Hate-Mongering Fake News on All things Russia

If US/Western words could kill, Russia would be bloodied beyond recognition.

Months of sustained anti-Russia vitriol is more intense, vicious and unforgiving than anything I recall by US/Western regimes against another nation throughout the post-WW II period.

And virtually all of it is made up stuff up rubbish.

Besides a barrage of slanderous ad hominems by the fake Biden against preeminent world leader Vladimir Putin, the White House turned truth on its head by calling Russia a “pariah” nation (sic).

Masquerading as unindicted war criminal Biden multiple times over, his double falsely accused Moscow of committing crimes against humanity (sic).

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT has been waging its own fake news war of words on Russia for time immemorial.

On Wednesday, it lied accusing Moscow of following a “brutal…playbook (by) besieging cities (and) deliberately targeting civilians (sic).”

It lied claiming that Vladimir Putin’s strategy involves “brute force and terror (sic).”

It lied accusing him of “abduct(ing) and jailing local leaders and journalists…replac(ing) them (with) loyal quislings (sic).”

It lied calling his tactics “straight out of Stalin’s playbook (sic).”

It lied accusing Russian forces of using banned cluster munitions in Ukraine — a US/NATO specialty against invented enemies, along with chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons.

It lied claiming that Ukrainian forces mounted effective counterattacks against Russia.

It lied claiming that Russia has been bombarding residential areas of Ukrainian cities — another longtime US/NATO specialty, notably since firebombing Dresden and Toyko during WW II, incinerating many thousands of civilians.

The Times lied accusing Russia of “demolishing infrastructure and buildings, including hospitals, bomb shelters and schools, even while thousands of civilians are trapped inside (sic).”

Malicious perversion of reality like the above — and lots more like it — is what the Times considers news fit to print.

On Wednesday, some other Russia bashing fake news was as follows:

According to WaPo:

“Civilian casualties are mounting” in Ukraine (sic).

“There’s no doubt that Russian forces are behind the most horrific acts of the war (sic).” 

They “struck schools, clinics, ambulances, shopping centers, electric and water facilities, and passenger cars, among numerous indiscriminate attacks on civilians.”

A “Russian airstrike killed many people taking refuge inside a theater (sic).”

A “maternity hospital was hit (sic).”

Indeed, some of the most “intensive fighting is taking place in Donbass.”

The WSJ’s report failed to explain that Nazified Ukrainian forces are concentrated there — what’s left of them.

Nor did it or other MSM explain that Mariupol is Donbass territory, its second largest city.

No Russian plans exist to level cities, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed, adding:

“We have no Stalingrads on our calendar.”

The Journal and other MSM ignored that nearly all Lugansk territory and most of Donestsk were liberated from Nazified occupation.

What remains of their fighters in Mariupol are being ferreted out and eliminated.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news:

Russian forces sustained “heavy losses (sic).”

“Military units returned (home) to reorganize and resupply (sic).”

“It’s the latest sign of the trouble Russia is facing in Ukraine (sic).”

CNN fake news falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin (lacked) seriousness (about negotiating an end to Russia’s special military operation) from (its) start.”

According to notorious proliferator of fake news, the BBC:

“The situation in Russia’s media is unprecedented (sic).” 

“Restrictions on reporting are increasingly severe, and access to almost all independent outlets is blocked or limited (sic) — or they censor themselves (sic).”

Perversion of reality by Canada’s CBC falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “start(ing) wars with his neighbors (sic)…(not) ending them (sic),” falsely adding:

The “Kremlin…send(s) in troops…then never leav(es) (sic).”

According to Al Jazeera’s Big Lie whopper:

“Russia has effectively admitted defeat In Ukraine (sic).”

Its “aim now is regime survival (sic).”

With an approval rating of about 80% — as explained in a previous article — public support for Vladimir Putin increased since Russia’s special military operation began.

The above Russia bashing propaganda snapshots are featured throughout the West and elsewhere daily.

On all things Russia and other major issues, truth and full disclosure by MSM are nowhere in sight.

3 thoughts on “Hate-Mongering Fake News on All things Russia

Add yours

    1. Mr Lendman,

      “Uncle Sam, Dead Man Walking”

      The US vitriol is only a reflection of how sick America is.

      How deformed & degenerated our Ruling Class is.

      Like Scrooge on Christmas Past
      Sam is striking out at all the ghosts and skeletons in the closet.

      And it’s also Sam’s last words as he goes down the drain.

      All full of Hate.
      With Blood Stained hands.

      I’ll make this short.

      What’s the End Game here..?

      Historically, what has it
      Always led to ..?

      as when we vilified the Japanese before WWII..

      And while the lying Bourgeois Press defiles,

      insults and denigrates Russia and all Russians..

      To dehumanize them so much..

      It makes it easier for the Gangsters to spresd deadly Pathogens with Drones thru aerosol spraying..

      (The illegal”Projects” that Hunter Biden was involved in..)

      It’s the Preview to the Kill.

      I must mention

      Everyone knows that
      Dirty Joe is toast.

      He’s completely unable to perform his duties.

      Rulling Class has made the decision to (eject ) replace him…

      Or the NYT and WaPo would never have published the Laptop story.


      The USA..
      Home of the Whopper and the Lone Gunman..

      USA the Home of the bullets that change direction three times in midair..

      I would say, Biden is in the Danger Zone now..

      Hunter Biden that is.

      NOTE: I certainly do not advocate any such thing

      Completely 100% against Assassinations anywhere.

      Simply pointing out the Facts that exist in our Sordid and troubled history.

      Liked by 1 person

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