Russia’s Response to Going Nowhere Peace Talks

Multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations achieved no breakthroughs, little positive toward ending conflict except for agreeing to keep talking.

Reports about Kiev’s readiness to comply with Russia’s key demands are greatly exaggerated.

The Zelensky regime has no decision-making authority about anything relating to Russia.

Its higher power in Washington controls things.

Nothing in treaty form was agreed on, notably no ceasefire.

Written proposals by Ukraine aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

The US, its NATO vassal states and colonized Ukraine notoriously say one thing. Then go another way time and again.

Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign continues as planned. 

A major battle to liberate Donbass entirely looms.

While Mariupol is largely free from Nazified occupation, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following on Friday:

“Ukrainian forces killed more than 82 DPR residents and injured 360” in the past week.

“From March 25 till March 31, 186 DPR service members and 82 civilians were killed, 758 service members and 360 civilians injured.”

“Since the beginning of the year, 972 people in the DPR have been killed, 4,452 injured.”

“The eight-year war claimed 6,010 lives in Donbass, including 96 children.”

Mopping up in Mariupol continues.

In the past 24 hours, hundreds more city residents were evacuated to safety in Russia.

Events on the ground show Ukraine’s intentions as ordered by its US master.

On Friday, rocket fire by a Ukrainian helicopter struck a Russian fuel depot in Belgorod.

“(S)everal tanks were damaged and caught fire,” Russia’s Defense Ministry reported.

Regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said “two employees of the oil depot who were on site during the explosion were not injured,” the blaze now contained.

On the same day, rocket fire struck Belgorod, damaging a power line and residential building, Gladkov saying:

“We’re dealing with the consequences” of what happened. 

“The most important thing is that no one was hurt.” 

“I went to the site near the villages of Nikolskoye and Yasnye Zori. Examined the sites of the explosions.”

When asked about the incident, puppet Zelensky said “I do not discuss any of my orders.”

The Kremlin announced a further strengthening of its western borders in response to what happened.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said these incidents and continued attacks by Ukrainian forces — including against civilians — “cannot be perceived as creating comfortable conditions for continuing the talks.”

They show that hegemon USA-controlled Ukraine wants no end to forever war along Russia’s borders.

No matter how much longer talks go on, and what’s announced from them, US proxy war on Russia will likely continue to the last Ukrainian foot soldier.

Over the past eight years, US/NATO regimes heavily armed Ukraine’s military for perpetual war along Russia’s borders.

Fighting continues with no likely near end of things.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said its air defense system downed two Ukrainian helicopters near the city of Sumy.

“Military airstrips in Poltava and Dnepr were disabled via high-precision air-to-ground missile strikes.”

Russia’s air defense downed 24 Ukrainian drones.

“Since the beginning of the special military operation, a total of 124 planes, 84 helicopters, 381 drones, 1,882 tanks and other armored vehicles, 203 multiple launch rocket systems, 786 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 1,764 special automobile vehicles” were rendered inoperable or destroyed.

Overnight, Russian forces struck “67 Ukrainian military objects, including two command posts, two rocket artillery ordnance depots, nine field artillery guns and mortars, and 54 combat vehicle concentration locations.”

Separately on April 2, China’s official People’s Daily slammed hegemon USA, saying:

Its “relentless fanning the flames, shirking of responsibilities, and throwing of dirt cast an ominous shadow on any possible de-escalation” in Ukraine.

It’s “willfully driving the train of Ukraine’s future not toward peace, but all speed ahead into a future riddled with more uncertainties and untold suffering.”

There’s no ambiguity about the Biden regime’s “stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

Instead of “allay(ing) tensions and deescalat(ing) the situation, (it’s) determined to fuel the flames and incite even fiercer confrontations.”

A Final Comment

On Friday, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada MPs OK’d grand theft of Russian property in the country.

The measure also calls seizing property of Ukrainians who “publicly deny or support” Russia’s special military operation.

Or support Donetsk and Lugansk sovereign independence and/or Crimea as a Russian Republic.

Last month, the Zelensky regime OK’d seizure of assets owned by Russia and its enterprises in Ukraine.

Russia’s United Russia ruling party called for nationalization of foreign companies leaving the country.

Vladimir Putin has also signed legislation to allow Russian airlines to keep planes leased from Western companies, paying for them in rubles.

And there’s this reported on March 30.

Statista’s latest poll showed that 83% of Russians “approve of the activities of Vladimir Putin as president.”

It’s in stark contrast to approval of the fake Biden at 38%, according to Quinnipiac University.

Rasmussen Reports had him between 38 and 40% since mid-March.

NBC News has him at 40%.

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  1. Noted with continued appreciation, sir, for your dedication and inclusive overviews. At 78 yo, I find my personal attention span, focus, and energy flagging based on the sheer volume of “news” out there. You keep me as grounded and alert as possible….


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