The Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

Make no mistake.

Hegemon USA bears full responsibility for transforming democratic Ukraine into a cesspool of Nazified tyranny.

The same reality holds for events that followed over the past eight years.

They led to Russia’s intervention last month to eliminate the menace posed by the US-controlled Nazified state — to its security and long-suffering Donbass residents.

At a Tuesday Security Council session, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia discussed the humanitarian situation in Ukraine — for which hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states bear full responsibility, along with Kiev’s puppet regime.

Slamming the US and Security Council vassal states — notably Britain and France — Nebenzia sharply accused them of brazen “inconsisten(cy).”

Last week, they rejected Russia’s draft humanitarian resolution, what was discussed in a previous article.


Because Russia proposed it.

It provided “concrete steps” to deliver vitally needed humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians in need.

It went “way beyond” what hegemon USA, Britain and France proposed yesterday.

It also demanded no positioning of heavy weapons in residential areas — or use of civilians as human shields.

The above axis of evil powers rejected these demands with maximizing human misery in mind.

Nebenzia stressed what’s clear, saying:

“Had the Council endorsed (Russia’s resolution), it could have saved many lives…” 

The “internet is swarming with video evidence of this, uploaded by people from the liberated cities or those who managed to escape via humanitarian corridors despite being shot at by Ukrainian armed forces and nationalists.” 

Instead of doing the right thing, US/NATO ruling regimes falsely accused Russia of  “bomb(ing) grain-loaded vessels, agricultural equipment, and grain storages.”

Its “draft resolution also demanded respectful and humane treatment of detainees.”

Nazified Ukrainian forces “posted videos of cruel treatment of captured Russian soldiers” — torturing them to inflict pain and suffering. 

In stark contrast, Russian forces have scrupulously upheld their obligations under international law.

They pose no threat to civilians or Ukrainian troops that lay down their arms. 

Nazified Ukrainian extremists are guilty of “elaborate tortures and executions,” Nebenzia stressed.

Civilians and Russian POWs were “tortured to death,” their corpses found “with swastika symbols branded on their maimed bodies.”

Hegemon USA, Britain and partnered regimes armed, trained and used these thugs to advance their diabolical interests.

There’s no ambiguity about how Russian forces are operating in Ukraine, nor the Kremlin’s commitment to the rule of law.

In contrast to US/Western indifference toward and contempt for ordinary people in Ukraine and worldwide, Russia provided over 6,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the country.

“More than half a million refugees from Ukraine found (safe haven) shelter in Russia — where they’re provided with warm food, clothing, shelter and medical care as needed.

In contrast to the above, hegemon USA-dominated NATO pours weapons into Ukraine for perpetual war.

Russia’s special military operation  is worlds apart from what the US/West falsely calls an “unprovoked war of choice (sic).”

Eight years of their provocations preceded what’s going on.

Regimes that “blame us merely try to downplay their own role in provoking this crisis and pretend that it has nothing to do with them, their policy towards Russia, and their geopolitical efforts to create ‘Anti-Russia’ state (in) Ukraine,” Nebenzia stressed.

US-dominated NATO is infamous for wars of choice — since preemptively attacking nonbelligerent North Korea in June 1950 throughout the post-WW II period alone.

Separately, Russia’s UN mission responded to US/Western imperial tool, UN head Guterres’ call for a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Ignoring rejection of Russia’s humanitarian resolution by the US, Britain and France, he once again displayed one-sided support for their diabolical aims at the expense of UN Charter provisions he consistently fails to uphold.

Russia reminded him of what its draft resolution proposed, including the following:

A ceasefire and humanitarian pause to evacuate civilians out of harm’s way.

Refraining from attacking critical infrastructure.

Demilitarizing residential areas.

Protecting humanitarian and medical personnel.

Treating POWs humanely.

Providing protection for civilians, especially women, children, the elderly and infirm.

Hegemon USA and its imperial vassal states rejected all of the above.

How they and Russia operate needs no further elaboration.


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