Propaganda TV Russia Bashing

Managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish is standard fare on what passes for co-called US/Western print and electronic news reporting.

Truth and full disclosure are verboten, especially on key domestic and geopolitical issues.

On all things Russia, hate-mongering propaganda has been more intense over a protracted period than anything I recall earlier throughout the post-WW II period.

A virtual state of war exists against Russia by hegemon USA-dominated NATO.

It’s ongoing by imposition of unparalleled sanctions and proxy war, the latter using Nazified and involuntary Ukrainian conscripts.

How will things end?

Will the storm be short-lived?

Will normality return ahead?

Or is what’s going on prelude to the unthinkable — direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers?

A same-day article asked whether lunatics in charge of the US/Western asylum are heading for global war?

It’s been raging on humanity for over two years throughout the US/West and elsewhere by use of kill shots and all else flu/covid related — with mass-extermination and elimination of what remains of greatly eroded freedoms in mind.

The official kill shot casualty count in the US and Europe is in the millions.

The unofficial US death count is known to exceed half a million.

The overall unofficial human toll in little over two years likely way exceeds the numbers of deaths and injuries in any previous hot war on record — perhaps more than most of them combined.

US/Western sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia risks unthinkable global war 3.0 with nukes.

Father of the Pentagon’s nuclear navy, Admiral Hyman Rickover, warned Congress of the threat 40 years ago in 1982, saying:

“The lesson of history is when a war starts, every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has available” to win.

Will dominant US hardliners risk humanity’s demise by waging unwinnable war on Russia?

Are they deranged enough to go where no one of sense and sensibility would dare venture?

On CBS (fake) News Face the Nation Sunday, militant Russophobe Michael McFall was featured.

A litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed.

Some examples:

Russian forces are “basically hunker(ed) down against all these Ukrainian counterattacks (sic).”

In previous articles, I explained the state of Ukraine’s battered, degraded, fragmented, surrounded and largely smashed military.

Thousands of conscript forces abandoned their weapons and surrendered.

Russian forces are largely involved in mopping up operations.

Within around 48 hours after Russia’s special military operation began, its forces gained a dominant upper hand never relinquished.

McFall sounded buffoon-like claiming that Russian forces have yet “to find a battle plan that works (sic),” adding:

“The Russians lost phase one (sic).”

“(P)hase two is digging in defensively (sic)…protect(ing) (themselves) from these Ukrainian attacks (sic).”

No further elaboration is needed to explain the absurdity of his remarks — accepted without contradiction by CBS fake News.

ABC (fake) News This Week featured disgraced retired general David Petraeus.

One critic earlier called him more incompetent than Custer at Little Bighorn.

He was further disgraced by cheating on his wife, along with exchanging racy communications with his mistress — in breach of national security, what led to his sacking as CIA chief.

Combining incompetence with dissembling, he defied reality by calling “the battlefield situation…a bloody stalemate (sic),” adding:

“(T)he Ukrainians…halted the Russians around Kiev, Kharkov and some others (?), and even push(ed) them back a bit in Kiev (sic).”

“Mariupol…has become a bit of a Ukrainian Alamo (sic).”

Ukrainian forces are “pinning down multiple Russian battalions (sic).”

In a few short weeks, Russia reduced an estimated 20,000 Nazified forces in Mariupol to around 6,000.

Divided and surrounded in battered segments, finishing them off is just a matter of time.

Calling US-installed puppet Zelensky “a battlefield commander,” Petraeus ignored that he’s been hiding out cross-border in Poland for most of the time since Russia’s campaign began.

And he ludicrously claimed that it “set back (its) military for years (sic)…showing…that it wasn’t (a) wonderfully modernized force (sic).”

If Pentagon ranks include many others like Petraeus, claims about it being the world’s preeminent military are greatly exaggerated and then some.

In little over a month, superior Russian forces transformed Ukraine’s military into a hollow shell.

Hegemon USA and NATO vassal state poured billions of dollars of weapons, munitions and equipment into Ukraine for years.

Russian forces eliminated most of it in a few weeks.

Defeating the remnants Ukraine’s battered military as a fighting force is just a matter of time.

Restoring and keeping the peace in the aftermath war will likely another matter entirely.

2 thoughts on “Propaganda TV Russia Bashing

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,

    The whole invented crisis and designer War.

    Is a Remake of FDR
    Forcing the Japanese
    into WWII by cutting off their oil..

    Replete with the False Flag
    at Pearl Harbor ..

    ( That’s why strangley, against all protocol..

    All five US Carriers were sent a 100 miles east of Hawaii..!)

    Our History jam packed with False And Humongous Lies!

    Very much Like
    “Evidence Based Science”

    Yep..all the real Science rejects everything you say..

    We now have
    “Evidence Based Imperial Wars”

    “And what’s the infraction,
    Dirty Joe ?”

    “Russia is too aggressive..”

    “Oh..I see..
    Anything more specific..?”

    Russia is gonna use
    Chemical Weapons..!”

    ” Is going to…but hasn’t!”

    Joey after a Few Clicks
    looks at me with the Stink Eye..

    ” What difference does that make..?”

    “Right..what difference does it with SERIAL KILLERS..!”

    The War
    a whole ‘nother’ ball of wax.

    I’ll come back to that.

    Any Historian

    Would point out the fact

    The Zionist bombed Gaza last year

    Zionist Terror Campaign lasted for about ten days straight..

    Zios killed 289 Palestinians needlessly..!

    Maimed and destroyed the lives of maybe 20 or 30,000 more..

    And not one lying hypocrite from the Nazi Axis Countries

    Said one word about the innocent people being slaughtered by missiles..

    Didn’t give a Fux.
    Supporting the Jewish Nazis.

    Now this same lying
    Human Fecal Matter
    Is crying big crocodile tears.

    Funny how the Gangsters are blind and suddenly wake up..!


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Although this war in the Ukraine is Enormously important

    As I stated previously, it’s Stalingrad,

    It’s a actually just the
    Peanut Gallery.

    Pony League.

    We only see the shadows on the Cave Wall.



    The Real War..

    More than the
    Sinking Behometh

    Spitting out bike..
    And vitriol..

    Slandering and lying..
    The DNA of the Human Filth

    More than the murderous Albatros dragging down the
    Whole it’s demise

    Or A trapped beast with fewer and fewer options having wasted all our resources on War, Imperial Conquest and NARCOTICS DEALS..

    More than anything that had come before..

    No the Fourth Reich

    The residue of the Dark Forces that came together in Dallas
    On November 22, 1963..

    That Murder is a small sample of the Historical Crime that looms before us..

    This is the Culmination of Historical Factors brewing since the end of WWII..

    Which only solved 1/ 20th of the Problems.

    The other 19 are about to gush out like Spindletop..

    Everyone in the World
    Even unbeknownst to them..

    Has skin in the Game!

    It’s the Last Stop in the Crisis of World Capitalism..

    Is it Willoughby..?’s Hell.

    The Party is over..
    The World we knew
    Will not exist after the Debacle
    About to Take Place.

    Five or Six or More Wars will take place simultaneously

    All wrapped up in this War Russia is fighting against all of World FASCISM.

    Interestingly, 100 years ago 1922..

    the Newly Formed Soviet Union was Fighting and beating
    13 Imperialist Armies …

    Who came to destroy them.

    This War is 100 times bigger.

    It’s the Passing of the Baton
    The Baton will now pass to Asia

    Which Shall Protect and nurture Civilization for the Next 10,000 Years…

    We ..
    All of us are at the Beginning.

    At the Crossroads.
    The Crucible..

    Will Civilization itself survive

    Or be destroyed by the utter Filth of Nazism and the evil of the Fourth Reich.

    One Shot to get it Right..
    The time is now..m

    If the Future is defective
    There is no refunds.

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!


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