Latest NYT Fake News on Russia

Everyone aware of the self-styled newspaper of record’s editorial policy knows that the NYT is a mouthpiece for imperial state predations, its war on humanity against what the vast majority of people everywhere most cherish.

It’s implacably hostile toward all nations free from US control, notably Russia for over 100 years.

Its daily editions ooze with slanderous fake news about the nation, its leadership and special military operation against Nazi-infested Ukraine — a scourge infesting Europe’s heartland, a US-controlled menace.

Falsely calling the Donetsk city of Mariupol Ukrainian territory under “a relentless Russian siege,” the Times failed to explain that fighting has been all about eliminating its occupation by US-supported Nazified forces.

That its largely eliminated ranks are embedded in residential areas behind civilians as human shields.

That they’re guilty of crimes of war, against humanity and other atrocities, including torture and other heinous practices.

That they’re high on heroin and other drugs.

That eliminating their remnants is near-completed.

The Times pretended that Ukraine’s battered and beaten military retook villages from Russian forces.

Translated from Russian to English by analyst John Helmer, here’s what Yevgeny Krutikov, Daria Volkova, and Alyona Zadorozhnaya explained about the battle to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Ukrainian occupation, saying:

With phase one of its operation completed, Russian forces are “regrouping (to) complete the liberation of Donbass.”

Falsely declared dead by Ukraine, Russian General Andrei Mordvichev  is involved in leading the operation.

At this time, about 60% of Donetsk is liberated, at least 90% of Lugansk.

According to above analysts, redeploying large numbers of Russian forces to Donbass “indicates the preparation of a strike in the coming days in converging directions from the south and north in order to finally encircle the largest Donbass group of (Ukrainian forces and their) subsequent destruction.”

For Russian forces, the upcoming operation “is the largest of its kind since the Great Patriotic War.”

“(T)he enemy is losing in its defense.”

Its main force is “divided into two parts.”

“A smaller part…in Mariupol” was largely destroyed.

What remains “will be cut into separate pockets…then thoroughly destroyed.”

Russian forces intend to destroy “the largest groups” of Ukraine’s military, “eliminating (its) infrastructure.”

Russia is trying to achieve its objectives “with as little bloodshed as possible.”

The Times quoted puppet Zelensky’s fake news from his Polish hideout, saying:

“We know that they are moving away from the areas where we are beating them (sic) to focus on others that are very important.”

Russia’s special military operation complies with Article 51, Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.

The Times quoted Britain’s war minister Wallace, falsely claiming otherwise, saying:

“Russia is a lesser country rather than a greater country as a result of knowingly and deliberately breaking international law (sic)” — a bald-faced Big Lie, a US/UK specialty.

Here’s another Times whopper.

“Russian air, ground and sea units are not in sync (sic).” 

“Their disjointed battlefield campaigns (sic) have been plagued by poor logistics, flagging morale and between 7,000 and 15,000 military deaths (sic).”

And this fake claim from so-called US intelligence.

“Putin had been misinformed by his advisers about the Russian military’s problems in Ukraine (sic)…(causing) bad consequences (from) out-of-touch strategy (sic).”

And there’s this from prostitute of the press Krugman, a long ago exposed serial liar, saying:

Conflict in Ukraine is “Vladimir Putin’s botched war (sic).”

He turned Russia “into an international pariah (sic)” — a status held by hegemon USA for decades.

Asking “(w)ill Putin kill the global economy” ignored full US/Western responsibility for soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains and increasing hardships on ordinary people with the worst of times to come.

According to analyst Doug Casey straight talk:

“Most of the people running the US are either knaves or fools.”

They’re waging war on “savers and retirees.”

The “dominant emotions (of the US ruling class) are avarice and arrogance.”

A made-in-the-USA “Greater Depression” looms.

“In a desperate attempt to paper over their problems, governments have printed trillions of new currency units, brought interest rates to below zero, and bailed out failing institutions.”

“But those gimmicks have now been exhausted, and inflation is spiraling out of control.”

Will “a historic credit collapse” follow?

Inflation is heading “much higher.”

US “authorities in control of monetary policy actually have no idea what they’re doing.”

Fed economists (and governors) are almost as clueless as those in the old Soviet Union.” 

“So they’ll print up even more fiat money” until its worth resembles toilet paper.

Instead of explaining the above and related issues, Krugman falsely blamed Russia for made-in-the-USA chaos.

Like other Times columnists and correspondents, everything they report about invented US enemies is fake news rubbish.

A Final Comment

According to China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian:

“As a product of the Cold War, NATO should have become history when the Soviet Union disintegrated.”

The US-dominated alliance for perpetual war over perpetual peace never should have been formed in the first place.

Its existence represents an unparalleled threat to peace, the rule of law and humanity’s survival.

2 thoughts on “Latest NYT Fake News on Russia

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  1. What is white is black; what is black is white: the New York Times, spewing all the ‘news’ *not* fit to print. Such is the disarray and shame of the once-vaunted Fourth Estate. Thank you, Mr. Lendman.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Yet still,
    The Ghost ..
    The Ghola..
    The Harbinger of Darkness

    Hitler’s Dream..
    Wall St Dream..
    Krupp’s Dream..

    To Smash Russia..
    ( And China on the Play List )

    To destroy them
    Like Attila or Tamborline

    Leave 10000000000000000 skulls in a pile..

    To warn others…

    Raping and pillaging the World For Centuries..

    Tic TOC..
    Tic TOC

    Finally Napoleon killed the
    Holy Roman Empire…

    A freak that had survived 5 Centuries of Bloodsucking..

    Hey..Nowhere Man..
    Please listen…

    You’re obsolete
    You’re Greedy
    You’re Cruel…
    You’re Unjust
    You’re arrogant…
    You’re lost…

    STUPID .. as Fux

    Hear the Music..

    “From Out of the East
    there came a Man …
    A Lawbook in his hand…”

    “The Man Who Shot
    Liberty Valance..”

    New Sheriff’s in Town..

    The Gangster’s Rules Based World is a License to MURDER!

    I hear the call of the daffodils
    And lilacs..

    Oh What could be..of this beautiful World..

    Without “them”…
    Disposed of properly.

    Perhaps a Beethoven symphony coming from the Gallery window…

    ” Hair..the Musical”
    “Oh Let the Sun Shine In..”


    ” it’ll be the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius..!”

    If we can make it thru..
    Deadman’s Curve…!”

    Liked by 1 person

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