An Unparalleled Blight on Humanity

No nation in world history caused more irreparable harm to more people worldwide over a longer duration than hegemon USA.

I’ve stressed the indisputable reality time and again and will surely do it again.

No nation more greatly threatens humanity and all other life forms.

None are more contemptuous of the rule of law, democratic values, peace, stability and governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

None are more farcically led than by the know-nothing White House imposter, a figure enlisted to masquerade as installed/unelected dementia Joe.

When ushered onto the public stage, his remarks are pre-scripted for him to recite or paraphrase.

Aware of the subterfuge, other Western regimes stay silent and by going along are complicit with mass deception.

On Monday, the fake Biden continued his war of words on preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin.

Unwilling to apologize for his brazen insolence and perversion of reality, he’s “not walking anything back,” he said, adding:

“I make no apologies.”

“People like this shouldn’t be ruling countries (sic).”

In January, he called Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” in response to being asked about soaring inflation.

From inception, White House incumbents notoriously used foul language.

Richard Nixon was once quoted saying:

“People said my language was bad, but Jesus, you should have heard LBJ.”

Indeed, his remarks with cabinet and congressional members oozed profanity.

No foul language was left behind.

One observer called him “barnyard…vulgar.”

Unwinnable US aggression in Southeast Asia denied him another term in office and wrecked his legacy.

I recall watching his March 31, 1968, Sunday night, remarks on national television with my family, saying:

“I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.”

He declined to run again at a time when his approval rating was heading toward its 34% low point.

In mid-1965 — 10 years before war ended — he was quoted, saying:

“I don’t know what the f..k to do about Vietnam.”

In one of my earliest articles, I called LBJ a conflicted man.

As early as May, 1964, he confessed his doubts about the conflict to his good friend, Senator Richard Russell, in one of many taped Oval office phone calls.

It was three months before the Gulf of Tonkin false flag.

As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Long after Johnson returned to private life, US forever war in Southeast Asia ended in humiliating defeat — on April 30, 1975 from the rooftop of hegemon USA’s Saigon embassy.

Three nations in ruins left behind, millions massacred, was followed by more of the same against one invented enemy after another to the present day.

Almost every US president from inception was an unindicted war criminal.

The real Biden bears guilt as senator and vice president, the White House incumbent as a fake president.

Separately on Tuesday, another round of going nowhere Russian/Ukrainian talks began in Istanbul.

Previous rounds accomplished nothing. Nor is anything positive likely this time.

The US-installed Kiev regime has no authority to agree on anything without White House approval.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners want forever war perpetuated along Russia’s borders.

That’s what pouring billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment into Ukraine has been all about.

Peace is anathema to hegemon USA’s interests.

US wars rage endlessly by hot and/or other means against dozens of invented enemies.

Chances of turning a page for peace, stability and more normalized relations with Russia and other independent nations are virtually nil.

Notably at a time when homeland needs increasingly go begging, Congress is virtually sure to approve the largest ever budget for militarism and war-making in US history.

The Biden regime proposed $813.3 billion for FY 2023.

When all is said and done, annual US military spending is more than double this amount — with all categories included, notably multi-billion dollar black budgets.

Billions of dollars for Ukraine since 2014 have been all about waging proxy war on Russia with no end of it in prospect.

Does hegemon USA intend confronting China militarily?

According to US Indo-Pacific commander Admiral John Aquilino days earlier, the Pentagon is preparing to “fight and win” a war against China if other “deterrence” methods fail.

Unlike hegemon USA, China prioritizes peace and stability regionally and worldwide.

Its defense budget is a small fraction of what the US spends.

Confronting China and/or Russia militarily would be suicidal.

Yet longstanding US policy prioritizes regime change in nations free from its control —notably in Russia, China and Iran.

They’re the only independent nations able to hit back punishingly hard against aggressors.

Separately on Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that main objectives sought in phase one of its special military operation were accomplished, adding:

“The Russian armed forces will continue the special military operation until the set goals are achieved.”

“We actively provide humanitarian assistance to the population of the LPR, DPR, and, of course, Ukraine.” 

“We have already carried out 684 humanitarian actions (by delivering) 6,079 tons of cargo to 210 settlements.”

The battle to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine continues.

So does US-dominated NATO proxy war on Russia and its fallout.

US inflation is at a 75-year high and rising at a time when working class wages keep falling further behind soaring energy, food and other prices.

According to Feeding America, “over 60 million people turned to food banks and community programs for help putting food on the table” — in 2020.

Save the Children reported the following:

“Since March 2020, food insecurity rates across the nation for families with children have risen by nearly two-thirds.” 

“Close to 1 in 5 US families reported in December that they did not have enough food.” 

“Black and Hispanic children have been disproportionately impacted.”

“They are twice as likely as white children to face hunger in America.”

Soaring inflation is making a bad situation worse.

While hegemon USA has virtually open-end spending for all things military related with advancing its imperium in mind, millions of Americans are food insecure.

Millions face unaffordable housing, energy, healthcare and other expenses.

The ranks of impoverished Americans are growing.

It’s happening when its ruling regime is waging war on humanity at home and abroad — while thumbing its nose at vital needs on the home front.

At a time of economic weakness, things are much more likely to worsen than improve while the risk of global war 3.0 is ominously higher than ever before in our lifetime.


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