Ukraine Update

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

In the last 24 hours through March 23, Russian forces destroyed or rendered inoperable 97 Ukrainian military assets.

They included: 

Wo launchers and one transport-loading vehicle of the Tochka-U tactical missile system in an industrial zone on the northern outskirts of Kiev, 8 anti-aircraft missile systems — including six Buk-M1, one S-300 and one Osa combat vehicle — 10 command posts, eight field artillery guns, as well as three artillery reconnaissance stations.

Russian air defenses shot down one Su-24 near Izyum city and 16 UAVs, including three Bayraktar TB-2 near Rozhin, Karashev and Maxim Gorky. 

Russian night hunting Ka-52 and Mi-28n helicopters destroyed eight tanks, five infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, nine vehicles and towing trucks, three permanent fire position and seven field artillery, as well as mortars during night strikes. 

From Feb. 24 through March 23, Russian forces destroyed 184 Ukrainian aircraft and helicopters, 246 UAVs, 189 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,558 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 156 multiple launch rocket systems, 624 field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,354 military vehicles.

Reportedly under the direction of the Pentagon and CIA, the US-installed Kiev regime spent many months recruiting, training and arming a 300,000-strength military force with waging a blitzkrieg offensive on Donbass to seize the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics by brute force.

Russian intelligence ferreted out the plan and its aims long in advance.

Its special military operation was launched to prevent initiation of the diabolical scheme — believed to be imminent late last month.

Documents found by Russian forces in Donetsk revealed evidence of Ukrainian forces being trained by US and UK military personnel for combat.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov warned that if NATO regimes sent peacekeepers to Ukraine, they’ll be considered enemies of Russia.

US-dominated NATO “should understand what is at stake.”

“This will be a direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces, which everyone not only wanted to avoid but said that it should never take place in principle.”

Along with demilitarization and deNazification, Russia wants Ukraine’s neutrality restored to assure that it’ll never become a NATO member state.

Separately at a NATO summit in Brussels, US-installed puppet Stoltenberg said that the war-making alliance will double its force strength in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

On Feb. 28, a NATO statement said it “enhanced its forward presence” in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Its “forward presence” is the alliance’s “biggest reinforcement…in a generation.”

It’s in “response to Russia’s” special military operation to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine.

In early March, over 20,000 NATO troops were sent to Eastern European countries.

On Wednesday in Brussels, Stoltenberg said the alliance is set to approve a big force strength increase to its eastern flank — with surrounding Russia in mind more than already.

On Thursday, the Biden regime announced more illegal sanctions on Russia.

New ones target hundreds more Russian entities and officials — including over 300 State Duma MPs and 40 defense firms.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, noted Russian analyst Andrei Martyahov reported the following:

Ukrainian forces are “surrendering (to Russia) not in dozens or hundreds.”

“The count is now in thousands.”

4 thoughts on “Ukraine Update

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  1. Mr Lendman

    As Herodotus famously said,

    If I haven’t insulted your nation for hypocrisy and lies..

    Just wait a moment, I will..!”

    I never win any popularity contests being brutally honest!

    So I’ll just spit it out..
    Like always

    Here’s the EyeQ

    How many soldiers has Russia lost..?

    Has Russia put out any official

    Should they..
    I don’t know.

    Maybe it’s best they don’t.
    But the Gangsters Press is killing them..

    Gangsters own this Question
    Until the Russians engage.

    One way or the other.
    I usually ( 99%) suggest Russia ignore the fuxing Liars..

    But they’re making claims of 15,000

    ” More than we had killed in 20 yrs in Afghanistan…or Iraq..etc!”

    Of course.

    Instead of Uncle Joe’s

    Blow em the Fux Up
    They’re Nazis

    Hit with everything
    And then give 10,000
    Of Stalin’s Katoshkas..

    Stalin’s Organs,

    And Go..

    right thru em
    Right Over em ..

    Instead of the Normal AP
    Putin reinvented the wheel.

    Traded Russian Soldiers blood for Ukrainian civilians

    The love and respect him for that

    His rightful deep concern for humanity

    They love him in Washington, London and Brussels..

    Applaud his bible efforts..

    ” What..No..they don’t..

    2)…also..the CIA News says
    5 Generals were killed..

    That is astonishing..?

    I can always tell when the Human Pigs are lying..

    This has the stink of authenticity

    How do I know..
    Or what makes me think that

    The Nazis knew before the Russian Media announced it

    Have the Russians cleared that up..TRUE OR FALSE..

    To me..that’s so odd.

    Somebody on the inside
    Who knows locations..

    But thats impossible..

    Because they were in different locations apparently..

    So odd..
    For instance I think there were about a dozen US Generals killed in WWII

    The most Memorable is
    Gen James MacPhail..

    KIlled at Normandy
    But the Germans didn’t know they killed a General.

    Here the Uki Nazis knew it immediately.

    The Trajedy..

    Mind you..these were Sim Cards jobs

    No secure line of Communication.

    Nobody thought that out.

    Do you think the Israelites would make a mistake that serious ?

    Stalin would have ten Motherfuxers shot.

    Not thought twice.
    History would absolve him.

    Enough Said.
    Put everything aside..

    We have a War to Win..!

    And we’re winning Big Time
    It is what it is.

    Keep your Head in the game.



    President Putin if you’ll
    Just cut off their gas

    You won’t have WWIII..!
    it’s that simple.

    You won’t have to fire one ICBM

    They’ll crash.

    The Nazi Governments will fall
    NATO will Crumble under it’s own deep contradictions.





  2. Mr Lendman

    One more thing that’s noteworthy

    Quantum Long Range Radio
    Is what Russia needs

    Can go thru the deep mines
    Thru Tunnels..
    The depths of water..

    l believe China sent a Signal from the Dark Side of the Moon
    Back to Earth..!

    I’ll just spin out the Advantages

    Guys like Russians
    who can make rockets that fly faster than Superman

    Don’t need me to break down the physics..
    Any EE understands my notes

    1).. you’re manipulating the Magnetic Rubidium atoms

    Atoms hit with a laser.

    You’re modulating the spin
    Vertical or horizontal

    From zero to one positions.

    Hence you’re constantly alternating the frequencies..

    Frequency Agility is so random
    The Spread Spectrums so Enormous

    The randomness makes it invincible.

    The AESA
    Active Electro Scanned Array

    Is virtually impossible to jam or intercept..

    The Spread Spectrum is so large
    Like an ossilating wormhole
    Appearing and then disappearing in nano seconds

    Set on a gryroscopic platform of billions of universes

    One in a Trillion chance
    You identify the Frequency

    And if you do hit it..
    Boom like the March Hare

    He’s gone down another rabbit Hole…

    Gotta start over..

    Running Rabbits are not a problem.

    2)..small RCS

    3)..No large Antenna needed

    hand held and small like an atomic magnetometer.

    Okay.. LASTLY

    I think we’re at the Start of the 4th Quarter

    Russia is up 72 to 20..!
    A Blowout.

    Please Mr Putin
    Save every Russian soldiers life

    To the best of your ability.
    Precious Russian Blood.

    Send them home to Momma.
    A Living hero

    I know you want too.



  3. One Final deep Heartfelt thought

    RIP every Russian General
    And Admiral

    And every Man Jack in the
    Fightin Red Army..

    And all of Ram’s Rangers..

    That gave their lives fighting the Scourge of Nazism.

    This time another barbarian
    Is at the Gate ..

    The Fourth Reich..
    American Slave Owners

    The Gangs of Wall St.

    With Chains and Shackles for Russians to wear..

    And Crack Houses..

    And Pedo Clubs like they have in Washington..

    This is the most Primitive and Carnal Battle of the Millennium.

    Will Fascism win .?

    That’s a War
    That Humanity must win

    Hero’s of Russia..

    you died fighting to make
    the World a Better Place.

    Your Valor and Bravery will be long remembered.

    I Salute You.

    True Sons of Mother Russia..
    Now you reside in Valhalla..

    Feasting and having pool parties with Heavenly Bodies..

    with all the Great Warriors
    of Lore..!

    BTW ..if you see Vlad

    Tell Him


    As Free Men and Women…!

    Go Russia


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