MSM Fake News on Istanbul Talks

Surprising no one paying attention, MSM twisted talks on Tuesday between Russian and Ukrainian delegates to fit their fake news narrative.

According to the NYT’s perversion of reality, “gains in negotiations came as Ukrainian troops appeared to push back Russian forces around Kiev (sic).”

Claiming they’ve “struggled” around Kiev and elsewhere is belied by facts on the ground.

No such gains by Ukraine occurred, far from it.

The Times turned reality on its head as part of its mass deception campaign on all things related to Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign.

The Russian delegation suggested a possible meeting between Vladimir Putin and Zelensky if delegates from both sides reach mutual agreement to be formalized for their signatures.

The Times twisted the above, falsely claiming that Russia agreed on a meeting once an agreement was drafted.

Before a possible meeting occurs, it must comply with objectives Russia seeks to achieve and be approved by its Defense Ministry and Vladimir Putin.

The Times perpetuated the long ago debunked Big Lie claim that Russia “annexed” Crimea (sic).

It refused to recognize the sovereign independence of Donetsk and Lugansk, falsely calling them Ukrainian territory.

No parts of Ukraine liberated from the scourge of the Nazified country was regained control over by the US-installed regime.

Like earlier, Times lied claiming otherwise.

So-called “counterattacks” it claimed Kiev mounted haven’t occurred.

It quoted interventionist Blinken’s bald-faced Big Lie, saying:

“What Russia is doing is the continued brutalization of Ukraine and its people (sic).”

Once a serial liar, always one. 

The Biden regime’s so-called chief diplomat consistently mocks the letter and spirit of what it’s all about — an unindicted war criminal never to be trusted.

Nor can Times correspondents and columnists be relied on to set the record straight on what they cover.

Prostitute of the press Paul Krugman was at it again.

Falsely calling Russia’s special military operation “a crime…a catastrophic mistake (sic),” he compounded his fake news by calling preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin a “strongman”involved in pushing “Ukrainians to submit to Russian rule (sic).”

Ignoring a campaign by Russia to be studied by military tacticians for its ability to smash Ukrainian Nazified and conscript forces in short order with minimal losses, Krugman lied claiming:

Russia’s military suffered “heavy casualties (sic.”

Its “logistics, vehicle maintenance and communications (haven’t) work(ed) (sic).”

Russian forces failed to display “courage…endurance (both) physical and moral (sic).”

Putin “fail(ed) in Ukraine (sic).”

The fake Biden “effectively mobilized (the illusion of an) alliance (to) humiliate” Russia (sic) — ignoring its many allies.

No responsible editors would touch the above rubbish and lots more like it.

Time editors consistently feature it over news that’s fit to print.

Separately, WaPo quoted Ukraine’s so-called foreign minister Kuleba, reportedly saying on state-controlled television:

“I advise anyone going for negotiations with Russia not to eat or drink anything, preferably avoid touching surfaces (sic).”

Unlike US, UK, other NATO and Israeli dark forces, Russia doesn’t poison anyone with intent to irreparably harm or eliminate them.

Earlier claims otherwise were debunked as bald-faced Big Lies.

WaPo also repeated the perversion of reality claim about Russian forces killing civilians in “residential buildings,” adding:

“There’s no doubt that Russian forces are behind the most horrific acts of the war as it continues into a second month (sic).” 

“They struck schools, clinics, ambulances, shopping centers, electric and water facilities, passenger cars, among numerous indiscriminate attacks on civilians (sic).”

All of the above and lots more like is typical MSM rubbish — while ignoring indisputable US crimes of war, against humanity and other atrocities in all its wars of aggression on invented enemies.

According to CNN fake news, issues Russia agreed on with Kiev on Tuesday “came (because its) forces were stalled in several areas (sic).”

According to US News & World Report fake news:

“Faced with surprising opposition and bogged down supply lines (sic), Russian President Vladimir Putin is repositioning his forces in an attempt to gain a more effective position (sic).”

And this fake news from National Pentagon Radio (NPR):

“Ukraine closes humanitarian corridors because it says Russia may attack them (sic).”

BBC fake news: “Russian strike…killed seven (civilians) and injured more than 20 others (sic).”

Al Jazeera fake news: “Can Russia return to the world stage, as other aggressor nations (sic).”

Canada’s CBC fake news: 

“Moscow met fierce resistance in Ukraine (sic).”

Kiev says “15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed (sic).”

Russians “do not have the ability to continue sustained large-scale offensive operations.” 

“Their logistics problems 

have been apparent to everybody (sic).”

“They’ve got serious manpower issues (sic) and the resistance has been way beyond anything they could have possibly imagined (sic).”

On all things Russia and Ukraine, a daily drumbeat of MSM fake news is featured over truth and full disclosure.

The latter is nowhere in sight.

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