The Biden Regime Goes Big Brother – Establishes a Ministry of Truth

Notably since undemocratic Dems usurped power by brazen election fraud, international and constitutional law were weakened with intent to eliminate them altogether. Protecting and preserving public health was abolished. What little remains of greatly eroded freedoms is disappearing in plain sight. Tyranny heading toward becoming full-blown is systematically replacing a free and open society. On... Continue Reading →

Inching Toward Direct East/West Confrontation

If words could kill, East/West confrontation would already have begun by Russophobic US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents. Along with daily war of words, Britain’s BoJo regime said it’s deploying 8,000 more heavily armed combat troops to locations near Russia’s borders. They’ll join tens of thousands of other US/NATO forces already in locations on... Continue Reading →

Hegemon USA’s War on Russia with Ukrainian Foot Soldiers

Russia’s SMO is all about the following as Sergey Lavrov explained: It’s about “protect(ing) civilians” in harm’s way — because US-dominated NATO militarized and Nazified Ukraine to wage proxy war on Russia. Azov and other Ukrainian Nazified thugs “rule the roost” in Ukraine. They don’t “hesitate to (openly) display symbols of Hitler’s Germany.” Ordinary Ukrainians... Continue Reading →

MSM Delusional Propaganda Pretense

US/Western MSM are a collective menace to ordinary people yearning to breathe free. Fake news mass deception is their stock and trade — truth and full disclosure banned in their propaganda reports, based on state-approved talking points. Daily NYT editions read like Biden regime press releases. Defying reality on Friday, the Times falsely claimed that... Continue Reading →

Good News and the Fake Kind on Russia

First the good. In 2010 on orders by the Obama/Biden regime, Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko was kidnapped by Liberian authorities in Monrovia on phony allegations of attempted bribery and cocaine smuggling. Handed over to the US, he was denied due process and judicial fairness in kangaroo trial proceedings, pronounced guilty by accusation and sentenced to... Continue Reading →

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