Biden Regime Blocks Easing of Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

Biden regime pressure, bullying and threats got 13 of 15 Security Council members to abstain on Russia’s resolution to ease humanitarian conditions in Ukraine.

Russia and China alone supported what should have been unanimously approved.

At Wednesday’s SC session, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia explained the following:

The defeated resolution “exposed all who place politicizing of the humanitarian file above the UN support for providing humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainians in need.” 

“Today we heard several delegations, in particular the (Biden regime), say(ing) (that its dominant hardliners) want no part (of) a resolution that was proposed by Russia.”

Why abstain instead of exercising veto power like many times before to block what conflicts with hegemon USA’s diabolical aims?

“We clearly see the true motifs of” the empire of lies,” Nebenzia stressed.

Here’s what the Biden regime and its SC vassal states blocked:

Russia’s draft resolution called for “establish(ing) a ceasefire,” a humanitarian pause in fighting to aid Ukrainians in need of humanitarian aid.

It called for aiding their evacuation from conflict areas to safe haven locations.

It called for refraining from attacking “critical infrastructure.”

What Russia is trying to protect, hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and Nazi-infested Kiev want enough damaged or destroyed to falsely blame Russia for what it had nothing to do with.

The resolution also called for: 

“not plac(ing) heavy equipment in residential quarters and densely populated areas”

“protection of humanitarian and medical personnel”

“proper protection of the sick and wounded”

“humane treatment of prisoners” 

“protection of civilians, especially women and children.”

Supporting all of the above should have been a no-brainer.

It wasn’t to be — for diabolical US/Western politicized reasons.

Nebenzia added the following:

“We again heard some delegations (falsely) accuse Russia of preparing and using chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine (sic).” 

“We again heard the notorious fakes (that we had repeatedly debunked) regarding the events in Mariupol, regarding bombardments and killings of people standing the lines (sic).”

“As for biological and chemical weapons, (it’s) an unthinkable accusation against Russia.”

It’s a typical US/Western bald-faced Big Lie — along with countless others to bash Russia gratuitously by making stuff up. 

Moscow long ago eliminated what remained of earlier developed chemical and biological weapons.

Its policy is in stark contrast to how hegemon USA has operated for time immemorial — using these and other banned terror weapons in all its wars of aggression against invented enemies.

“Attempts to (falsely) accuse Russia of (using chemical and bioweapons)  are despicable,” Nebenzia stressed.

“(L)ack of a Security Council humanitarian resolution on Ukraine will surely make things more complicated for the humanitarians who work on the ground.” 

“It will allow the Ukrainian side to keep ignoring the demands for a ceasefire, needed to evacuate people via humanitarian passages.”

“Kiev will continue using civilians as human shield and, contrary to international humanitarian law, placing heavy armaments in the vicinity of hospitals…kindergartens,” other schools and residential buildings.

In all parts of Ukraine liberated from the scourge of US-installed Nazified control, Russia is providing civilians with “basic goods and food.”

Besides hegemon USA, countries abstaining from Wednesday’s vote included Britain, France, India, Ireland, Kenia, Mexico, Norway, Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, and the UAE.

A Final Comment

Unjustifiably justifying blocking adoption of Russia’s draft resolution to ease the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, the Biden regime’s UN envoy despicably called it “unconscionable (sic),” falsely adding:

“Russia does not care about the deteriorating humanitarian conditions and the millions of lives and dreams” of Ukrainians (sic).”

French and UK envoys made similar unacceptable comments — willfully and maliciously turning truth on its head.

At the same time, Western and allied regimes consistently show contempt for peace, the rule of law, and fundamental rights of ordinary people in their home countries and worldwide.

In stark contrast, Russia prioritizes policies that are polar opposite to how the US-dominated West operates.

Notably by respecting the rights of everyone as mandated by international law.


One thought on “Biden Regime Blocks Easing of Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Mr Nebenzia sure makes an air tight case

    Couldn’t be clearer how deep the poisoning is..

    Never been so Black and White
    As to is lying.

    The Contrast between Light and Fundamental Darkness.

    The 1000 Nazi Elite
    Around the World

    Taken as a Conglomerate
    Like you took the SAT

    Their entire Nuremberg Trial
    Will take 15 minutes..

    7 Minutes of Advertising

    22 min episode for about

    That will be MUST SEE TV..

    Now you see em…
    Now you don’t..
    Must See

    This guy
    Harley Schlanger
    Gets the Picture
    As a Historian First

    I agree with his entire Scenerio
    Almost word for word..

    Which means he smart..LOL

    He’s the Paradigmatic Shift

    First in the Fall of the
    Petro Dollar as World Reserves

    But in a more profound historical way..
    The enormous shock waves Blowback and repercussions.

    Chalmers Johnson
    with straight up

    With a shot of Marxist
    Historical Materialism.

    Sits in the Bourgeois World
    And straddles the New World being born.

    He does it quite elagantly.
    I dig the guy.

    I’d eat lunch with him.
    Pick up the tab

    Only disagreement is I think he’s under the mass illusion that Capitalism can be saved

    Moreover, tragically
    Should be saved.

    No Mr Schlanger
    I feel a closer reading of History

    Dictates we throw the whole thing in the garbage..

    And all the Pigs at the trough..
    The 001 % that own 97%

    In the Greatest DEMOCRACY
    In the World…


    Trash it..and start over.

    It’s not only unjust
    It’s no longer viable
    Or Functioning anymore

    The period of Capitalism we’re in now …Late Capitalism..


    Cannibalism and Shamanism

    The Shaman..
    Joey the Pinocchio

    A Hired Dummy
    From Craigslist

    Couldn’t paint his eyes blue


    Diamond Dick
    Deacon of Death
    Downtown Dallas..

    Still making all the Decisions

    While Joe over in Europe
    Shuckun and Jivin

    Discussing Russia.


    “Hey Guys..did we cut off our Dicks trying to hurt Russia?”

    Ms Van der Lies yells out,

    ” No…No..No..
    Vee must destroy RUSSIA…




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