (sic) and fuel(ing) insecurity around the world (sic).”

Since Feb. 24, Russian forces gained control over Ukrainian territory the size of Great Britain, an amazing achievement in a short span of time.

They transformed Ukraine’s military into a disorganized, fragmented shell.

Its remnants are embedded in civilian neighborhoods behind noncombatant hostages as human shields.

Slowly and steadily, Russian forces continue to rout them.

According to Times fake news, all of the above and what relates to it shows “lack of progress…a failing military effort (sic).”

It lied about a nonexistent Russian stockpile of “chemical (and) biological weapons (sic).”

It lied suggesting that Russian forces may use what they don’t have.

It lied about Russia possibly “extend(ing) the war to neighboring countries (sic).”

At the same time, make no mistake.

Weapons, munitions and related equipment seen entering Ukraine (most likely from Poland) will be targeted and destroyed — even if eliminating them spills cross-border.

As stressed before, if the above occurs, it’s highly unlikely that Biden regime hardliners will invoke collective defense of Poland as stipulated under Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty.

Taking this step would mean direct confrontation with Russia — a WW III scenario.

The times also lied suggesting that Russia could “detonat(e) battlefield” nukes.

Citing White House fake news, the Times dubiously claimed that Russia’s campaign was “a huge strategic error (sic),” adding:

It’ll “diminish Russia’s standing, cripple its economy and alienate potential allies for years.”

Unlike hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states, Russia is largely self-sufficient, for the most part not dependent on imports.

The Times lied suggesting that Russian forces are “struggling with logistical problems and communication failures (sic).”

That they’re “under fire, out of fuel (with) no air support (sic).”

Saying Russian forces are “attack(ing) civilian targets (and) obliterated everyday life in Ukraine” continues a daily stream of Times fake news.

The same goes for falsely accusing Russia of destroying “at least 1,500 civilian buildings…kill(ing) (over 950) civilians,” including children.

Claims about Russian forces destroying “at least 23 hospitals and other health-care infrastructure, 330 schools, 27 cultural buildings, 98 commercial buildings, including at least 11 related to food or agriculture, and 900 houses and apartment buildings” are bald-faced Big Lies.

The Times is infamous for this type propaganda rubbish about invented US enemies — while systematically ignoring the long, odious history of high crimes of war and against humanity by the empire of lies.

Most everything reported by the Times on all things Russia and Ukraine has been state-approved rubbish.

Images shown are fake, what’s unrelated to actions by Russian forces.

Saying they “shift(ed) many attacks to highly populated areas with important civilian infrastructure” turned truth on its head.

The above reality applies to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates against invented enemies, clearly not Russia.

Leaving no Big Lies behind, the Times falsely accused Russia of “subject(ing) residents…to an unending onslaught (sic).”

The Times lied claiming that its forces killed about “2,400” civilians (sic).

That they “bombed (a) drama theater where hundreds of people (were) sheltered (sic).”

No evidence suggests Russian use of banned “cluster munitions in civilian neighborhoods” as the Times falsely claimed — a Pentagon specially in US wars of aggression.

Comparing Russia’s operation to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Ukraine during WW II was one among many examples of inventing ways to gratuitously bash Moscow and Vladimir Putin personally.

Weeks before she died on Wednesday, the Times gave unindicted war criminal, Clinton crime family secretary of state Madeleine Albright, an op-ed platform to lie and mass deceive about Russia.

Straightaway, she went out of her way to demean Vladimir Putin.

Falsely calling him “pale…cold…almost reptilian…(a figure with a) warped worldview” stands in stark contrast to his preeminence on the world state — a giant compared to dementia Joe’s double and discredited Western counterparts.

She lied claiming that Putin “ditch(ed) democratic development for Stalin’s playbook (sic).”

Under Putin and officials around him, Russians have real democracy in contrast to fantasy versions in the US and throughout the West.

She lied accusing Putin of “crushing potential competition (sic).”

She lied claiming that Russia seeks to “reestablish…dominance through parts of the former Soviet Union (sic).”

She lied calling model democrat Putin “authoritarian (sic).”

She lied accusing him of “cynicism (and) lust for power (sic).”

She lied claiming that “Russia cannot prosper without some ties to the West (sic).”

She lied saying that hegemon USA “has no desire to destabilize or deprive Russia of its legitimate aspirations (sic).”

She lied pretending that (US-colonized) Ukraine is independent and democratically run (sic).

A further litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed — part of a longstanding US pattern of demonizing nations free from its hegemonic control.

A same-day article discussed Albright’s passing.

It explained her history of war crimes, her despicable record as Clinton crime family UN envoy and secretary of state.

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