Smashing Ukraine’s War Machine Update, March 27

Made-in-the-USA/West, Ukraine’s war machine is all about aggression in central Europe, not defense.

The US-installed Kiev puppet regime had no enemies until Russia was invented as one — with destabilizing the country in mind, along with demonizing Vladimir Putin.

The same reality applies to Donbass because of US-orchestrated and directed forever war by Ukraine on its people — to maintain a state of perpetual war along Russia’s border.

On Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

Russian forces destroyed most of Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA/West war machine.

To date, “(a) total of 289 drones, 1,656 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 169 multiple rocket launchers, 684 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 1,503 special military vehicles have been destroyed.”

Overnight Saturday, another 18 Ukrainian UAVs were eliminated.

“On March 26, high-precision long-range air-launched weapons destroyed a large fuel base near the city of Lvov, which provided fuel for Ukrainian troops in the western regions of Ukraine, as well as near Kiev.”

What remains of Kiev’s military is largely fragmented, isolated and surrounded by Russian forces.

While continuing scattered operations, it’s largely a spent force.

According to Andrei Martyanov, there’s been “a drastic drop in intensity of Neo-Nazi response by heavy weapons (in Mariupol because their forces) are running out of ammo) and the city sees law and order returning.”

A month ago, Nazified Ukrainian forces numbered around 20,000 in the city.

Most of it was annihilated.

“(T)wo (remaining) pockets…are left and shrinking,” each one with about 3,000 troops. 

“This was (Friday). Judging by reports of many Nazis trying to escape Mariupol, even dressing in women’s clothing,” remaining Kiev forces in the city are being “smok(ed) out.” 

Russia is eliminating what Martyanov called Ukraine’s “best fighting force.”

Phony claims by Kiev and Western prostitutes of the press about tens of thousands of Russian casualties in Ukraine increasingly fall flat.

Ukrainian militarism and Nazism is being systematically smashed by Russian forces.

While hegemon USA, its Western vassal states, and MSM presstitutes are winning the information war, there’s no ambiguity about one-sided conflict in Ukraine. 

From day one, Russia has been overwhelmingly prevailing over what’s now a battered, shattered and largely defeated Ukrainian military.

Hollow rubbish alone pretends otherwise.

According to Ukrainian media propaganda, US-installed puppet Zelensky claimed:

“Everyone on the planet needs to know what Russia is doing (sic).” 

“So that the responsibility for crimes against the Ukrainian people (sic) becomes inevitable and as severe as possible for the Russian military (sic).”

Other rubbish includes the following:

Russian forces are “killing Ukrainian children (sic).”

“Russian terrorist forces resort to criminal methods of killing Ukrainian civilians and are mining Ukrainian territory using remote-mining engineering systems (sic).”

“Ukrainian defenders (sic) launched the 11th attack on Russian invaders stationed in Chornobaivka, Kherson region (sic).”

Ignored by Ukrainian and US/Western MSM is that thousands of Ukrainian troops laid down their arms and surrendered.

What passes for Ukrainian media are totally state-controlled.

Speech, press, academic and other freedoms are banned in the Nazified state.

Daily NYT editions are infested with fake news about Ukraine.

Turning reality on its head Sunday, the Times pretended that a — nowhere in sight — Ukrainian “counteroffensive” left behind “destroyed tanks and body parts (sic).”

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is a smashed Ukrainian military.

Beyond being on its back foot, it’s disintegrating from relentless Russian pounding.

What’s left is unrecognizable from its state weeks earlier.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times and other MSM feature fictional reports over reality on the ground.

On Friday, head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, General Sergei Rudskoy set the record straight as follows, saying:

Ukraine’s so-called air force was almost entirely destroyed.

Its navy no longer exists.

Sixteen main airfields were rendered inoperable.

All land formations sustained heavy losses.

Most Ukrainian weapons, munitions and equipment were destroyed.

“Russian troops blocked Kiev, Kharkov, Chernigov, Sumy and Nikolaev.” 

“Kherson and most of the Zaporozhye region are under full control.”

Russian actions are being carried out to cause “such damage to military infrastructure, equipment, personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the results of which allow not only to shackle their forces and do not give them the opportunity to strengthen their grouping in the Donbass, but also will not allow them to do so until the Russian army completely liberates the territories of the DPR and LPR.”

“In order to prevent the restoration of weapons and military equipment of the AFU that have received combat damage, the Russian Armed Forces are disabling repair enterprises, arsenals, storage bases, logistics warehouses with high-precision weapons.”

“At the moment, 30 key enterprises of the military-industrial complex have been hit by cruise missiles X-101, Kalibr, Iskander, and the Kinzhal aviation complex, which carried out repairs of 68% of weapons and equipment disabled during combat operations.”

Ukraine is being systematically demilitarized and smashed.

What remains of its military is in disarray.

Fake news reports by Kiev, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators on what’s ongoing don’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

Remarks like the follow take the cake:

NYT fake news: Russian forces “are bombing civilians, women and children (sic).

WaPo fake news: Ukrainian forces “inflicted great costs on the Russian military (sic).”

WSJ fake news: “Ukrainian forces (drove) Russian troops out of a town in the northeast of the country (sic).”

NBC (fake) News: Russia “strugg(ling) to make progress (after a) month (of) war (sic).”

CNN fake news: “Ukrainians disrupt(ed) and derail(ed) Russia(’s) offensive…by stubborn…resistance (sic) (from) agile Ukrainian counterattacks on several fronts (sic).”

The above fake news and a blitzkrieg of more like it is fed US/Western audiences daily.

Reality on the ground in Ukraine is absent in their reports.

It’s worlds apart different from the above rubbish.


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  1. Juan Sinmiedo on Telegram is putting up dozens of videos a day coming out of Ukraine. I think there are laws prohibiting comments. The channel is killer enough but if it had comments, it would be better.

    This link goes to Juan’s channel is a Russian officer addressing the abuse of Russian prisoners such as shooting them in the leg and letting them bleed out. Link:

    There is a big question around where did the $15 billion go, when no military aid is going to make it to any soldiers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mike, your comment makes me think of the hapless Palestinians of Occupied Palestine, shot in the anke or knee-cap or an eye by Zionist snipers/thugs intent on excruciating “abuse.”


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