Hegemon USA on the Ropes?

Hegemon USA is its own worst enemy.

In decline for decades, dominant Biden regime hardliners accelerated the process.

Years earlier, Chalmers Johnson explained the dynamic that doomed past empire.

Following the pattern of earlier empires in world history, the US is on track toward “isolation, overstretch, the uniting of local and global forces opposed to imperialism, and in the end bankruptcy.”

It’s combined with totalitarian rule on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny to include loss of what remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

It’s far too late “for mere scattered reforms…or bloated military (spending) to make much difference,” Johnson stressed.

No matter how much is thrown at its war machine, its decline continues politically, economically and militarily.

Throughout the post-war WW II period, dollar hegemony as the world’s reserve currency facilitated US global dominance.

What financed its reckless spending, global militarism, its empire of bases, endless wars, corporate takeovers, and hegemony over most other nations is losing its mojo to increasing de-dollarization.

Russia, China and other nations are increasingly trading in their own currencies.

As long as world central banks bought US dollars, their use dominated international trade.

That’s been slowly changing for some time.

Things accelerated following harebrained US/Western sanctions war on Russia.

In Match last year, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“We need to reduce sanctions risks by strengthening our technological independence, by switching (entirely) to payments in national currencies and in world currencies,” adding: 

“We need to move away from the use of Western-controlled international payment systems.” 

The US dominated West “promote(s) (an) ideologized agenda aimed at maintaining their dominance by holding back the development of other countries.” 

“This policy runs counter to the objective trend…(It’s) on the wrong side of history.” 

“The historical process will still take its toll, but increased de-dollarization can greatly lessen its impact.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said his nation, China and others “need to barricade (themselves) against the US financial and economic system to eliminate dependence on this toxic source of permanent hostile actions.”

“We need to” de-dollarize, eliminating its use altogether to be free from its hegemonic strangulation.”

What Russia, China and other nations began doing in baby steps is now proceeding at an accelerated pace.

As the process continues, increasing dollar weakness will sap US hegemonic strength.

On Thursday, an announcement by the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) revealed an example of increasing US weakness — by lifting some illegally imposed sanctions on Russia, including the following:

Food, fertilizer and other agricultural commodities, medicine, medical devices and software updates.

Seeds for food crops.

Live animals.

Vitamins and minerals.

Food additives and supplements.

Reproductive materials.

Other Western regimes will likely follow Washington’s lead.

Will more sanctions be lifted?

Russia is the world’s largest natural gas supplier.

Europe depends on Russia for about 40% of its gas.

Its largest supplier by far, Russian gas is readily available by pipeline.

For countries like Germany, no alternative to Russia as a reliable supplier exists.

What’s partially replaced by LNG translates to greatly increased cost.

Russia already is largely self-sufficient as long as it’s able to export energy and other commodities.

Its goal is self-sufficiency in parts of its economy not yet achieved.

Its history reflects success in overcoming devastating adversity.

Along with lifting the above sanctions on Russia, OFAC imposed others on 21 entities and 13 individuals in the country.

Separately on Thursday, Vladimir Putin announced the following:

By decree, he “offer(ed) contractors from (unfriendly) countries a clear and transparent” one and only option.

“To purchase Russian natural gas, they must open ruble accounts in Russian banks.” 

“It is from these accounts that payments for gas supplied starting tomorrow, 1 April, will be paid.”

“No one sells anything for free, and we too will not engage in charity.” 

“Existing contracts (not paid for in rubles) will be (declared null, void and) stopped.”

“If such payments (in rubles) are not made, we will consider this a default on obligations by buyers.

“With all the ensuing consequences.”

“Gazprombank is given authority to open accounts on behalf of foreign buyers without their direct presence if they wish.” 

“The special accounts are not subject to the Russian Tax Code until appropriate amendments are made, and the suspension, arrest or write-off of these funds is prohibited for any reason other than payment for gas contracts.”

Hegemon USA’s aim to get Europe to buy much more expense LNG from its suppliers is part of its “bag of tricks.”

Nations shifting from much more affordable Russian gas to US LNG will “undermine the(ir) competitiveness.”

If taken, this move will hasten their “deindustrialization” at the further cost “of millions of (lost) jobs.”

It will also “lead to a breakdown in production and logistics ties, cause increased inflation, cause a decrease in the well-being of millions of people, and in the poorest countries, to the tragedy of mass starvation.”

A “food crisis will be followed by another wave of migration.”

“I propose to proceed from the fact that previous levels of interaction with (Europe) will not be reached in the near future.” 

“We are not going to close ourselves off from anyone, and we will not be a closed country.” 

“But we must proceed from the realities that are emerging.”

Separately in response to Europe’s collusion with hegemon USA, Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced the following:

“The sanctions policy of the European Union toward Russia has gone beyond all bounds.” 

After its special military operation began, “Brussels arbitrarily subjected Russian citizens and companies to unilateral restrictions on a broad scale.” 

“Ignoring all applicable international legal norms, (its ruling regimes) posted personal data in the public domain.”

They “invent(ed) absurd extra-legal ‘criteria’ ” to wage illegal sanctions war on Russia.

At the same time, they backed Nazified Ukraine and its war on Donbass since April 2014.

They turned a blind eye to its crimes of war, against humanity and other atrocities.

In response, Russia blacklisted EU leadership.

In mid-March it took similar action against hegemon USA officials, including dementia Joe’s double, interventionist Blinken, top Pentagon brass and others.

“Retaliatory visa measures” targeted the US and European regimes.

“Restrictions apply to top EU (and US) leadership (for) promoting anti-Russian policies.” 

“The ‘black list’ also includes other high-ranking (US and European) officials.”

It includes other “public figures and media workers who are personally responsible for promoting illegal anti-Russian sanctions, inciting Russophobic sentiments, infringing on the rights and freedoms of the Russian-speaking population.”

Led by dominant Biden regime hardliners, the West is waging unparalleled cold war and proxy hot war on Russia.

Will a formal East/West split follow?

Will US calls for regime change in Russia risk global war by accident or design?

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  1. Hear, hear! Such a torrid journalistic pace you maintain, Mr. Lendman…take care of your goodself, sir.

    (Offhand, I would only suggest including “morally, ethically, spiritually” in “No matter how much is thrown at its war machine, its decline continues politically, economically and militarily.” along the path of this lament for an experiment in governance and enlightened leadership that could have been so noble and uplifting to humankind and all of Mother Earth’s myriad components and stake-holders.)


    1. Mr Lendman

      Another Service Ace..!

      Perhaps this one more brilliant than the Previous.

      Deep Prodigious Truths !

      The Grand Spectacular Event…
      In a our Lifetime..

      “The Fall of the House
      of Usher..”

      “The House of the Seven Fables..”

      ” We’re the Good Guys.
      we’re here to help you..

      Bring you Democracy..”

      PRAY TO GOD..


      And Forward Humanity
      Into the Sunlight…!

      Liked by 1 person

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