Daily Lies of Our Times

Employment at the self-styled newspaper of record NYT requires a commitment to support imperial rampaging and corporate plunder.

It requires abandonment of support for peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

It requires a willingness to demonize and otherwise misreport on US invented enemies.

It requires a commitment to fake news over truth and full disclosure, especially on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

The Times is to journalism as night is to day, as wrong is to right, as fakery is to truth-telling.

What’s indisputable shows up in daily fake news editions.

Claiming continued Russian attacks around Kiev and Chernigov on Wednesday after deescalation was discussed the previous day, the Times ignored what came out of Istanbul talks.

Russian delegates discussed a gradual deescalation around the above cities, not a ceasefire anywhere in Ukraine.

Russia’s general staff hasn’t yet announced “what the slowdown or de-escalation (around these cities) will mean exactly,” head of its negotiating delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, explained, adding:

No “ceasefire” was proposed.

Further, Russia will respond militarily to strikes on its forces anywhere in Ukraine.

Self-defense is a fundamental rule of law principle.

The Times ignored all of the above, defying reality instead, saying:

“Moscow (is) in no hurry to end its war (sic).”

Its “advance in those areas already stalled (sic).”

“Moscow’s announcement was less a concession than an acknowledgment of the shortcomings of its military operation (sic).”

“Ukrainian officials say that reports of cases of rape and sexual violence carried out by Russian soldiers against civilians continue to grow (sic).”

Russian forces “destroyed…civil infrastructure…libraries, shopping malls…(residential) houses…bridges (and) civilians (queued in) a bread line (sic).”

The Times cited a fake State Department “do not travel” advisory to Russia, falsely warning that US citizens may be detained because of their nationality (sic).”

Russian forces suffered “heavy losses and logistical issues (sic).”

They’re “unable to fight on more than one front (sic).”

All of the above rubbish turned truth on its head in typical NYT-style, gray lady lies of our times its standard fare.

Indeed a looming food crisis threatens increased hunger, malnutrition and starvation — because of US/Western sanctions war on Russia and what led to its special military operation — what the Times left unexplained.

Between them, Russia and Ukraine produce about a third of world wheat, 20% of its corn and up to 80% of its sunflower oil.

War in Ukraine and banning Russian imports caused energy, food and other prices to skyrocket.

A food insecurity crisis affects US/Western countries and many others, including Ukraine, of course.

The Times falsely accused Russia of bombing civilian ships in the Black Sea, adding:

Russia’s navy is “blocking access to Ukrainian ports to cut off exports of grains (sic).”

In Security Council remarks, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia debunked the above Big Lies, saying:

“Russian armed forces are posing no threat to the freedom of civilian navigations” — in the Black Sea or anywhere else.

According to bozo BoJo regime fake news:

“It is almost certain that the Russian offensive has failed in its objective to encircle Kiev (sic).”

The Times falsely accused Russia of “trying to starve the residents of Mariupol into surrender (sic).”

Its forces continue going all-out to protect the city’s residents from the scourge of remaining US/NATO supported Nazified Ukrainian forces embedded in their neighborhoods, holding them as human shields.

As part of its longstanding war of words on Vladimir Putin, the Times once again defied reality by falsely calling him a “tyrant (sic).”

Infamous for leaving no long ago debunked Big Lie behind, prostitute of the press Thomas Friedman consistently ignores US war on humanity at home and abroad while bashing its invented enemies with managed news misinformation and disinformation rubbish — humiliating himself at the same time.

He lied calling Vladimir Putin a “petro-dictator (sic).”

He perpetuated the global warming/climate change myth.

He called for harming Russia by cutting off its oil and gas exports.

He urged Americans to make sacrifices “to win the war against…Putin.”

“Put Putin over a barrel, he roared…What are we waiting for (sic).”

The above and lots more rubbish like it is standard fare in Times editions — at the expense of news fit to print.

According to WaPo fake news, “Russia (may) consider using (nukes) to escalate conflict (sic).”

A previous article explained its clear position on these weapons.

Nothing remotely suggests that its forces will use them in Ukraine — or at any time except in self-defense.

As explained by its armed forces chief General Valery Gerasimov:

“The country’s nuclear policy is purely defensive in nature.”

“Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons (only) in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies, and in cases of aggression against Russia using conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.”

And conditions for their possible use is very limited and strictly regulated, he added.

According to WSJ editors — in light of what’s happening in Ukraine — hegemon USA’s bloated military budget isn’t bloated enough.

They urged lots more waste, fraud and abuse than already to counter invented threats. No real ones exist.

At a small fraction of what the US spends, Russia’s super-weapons are greatly superior to the best in the West.

Its hypersonic missiles used to destroy a western Ukrainian base cannot be defended against by US/NATO regimes.

Along with its tactical superiority, Russian super-weapons way outclass the best of US/NATO forces.

Its military is for defense — in stark contrast to alliance forever wars on invented enemies.

Russia didn’t want war in Ukraine.

It spent over seven years trying to resolve Kiev’s aggression on Donbass diplomatically.

It failed because hegemon USA wants perpetual war along its borders.

Left with no other option, Vladimir Putin authorized Russia’s special military operation to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine — what couldn’t be accomplished another way.

3 thoughts on “Daily Lies of Our Times

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Gangsters say they want Peace…

    Yet everything the USA does..

    Indicates they intend to further propagate the War..!

    Prima facie..

    Why does Ukraine need $1.5 T for weapons if they’re seeking Peace..?

    In my whole life..
    I’ve never seen such a

    A RUSH TO WAR..!

    Moreover, la guerra..
    Sui Generis..

    Of a Particular kind..
    Yes, The Nuclear kind…!

    Never been so off the Rails..
    By Design..
    Mind you..

    All part of our Unhappy Home in Memphis Tennessee..

    Ask previously mentioned
    Bad Now..
    It’s Getting worse

    Ben Wallace the UK FM said,

    ” Even after the “War” don’t expect the Sanctions to be lifted!”.

    Followed by the Exchequer saying..

    There’s much More we can hurt Russia with in SWFT..

    Looks like
    Quacks like

    WWIII..Odds are increasing significantly.

    Although it’s the Unmentionable
    We should mention it.

    Moreover all going by design.

    A total beat down and genocide on the Working Classes.

    Capitalist Western World has gone insane..

    They show their true colors..

    Uckerberg ..

    and Facebook started banning articles.

    Which articles you need not even ask.

    Hey..today the Fascists are killing Letters

    Tomorrow they’ll be killing you.

    ” Whole letters and words will be disappeared, Winston…!”

    Remember that…in 1984?


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