Sino/Russian Ties That Bind v. the Scourge of US Imperial Rampaging

There’s no ambiguity about strong Sino/Russian ties.

Nor how their relationship counters the diabolical US drive for hegemony at the expense of peace, the rule of law, and what the vast majority people everywhere cherish most dearly.

Below is what China’s official People’s Daily said this week:

Hegemon USA bears full responsibility for what’s going on in Ukraine.

Instead of stepping back from the brink of greater disaster, it backs perpetual war by “provid(ing) massive (supplies of) weapons” to Kiev.

Instead of normalizing relations with Russia to save humanity from the risk of potential nuclear annihilation, it escalated “sanctions” war and proxy hot war on the country.

Instead of pursuing peace and stability in Europe’s heartland, its “pouring oil on the flames.”

It’s “erect(ing) greater obstacles to resolving the crisis through political means and bring(ing) bigger consequences for world and regional peace and prosperity.” 

“What the US has done bears little resemblance to the responsibilities that a major country should shoulder.” 

Its diabolical actions are “motivated by the habitual practice of a hegemonic country to reach its hegemonic goals through making crises.”

Henry Kissinger once remarked about the danger of being a US enemy, adding:

To be a friend is fatal.

Ordinary Americans, Europeans and others worldwide are paying dearly from escalated US/NATO war on Russia by other means and proxy hot war.

US ruling regimes don’t give a damn about the “interests of the world as it pursues its own hegemony.”

Nations unwilling to bend to its will risk similar treatment to what’s going on against Russia.

The People’s Daily slammed the “empire of lies (for) attempt(ing) to deceive the world” by trying to conceal its development of deadly bioweapons in Ukraine for use against Russia and other invented enemies.

“There is no lie that the Americans cannot make up themselves (in pursuit) of US hegemony over the world.”

In the last seven decades alone, “(t)he US launched over 200 armed conflicts” against invented enemies threatening no one.

“The agony of Ukraine” was made-in-the-USA.

The same goes for countless other countries that the “empire of lies” raped and destroyed — “supported by its obedient satellite states.”

Here’s more from the People’s Daily this week:

“When historians evaluate Washington’s integrity in the future, they are likely to discover a mortal wound inflicted by the blatant double standards of the US on human rights.”

“Instances of (its) morally reprehensible conduct are far too numerous to list.” 

“The term ‘double standard’ is an understatement, as (its ruling regimes) stoop to multiple standards” time and again — in advancing their hegemonic aims.

Ancestors of Native Americans won’t ever forgive or forget US butchery of their people for centuries.

For time immemorial, the US has been “barreling toward a moral abyss and its (diabolical) standards are very evident.”

“Policymakers in Washington require some solid lessons…from the long arc of history.”

It “does not bend toward unscrupulous empires.”

They all learn history’s lessons the hard way.

Nor will hegemon USA be an exception to the rule.

Myths of its exceptionalism, the indispensable state, an illusory moral superiority, and military supremacy were debunked long ago.

It’s just a matter of time before the US joins previous world empires in history’s dustbin where it belongs.

A Final Comment

On April 1, the People’s Daily slammed the empire of lies for prioritizing forever wars over peace.

For “haphazardly brushing (indisputable) facts on biolabs (involved in developing deadly bioweapons) under the rug.”

For its “destructive to the world…cold (and hot war) mentality.”

For waging perpetual wars throughout its history.

For its “tentacles of interference to the whole world.”

For “humanitarian disasters…from (its) wars” of aggression against invented enemies.

For using chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons at home and abroad.

For OK’ing state terror as official policy.

For unleashing it globally — at home and abroad.

For resurrecting Nazism.

Ongoing events in the US should terrify everyone.

The self-styled “arsenal of democracy” abhors the notion and tolerates it nowhere, especially not domestically.

Hegemon USA and its MSM co-conspirators rebranded Ukrainian Nazis as freedom fighters — in support of fascist rule in Kiev, Latvia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe near Russia’s borders.

Events in the US have ominous echoes of early 1930s Nazi Germany after Hitler became chancellor.

The nation I grew up in long ago constitutes an unparalleled menace to everyone everywhere.

The rule of law is null and void. 

In flagrant breach of international and constitutional law, so-called “rules-based order” replaced it.

Forever wars by hot and/or other means rage against invented enemies.

Unparalleled sanctions war and proxy hot war on Russia risks WW III.

If dominant lunatics in the Washington asylum push things beyond a point of no return by using thermo-nukes in warfare, “pigmies in remote jungles, apes and ants (alone) might” survive, historian Arnold Toynbee warned.

If mushroom-shaped clouds in enough numbers block out sun longterm, nuclear winter will follow.

Life on earth will end — in excruciating pain for survivors of blasts.

What little remains of freedom in the US/West is targeted for elimination.

Will war to eliminate all future ones eliminate us and all other life forms?

2 thoughts on “Sino/Russian Ties That Bind v. the Scourge of US Imperial Rampaging

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    China ..the Peaceful Giant

    Now walking out onto the Center Stage..

    Walking softly..
    Whispering almost

    Not only not carrying a stick
    But not even carrying a stick of any kind..

    Their reputation precedes them

    You notice..

    ” And when China talks..
    People Listen..”

    Classic Sun Tze..!

    The Bond between
    China and Russia is the Nexus

    The Seed of the Rebirth of the World..
    A NEW WORLD..!

    In retrospect
    China now a full grown Heavyweight.

    Had China been so
    30 years ago
    reached maturity by 1991-92..

    Soviet Union wouldn’t have even fallen.

    My hope is the Relationship between India and China develops.

    Pakistan..with Imran Khan
    South Africa..

    and Brazil even..
    The BRICS


    Three or four Countries in both the Americas and Africa…

    Of whom the names escape me

    The Realignment is actually almost the WORLD vs Europe!


    They’re Dying
    Floating in their lies and Filth

    Awash in their BAD KARMA,
    Their Bloodstained Karma..!

    The Destroyers of Civilization..

    And let us Cheer the Dawning

    of a New Age of Prosperity
    and Tranquility..!


  2. Mr Lendman

    On my Second Reading,
    What a Masterpiece you wrote!

    ” Nobody does it better..!”

    As said of Voltaire..
    And true of you..

    “when I write .
    It’s a man talking to God..

    When Lendman writes..
    It’s God talking to Man..!”


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