The NYT: At War on Humanity and Truth

On March 25, Technocracy News explained that US dark forces bribed MSM to promote health-destroying kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request learned that MSM — like the NYT — got $1 billion in blood money with this diabolical mass-extermination aim in mind throughout the US/West and worldwide.

The revelation didn’t surprise and begged the question.

Are MSM — like the Times — bribed in similar fashion to support US/NATO wars of aggression against invented enemies?

Did they get blood money to demonize all things related to nations free from US control?

Were they enriched to go all-out bashing Russia’s special military operation against the scourge of Ukraine’s Nazified regime?

Do their reports across the board on major domestic and geopolitical issues reflect the influence of state-supplied blood money bribes?

Time and again, I slammed MSM as press agents for wealth, power and privilege at the expense of journalism as it should be.

Nothing they report on major issues can be taken at face value.

On what’s most important for everyone to know, they consistently stick to the fabricated official narrative.

On all things related to hegemon USA’s diabolical domestic and geopolitical agenda, they’re guilty of operating as co-conspirators.

They’re shills for opposing what just societies hold most dear.

They sold their souls for big bucks, their credibility lost in the process.

They’re too deeply corrupted to fix.

Ignoring or critiquing them are the only sensible options.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT goes out of its way to disgrace itself daily.

On Saturday, its editors again pushed health-destroying kill shots.

They urged greater congressional funding with this diabolical aim in mind.

They pretended that infection-spreading/disease promoting jabs “prevent new waves of infections and…preserve” health (sic).

Indisputable evidence long ago proved otherwise.

Like other MSM, the Times got blood money to promote health destruction, not the other way around.

Like daily editions for many weeks since last year, all-out war of words on all things Russia was prominently featured on Saturday.

Big Lies and mass deception infest its reporting about its Ukraine campaign.

The Times lied claiming that (largely decimated) Ukrainian forces “wiped out…many Russian tanks (sic).”

It lied accusing Russia of “destroying Ukrainian towns and cities.”

It lied claiming use of banned cluster and thermobaric munitions by Russian forces.

It lied saying that Russian strikes on Ukrainian targets have been “indiscriminate.”

It considers further supplies of weapons and munitions to Ukrainian Nazified and conscript forces to prolong war, escalate casualties and increase destruction a good thing.

Ignoring the effectiveness of superior-to-the West Russian weapons, the Times gratuitously demeaned its military, falsely accusing it of “drop(ing) crude unguided bombs that are nearly identical to those used by German pilots in World War II (sic).”

All things US-dominated NATO and Ukraine reflect the scourge of Nazi-style dirty war — polar opposite how Russia operated from day one of its special military operation.

The Times falsely claimed Russia may use nukes against Ukraine.

It lied repeatedly about Russian attacks on civilians that never occurred.

It lied claiming Russian forces struck schools, hospitals, residential homes, shelters and civilian infrastructure (sic).

It lied accusing Russia of “destroy(ing) entire towns (sic).”

It falsely accused Moscow of breaching the Geneva Conventions — what’s been longstanding US practice from the rape and destruction of nonbelligerent North Korea in the early 1950s to the present day in multiple theaters.

It lied claiming that Russia’s campaign “stall(ed).”

Its daily reporting on all things Russia and Ukraine reflects Big Lies and mass deception.

Truth and full disclosure on what’s gone on have been absent from day one, fake news alone featured.

A Final Comment

In its latest edition, the Times gave unindicted war criminal multiple times over, racketeer, perjurer Hillary feature op-ed space to eulogize one of her most odious undemocratic Dem predecessors, Madeline Albright on her passing.

Remarks like the following infested her perversion of reality portrayal of a figure about whom I said a special place in hell awaits:

“She never stopped pushing the envelope for freedom and democracy (sic), including cajoling sometimes skeptical generals and diplomats to see human rights as a national security imperative (sic).”

My article about Albright, titled Unindicted US War Criminal Passes set the record straight about her near-decade of crimes of war and against humanity.

The same indictment applies to Hillary from her 1980s days in Arkansas, to co-presidency with war criminal husband Bill, through her tenure as Obama/Biden regime secretary of state, and her overall criminal record throughout her public life.

There’s not a single thing redeeming about any of it. The same reality applies to husband Bill and their successor regimes.

One thought on “The NYT: At War on Humanity and Truth

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    1:30 am in the Morning here.

    I need say this..

    So many lies deeply embedded in the Population

    Brain Washed by the
    Ruling Class

    To love poison
    Hate the real medicine..

    Death and Destruction is Good
    Actually it’s beautiful..
    It Creates jobs…!

    And Truth, Sharing and Cooperation Are Ugly

    Everything Backwards

    Like Superman Comics

    Where the Criminals
    Are the Cops..


    Got that right.

    Your Little League Coach

    Is the Biggest Heroin Dealer in Dodge..

    A very sick Planet

    A very sick traumatized

    The entire Age Demographic
    Needs to de thawed..
    Away from all Media

    Find themselves..?
    Vanquish the Deep Alienation.

    In a word,
    A whole Generation that

    Needs de-programming.

    I fear it’s a lost generation.
    Not lost completely..


    Made juvenile.
    Maybe only a % loss.

    If it was Industrial production.
    You might Scratch it.
    And Start over.

    Che thought to create the
    New Man and Woman

    That it would take

    Che got it From Lunacharski.

    Wow..that’s like 60 yrs at the least..closer to 80..!


    So if we stated tomorrow morning..that’s at least till the end of the Century.

    We’re going into the S Curves.

    The Entire Planet is up for grabs

    The World is gonna shift dramatically.

    Some Motherfuxers will be leaving..

    Leaving on a Fast Train..

    Don’t know when they’ll
    be back again..!”

    It’s Curtains for the Gangsters.

    Too Stupid, too greedy,
    Too Arrogant…

    Too much a Plague on Humanity.


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