Russian Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Little over a month since Russia’s special military operation began, its goals “remain unchanged,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) stressed, adding:

“The operation is carried out strictly in accordance with the plan. All of the stated goals will be achieved.”

They include demiltarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, liberating Donbass entirely, as well as “neutraliz(ing) threats” posed by US-controlled Kiev.

MZ stressed — that in stark contrast to how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates — Russia’s military is taking great care to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

It’s providing humanitarian aid and protected corridors for evacuation of Ukrainians from harm’s way to safety in Russia.

“Normal life is being restored in areas liberated from” US/NATO-supported Ukrainian Nazified battalions.

“Kiev authorities don’t care about their citizens,” MZ stressed. 

“Ukrainian armed formations are using civilians as a human shields, forcibly keeping them in blockaded towns and preventing them, under threat of execution, from evacuating to Russia.”

US/NATO regimes “continue to flood Ukraine with weapons.”

They support perpetual war to the last Ukrainian and foreign mercenary recruited to join them.

US/NATO Nazification of Ukraine transformed the country into a “terrorist threat” in Europe’s heartland.

By positioning 100s of mines in the Black Sea, hegemon USA-controlled Ukraine “created grave risks” for commercial shipping in its waters.

“(U)ntethered naval mines are drifting towards the Bosporus Strait and can even reach the Mediterranean Sea.”

Turkey’s Department of Navigational Hydrography and Oceanography warned of the risk.

In flagrant breach of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Kiev — in cahoots with US/NATO  regimes — is recruiting terrorist militants to combat Russian forces.

MZ: “According to the available data, Western security services and the Security Service of Ukraine are working closely together on coordinating these efforts.”

US/Western “cynicism is manifested in the fact that (that its regimes actively recruit) terrorists” as proxy fighters against one invented enemy state after another.

Instead of opposing and combatting “international terrorism,” US-dominated NATO uses it as an instrument in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

MZ noted that regimes that “set a rabid dog on their neighbors risk being bitten by it.”

MZ quoted remarks by Igor Kirillov, head of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force of the Russian Armed Forces, saying the following:

“(S)tructures directly linked (to) the current US leadership, for instance the Rosemont Seneca investment fund, are involved in funding” Ukrainian biolabs that are developing deadly pathogens for use against invented enemies like Russia.

Headed by Hunter Biden, “(t)he fund has substantial financial resources and is closely linked with  main subcontractors of the US (war) department.” 

“This applies to Metabiota, a company that is, together with Black & Veatch, the main supplier of equipment for the Pentagon’s biolabs throughout the world.” 

What’s been going on secretly in Ukraine and other countries is in flagrant breach of international law.

Documented evidence discovered by Russia in Ukraine “cannot be refuted by idle statements of representatives from the White House, the Department of State or Pentagon,” MZ stressed.

What’s going on poses a global threat.

Separately, MZ slammed so-called French foreign minister Le Drian’s hostile remarks about Russia.

Along with embarrassing himself, he abandoned “rules of decency and legality,” said MZ. 

Ignoring decades of French involvement in US/NATO war crimes throughout the post-WW II period, Le Drian falsely accused Russia of rule of law breaches in Ukraine that its forces had nothing to do with.

Along with hegemon USA, Britain, Germany and other NATO regimes, France is actively involved in promoting forever war in Ukraine by supplying weapons and munitions — notably to its Nazified thugs.

In response to EU foreign policy chief Borrell and European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Sinkevicius, falsely claiming that Russia weaponized Ukraine’s water resources, MZ responded as follows, saying:

Their phony claim “is a masterpiece and a ‘record’ when it comes to the depth of moral and professional degradation of Brussels.”

US/Western hate-mongering about all things Russian is more evidence of its decadent and wicked ways.

Since usurping power by the most brazen election fraud in US history, the Biden regime escalated war on Russia by proxy hot and other means.

Its Russophobic rage is additionally fueled by “failure of its plan to turn Ukraine into the anti-Russia (for) use as a bridgehead for striking our territory,” MZ explained. 

Its recklessness and ruthlessness pushed things toward possibly rupturing bilateral relations altogether — what MZ called a “point of no return,” adding: 

“It is their choice. We warned them many times. But they continue down this path” toward a formal break in relations.

Given its Russophobic rage over the past month, it’s practically there already.

At the same time, hindsight will likely show that US/Western regimes shot themselves in the foot by waging all-out proxy hot and unparalleled sanctions war on Russia.

As for relations ahead between Moscow and US/Western regimes over the short and intermediate term, draw your own conclusions from MZ’s following remarks, saying:

“(W)e just had enough of them, their arrogance, lack of respect, trampling on the interests of others, failing to understand what is going on, and outright ignorance of facts and history.” 

“They don’t know how to negotiate, tend to rely exclusively on force, destroy the existing contractual mechanisms which have always served as a foundation of international relations no matter where you look, be it the economy, finances, business, culture, humanitarian ties, the defense sector, strategy and security, or countering new challenges and threats.”

Longer-term is too distant from now to speculate on whether East/West relations will stay unchanged, improve or deteriorate further.

At the same time, the risk of East/West war remains possible if lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum push things beyond a point of no return.


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  1. Mr Lendman..

    All day long..
    In every State News Channel

    Since they’re losing ****

    They’re new SCRIPT
    Is “Russian Expansion”
    ” Russian Aggression..!”

    ( See the stars above..****

    They’re losing..
    But winning

    The Human Trash in Congress just duped the Plebs

    Outta $1.5 TRILLION


    “And the Beat goes on..
    And the Beat goes on..”

    Nancy Pelosi yells out
    “Party in the Back Seat..!”

    Moreover, as an Historian

    Russian Federation is about
    30 years old now.

    If you superimposed the USA at age’s the 1820s and the burgeoning Wall St Imperialists

    Are in the middle of a Land Grab that takes them to the Mississippi River..

    Having already stolen Florida from Spain and Michigan from Canada…

    And in 20 more years..the 1840s they’ll be stealing 8 more states on the other side of the Missi sip..

    Including Stealing Texas from Mexico.




    As an Historian one should point out these Professional Liars and Killers in Europe

    Who comprise NATO

    Have been Fighting War for a 1000 years over patches of Land in Europe..

    Just a 100 yrs ago..

    The Killing and Destruction
    Of WWI..

    8 Million Men killed..
    Line up in Rows..
    Wholesale slaughter..

    End Result: France got the
    Alsace- Lorraine back..


    And few other properties changed hands..


    Till the Next Capitalist War.

    These are the Motherfuxers
    Lecturing Russia..

    Needless to Mention WWII
    How many people these Nazis Killed.

    “And the beat goes on
    And the beat goes on”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    The above comment was meant to go in a previous article.

    History Record.

    Rathrr, let’s look at the Gangsters Record ..

    Their Rap Sheet.
    Stretches from here to Georgia.

    There’s literally no crime they haven’t committed.

    I have been following the Boeing Passenger Plane that went down head first…

    At Mach 1.7 Speed..!
    I repeat at 1700 mph..


    It was Radio Controlled.

    Just the Physics are an indictment of USA..

    No plane does that.

    They’re the only ones with the Password for the Backdoor on every Boeing Plane.

    The Chinese tell the insane
    Serial Killers they’re not jumping

    on the Heroin Pushers wagon to beat up Russia

    And the Gangsters murder about 200 People.


    That’s how they roll.

    I was 18 when I read
    Philip Agee’s

    Said CIA regularly blew up School buses full of kids, etc

    Put no Crime past these Killers.

    Maria… You’re Right.
    100% Right.

    I have been saying that for 60 yrs …since November 1963..!

    All they know is Violence and Lies.

    They have no accountability in the USA..

    Not one AIPAC Congress Member will question anything they do ..

    Don’t you wonder why…?

    Easy..Because in the
    You’ll get assassinated for it.

    These are Gangsters
    They have no respect for law

    Or even know the law.

    You don’t need to know any History to Push Heroin or Pedos ..!

    They’re violent

    The Only thing they understand is brute force..

    A punch in the nose
    Is the diplomacy they relate best too.

    I hope the Russian Leadership
    Fully understands that

    I pray they do

    Get over the Illusion of dealing with these uncivilized savages.


    The Sooner the Better

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Noted with credit and thanks to Mr. Lendman’s faithful reporting. MZ is my kind of human being and diplomat…as opposed, say, Ned whatshisface…and let’s not even use the Blankety Blank Blinken and Sergey Lavrov in the same sentence except to point to their stark differences in gravitas and savvy, experience et al. And then, on the real-deal warmongering side of the ZioWashDC-Occupied landscape, is the (Admiral, puppet) John Kirby, vacuuming up and spitting out Zioneocon bullsh*t.

    ‘ “Headed by Hunter Biden, “(t)he fund has substantial financial resources and is closely linked with main subcontractors of the US (war) department.” ‘ Aha!–stated right from the heart of Russia’s FM by MZ! Courageous lady and institution, that. Biden-Biden…bidin’ their time to justice and worldwide opprobrium as they take down the flailing war-criminal/neocon/Zio USA with them?

    Mr. Lendman’s final two paragraphs are of concern…downright scary. All sane folks had better stay tuned….

    What’s President Putin’s approval rating in Russia today? High 80s percentage points? Telling….


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