Sowing its Own Demise

Will historians one day call hegemon USA’s sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia its Waterloo, a strategic no-turning around blunder?

Will they explain that overstepping beyond a point of no return led to its demise as a dominant world power?

Will they stress how hegemon USA’s worst enemy was itself?

Along with state-sponsored 9/11 — the mother of all false flags to that time — will the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev be viewed as the beginning of what led to its fall from grace on the world stage, the last straw after many other US successful and failed coup attempts?

Will they view US hot and cold wars on Russia and other invented enemies as signs of impotence, not strength?

Will they call demonizing all things Russia — its leadership, culture and traditions — lunatic actions against a nation able to respond in kind defensively?

Against the world’s most resource-rich nation, its unmatched asset wealth spread over a nation with the world’s largest land mass by far — stretching from central Europe to Asia/Pacific waters.

Against a nation with world’s largest natural gas reserves.

Combined with Iran’s, both nations have an estimated near-42% of known reserves worldwide.

Against one of the world’s most oil-rich nations.

Against a nation rich in many of the world’s most valued commodities.

Besides oil and gas, they include  coal, iron ore, timber, gold, silver,  diamonds, titanium, copper, rare earths, aluminum, uranium, copper, palladium, platinum, nickel, and many others — worth an estimated $75 trillion.

Against a nation with super-weapons that exceed the best in the West — developed at a small fraction of the cost, especially US ones.

Western and other nations rely on Russian commodities.

Blocking their imports is self-destructive.

Claims by Germany and other Western regimes about being able to find alternate sources of supply are harebrained. 

With attribution to George and Ira Gershwin, “the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble” throughout the West — if imports of invaluable Russian resources are abandoned.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov laid blame for crisis in Ukraine — and central Europe overall — squarely where it belongs, saying:

US-dominated NATO bears full responsibility for hostile to peace policies it pursued throughout most of its history.

Its ruling regimes “pumped Ukraine with weapons” since 2014, “creat(ing) (an anti-Russia) military infrastructure” in the country.

This diabolical policy “threatened Russia’s security.”

It’s “a gross violation of decisions taken in the OSCE and in the context of Russia-NATO relations.”

It stipulates that no alliance member state may “increase (its) own security at the expense of the security of others.”

Hegemon USA and its key NATO vassals operate by their own rules exclusively — the rule of law be damned.

History shows the unsustainability of operating this way.

It shows that what can’t go on forever, won’t.

It shows that believing otherwise is self-destructive.

It shows that multi-world polarity is replacing hegemon USA’s unipolar moment — the demise of dollar hegemony along with it, the key source of its strength.

Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is proceeding on course.

The battle for the Donetsk city of Mariupol is nearly won.

On Thursday, DPR Decree No.108 —  signed by its leader Denis Pushilin — said the following:

“I hereby order to set up a local administration of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Mariupol city administration.”

It’s the largest Sea of Azov port city, a center for Donbass metallurgy.

According to the Donetsk News Agency:

“At present, the mopping up operation against the Nazis is nearing completion in Mariupol.”  

“Various sources reported that the DPR currently controls more than 90 percent of the city’s territory.”

On Thursday, Zelensky regime official Alexey Arestovich admitted the following:

Russia “practically destroyed our military industry and in many ways is finishing it off.” 

“And in many ways they are finishing off the civilian one.”

As for the US-dominated West, its sanctions war is inflicting more harm on their own nations and people than on largely self-sufficient  Russia.

Rarely have I agreed with Trump on anything.

Rare exceptions proved the rule.

Here’s one, Trump saying:

The US, the world’s richest nation, is becoming a “third world country.”

He omitted explaining it’s because of the greatest wealth disparity between rich and poor in the US since the robber baron age over a century ago.

I agree with him saying that “(y)ou go to a store, you don’t have bread” — or other staples used by most households.

Indeed, the Biden regime bears full responsibility for a supply chain breakdown.

Shortages, delivery delays, and empty food market store shelves reflect it.

Soaring inflation exacerbated a hunger crisis for increasing numbers of Americans.

The same goes for an energy crisis nationwide.

Instead of things stabilizing ahead of improving, they’re worsening.

Is lost normality how things will be ahead longterm?

Will more millions of households throughout the US — and West — become impoverished?

The nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

Its war on humanity at home and abroad should terrify everyone. 

Benefits ordinary kids like myself enjoyed no longer exist.

Dystopian harshness, growing poverty, and largely eroded freedoms replaced them.

So did the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams with mass-extermination and elimination of what remains of a free and open society planned.

George Carlin notably explained the fantasy of “the American dream — because you have to be asleep to believe it.”


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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Fabulous Article..!
    Right to the Heart of the Matter.

    Gotta Laugh at how bad the

    Apes had the whole Sanctions Regime backfire on them..!

    In Fact, in history they will be called the,

    John Wayne Bobbitt Sanctions!

    (OUCH ..!)


    Moreover, you remember what Dr Sigmund Freud said,

    ” The Western Axis Powers
    have a terrible and almost incurable case of Penis Envy
    for Russia..!”


    K…Lets get down to Business.

    1).. Perhaps not stated enough
    We should be perfectly Clear..

    Russia “Invaded” the Ukraine


    It seems to be understated,
    And it shouldn’t be, obviously.

    2)..UK openly saying they’re sending highly advanced weaponry to Ukraine..

    A)…Ground to Air Missile’s that go much much higher…

    B)..Coastal Land to Sea missiles to sink Russian ships

    Wait.. shouldn’t Putin warn them to stop..

    Or why doesn’t Russia ship weapons to Ireland or Scotland

    little england…
    Lord and Cruel Master

    Is despised by half the citizenry of Ireland and Scotland…!

    The Remedy after a

    might be just one
    non- Nuclear
    Hypersonic Missile
    on the Piccadilly…!


    Say as well,

    “And there’s nothing you can do about it…!”


    Calling the question..

    Do we really want to start a War with an Enemy we know can defeat us…?


    And that might stay the Hand of the little pompous peacocks..

    In their Col Moseley costumes.

    3)..Lavrov was blowing some Smoke up his ass..

    He said, ” Who would have thought the Banks would Steal of Reserves…?

    Huh ..
    From the Brilliant Lavrov?

    Didn’t the Gangsters just steal Afghanistan’s, after Venezuela, after Syria, after Iraq ..

    Reminded me of Bush 41

    “who would have thought the Terrorists could use planes..!”

    After the Gangsters sealed the Airspace five weeks prior in Venice at a G-7…

    Precisely because of that..!

    Which means Lavrov is covering for Elvira and her Gang of Four…

    All 5th Columnists.
    Yes, I said it.

    There is no other

    Sorry…put into American

    ” Let us not talk kindly now..
    The hour is getting late…!”

    “Along the Watchtower”

    Very very bad sign.
    His statement.

    And I love Lavrov.
    Love the guy.

    He’s one of the three

    This is clearly the biggest Battle President Putin has and the Survival of Russia.

    It cannot be overstated.
    PCR is 100 % correct.

    I’ve been outspoken about it for years…

    “Comrade Tovarish
    Get Rid of them..
    Before they get rid of you…!”

    Redundantly so.

    Didn’t win any popularity contests..!

    Not out to win any.
    Talking brass tacks

    Like the illustrious Dr Roberts.
    He’s spot in.

    He’s the Game Changer.

    Worth 10,000,000 soldiers on the Battlefield.

    Napoleon said Richelieu..
    The Gray Cardinal

    ( He wasn’t called Gray for nothing..)

    “The Gray Cardinal with all his . “bullshit” would require

    Napoleon to have an extra million soldiers..!”

    I have no alliegences, sir..
    Only to the Gods of Truth and Justice..!

    4)… Lastly..The Ruling Class doesn’t want to pay in Rubles

    They’d rather have the Proletariat freeze and Starve.

    The Fifth Extinction…us
    The Reset.
    Fits the Paradigm they’re operating under.

    I said, til blue in the face

    “Inmates we’re never getting off this Roller Coaster..

    Right after this Scam.will be another just as deadly..!”

    The Gangsters have their various Populations traumatized and in Shock.

    Hard for the Sane to understand the dimensions

    That there Has Never been an Evil such as this Haunting the Globe !

    Either it’s destroyed
    or we will be..!

    It’s Black or White.



    Trump was 100% Correct when he said “NATO is Worthless..!”


    “it’s obsolete and the US should pull out..!”

    Truer words were never spoken.
    Especially by a President..!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman…

    Correction in the above.

    It was Talleyrand that Napoleon sais that of..!

    Grandpa is getting a little hazy
    A Little Fuzzy..

    Sometimes the wires get crossed.

    Yesterday Alexander almost lost his life at the Third Battle

    At the Granicus..not the Second
    That was a memory failure.

    Close but no Cigar.

    About two years ago I totally confused George Mason’s
    bio with Jefferson’s..!

    And I knew that intimately fir For 50 years..

    Getting a little hazy.

    Interesting to me..

    I can hardly remember any names of my myriad of college professors..

    And yet can remember every lyric from Rock n Roll songs

    I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same phenomena.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve just read this, belatedly. Awesomely Awesome. My personal takeaway? (there are many…) — “Besides oil and gas, they include coal, iron ore, timber, gold, silver, diamonds, titanium, copper, rare earths, aluminum, uranium, copper, palladium, platinum, nickel, and many others — worth an estimated $75 trillion.” Wow — that’s $75,000,000,000,000– and it’s “(b)esides oil and gas.” As the late Senator Everett Dirksen might be saying from wherever he is: a T here, a T there…pretty soon you’re talking real money.”

    No wonder the US/rest of the West (ahem: the *real, not faux* money people…) are circling like wolves, gnashing rapacious teeth like jackals and hyenas It’s the Billions, er, Trillions of Benjamins, baby…


  4. Sorry, but I take offense at the snide Trump remarks. What’s not to like about the greatest President America has ever had? I understand he has some quirks that people are put off by, but anything negative anyone can say about him can not undo everything he managed to accomplish while in office, all while under constant assault from enemies on all sides. Everyday Americans like me understand how hard he fought for this country, for US, and we love and appreciate him for it. No doubt it’s anyone’s right to dislike or not support Trump, but it just comes off as a little unpatriotic or anti-American.


    1. What’s not to like about Trump? For me, among a host of others [e.g., character (sic) and behavioral issues…], there is but one word that trumps all else: Palestine.


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