Putin Misled? Russia’s Military Bogged Down? Heavy Russian Losses?

The above rubbish is part of daily US/Western propaganda war on Russia.

According to UK owned and controlled BBC fake news:

“Vladimir Putin is being misled by advisers who are too scared to tell him how badly the war in Ukraine is going (sic).”

Biden regime communications director Kate Bedingfield defied reality by calling Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine “a strategic blunder (sic).”

The same goes for head of Britain’s GCHQ spy agency, Jeremy Fleming, saying:

“Russian soldiers are short of weapons and morale (sic).”

They’re “refusing to carry out orders (and) sabotaging their own equipment (sic).”

According to interventionist Blinken, Russian officials aren’t “speak(ing) truth to power (sic).”

The NYT published the above fake news on Wednesday, falsely adding:

“(W)ar (in Ukraine) continues to go poorly for Russia forces (sic).”

“Ukraine’s (battered, beaten and fragmented) military (is) h(olding) its own and beg(an) counterattacking (sic).”

Shifting some Russian forces from Kiev and Chernigov to Donbass is “a further sign that (the Kremlin) is adjusting its failing strategy (sic).”

It’s “is a sign of dysfunction and miscommunication in the upper ranks of the Russian Defense Ministry (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, “Russia’s military is bogged down by logistics in Ukraine (sic).”

It’s “bedeviled by an inability to keep supplies flowing to troops (sic).”

Nonexistent “Ukrainian resistance (is) surprisingly fierce (sic).”

Its “counterattacks (sic) forced Russia to divert large numbers of troops to defend their supply lines (sic).”

“Russia’s command structure (is) confused (sic).”

“Russian soldiers suffered frostbite because they lacked cold-weather gear (sic).”

“(S)ome soldiers carried meals that expired in 2002 (sic).”

“Intercepted communications between (Russian) troops said they needed food, water and fuel (sic).”

“(V)ideos (showed) looting (by) soldiers (sic).”

“There have been reports of inadequate medical support for Russian troops (sic).”

“On March 23, a NATO official estimated that between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian troops have been killed since the invasion began in late February, and many more have been wounded — so many that the Pentagon said Russia is pulling in reinforcements who are deployed elsewhere (sic).”

Fake news by Britain’s war ministry claimed that Russia brought in private mercenaries (sic).”

According to Forbes fake news, “Russia appears to be running low on precision munitions such as guided missiles (sic).”

And this fake news from Reuters:

The “US assesses up to a 60% failure rate for some Russian precision-guided missiles (sic).”

“Russia failed to achieve (its) objectives…such as neutralizing Ukraine’s air force” for this reason (sic).

Note what Reuters added:

“US officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not provide evidence to support the(ir) assessment…”

Reuters failed to explain that what doesn’t exist can’t be provided.

Reports of heavy Russian losses of troops, weapons and equipment, of Ukrainian battlefield successes, of a “muzzled start” to Russia’s military operation haven’t risen to the level of bad fiction.

There’s this rubbish from France 24:

“Five weeks into (Russia’s operation), Kiev kept the extent of its military losses under wraps, but analysts say the country has probably succeeded in limiting the toll thanks to years of preparation and smart tactics (sic).

Zelensky regime fake news falsely claimed that over 17,000 Russian soldiers were killed (sic).”

“NATO officials estimate that of the 150,000 to 200,000 Russian troops deployed to Ukraine, 30,000 to 40,000 have been either killed, wounded or taken prisoner (sic).”

The above rubbish and volumes  more like it daily don’t reflect the fog of war.

Its US/Western propaganda, information war, the only way that their ruling regimes are besting Russia.

On the battlefield, indisputable evidence shows overwhelming Russian successes.

They’re reflected by a badly battered and beaten Ukrainian military.

Debunking the above fake news and lots more like it, analyst Larry Johnson gave his own fake news examples by US MSM, summing up as follows, saying:

Their reports “paint(ing) a dire picture of Russia’s failure in Ukraine (are) laughably devoid of facts…”

“(B)ut hey, that is what passes for journalism…in the West.”

It’s enough to give propaganda a bad name.

And Johnson stressed the following:

If Russian forces sustained heavy casualties, its units “would no longer be combat effective.”

Information from Russian field hospitals would have “leak(ed) out.”

If large numbers of Russian tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed, they’d be images of wreckage to prove it.

There’s none of the above, just MSM fake news Russia bashing bluster.

Isn’t that their specialty on all major domestic and geopolitical issues?

Isn’t that their longstanding way of operating — as mouthpieces for wealth, power, and privilege, at the expense of what journalism is supposed to be.

4 thoughts on “Putin Misled? Russia’s Military Bogged Down? Heavy Russian Losses?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    The inevitable is now clearly inevitable..

    ( If Yogi or Casey didn’t say that
    They should have ..)

    Make no mistake, sir ..
    In every War..

    And that what this is..
    A War..

    Ask the poor citizens in the Donbass that lived thru this Nazi Aggression for a Decade!


    In all War your Battle Plan always works perfect

    Until you engage the Enemy.

    They’re playing on Scholarship also..

    Mind you these Nazi Fuxs were on a CIA and MI 6 Scholarship


    The Greatest American Generals lost battles…

    Washington lost 9 outta 10
    Came back to win Superbowl at Yorktown..

    Grant lost the Battle of Shiloh
    Totally Defeated..

    Came back and won it the Next Day..

    Napoleon got beat
    fair and square by
    Prince Eugene of Savoy…

    ( The only opponent Napoleon ever really Respected )

    I say Prince Eugene beat Napoleon fair and square.

    Because at Waterloo
    Wellington and von Bulow

    Fought Napoleon a month after the British Agents threw Berthier off a 5 Story Building.

    They set him up in a Honeypot
    And killed him.

    The mind is strong, sir..
    The Flesh is weak..!

    Berthier was Everything to Napoleon..

    Like losing your laptop right before the big presentation.

    Napoleon would have won Waterloo also if Berthier had been on the Field that day.

    He would have known he had
    St Cyrs Second Cavalry and

    Two Corp of Marat’s Fusiliers
    In Reserve..

    In fact could have ambushed and even parried with Bulow’s Army for an hour…

    Even enveloped them in a deep penetration when the mass of the Army arrived.

    Like I stated..Eugene beat him once with Berthier at his side

    Early, during the Italian Campaigns in 1798 -99..


    Alexander the Great

    Personally got beat at Guagamela..

    At the Second of the
    Three Great Battles


    He was cut off and
    Totally surrounded
    By the Persian Immortals

    Luckily the two Generals

    Cletis the Black
    and Gen Hephaestion

    Broke protocol and formation to save him..

    Cletis chopping off the arm of Prince Spithredes

    ( the King’s Nephew )

    In midair as he attempted to strike Alexander with his sword.

    No such thing as the Perfect Battle Plan..

    Well yes there is, on Paper..

    BEFORE YOU PUT ON THE PADS…and start hitting..!

    I’m fuxin delighted with the RESULTS.


    I watch film and news on Telegram all day long.

    I grew up under the hot sun of Mars…the Roman God of War

    Burnt Orange was the Color of the God of War…

    Texas like Mars..
    Frought with the lore and legend of imaginary heros

    All on the Wrong Side of History

    (Ceptin fir ole Pecos Bill
    when he was a’ridin that Lightning Bolt…!)

    The Slave Owner Mentality.
    A barbarian Mentality.
    Brute force.


    The Game Play has switched to
    Turkey and the ole Yada Yada

    Let me close by speakin in American

    You know that commercial
    When the Muffler Man says

    ” You can pay me now..
    Or you can pay me later..!”

    The beating Nazi heart will have to be removed.

    Frodo will have to confront the Eye.

    So it is written
    So it has always been.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I largely agree. The mainstream media level is for fools. The people behind this are the Rothschilds. See this new blog and video! https://www.brianruhe.ca/worldwide-declaration-of-freedom-the-magna-carta-of-2022-by-steafan-deasun/


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