Ukraine a US Platform for War on Humanity

Hegemon USA is using Ukraine to wage proxy war on Russia, along with great reset war on humanity at the same time.

Along with a failed effort to undermine Russia politically, economically and financially, a diabolical scheme to weaken and isolate the country, what’s going on is part of facilitating the greatest ever wealth transfer from most people to the privileged few in the US/West.

It’s part of a grand scheme to transform the US, Western and other nations into ruler-serf societies — enforced with jackboot harshess.

It’s about controlling and exploiting nations, their resources and populations to more greatly increase the wealth and power of privileged interests.

It’s a dystopian nightmare, a lower level of hell that Dante forgot, a mass-extermination campaign to cull the world of unwanted people.

It’s an updated new world order in more diabolical form than its earlier version.

It’s crucial to rise up and slay the made-in-the-USA monster before it enslaves or slays us.

It’s crucial for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine to defeat hegemon USA’s diabolical plot to use the country as a dagger against its heartland, as a platform for waging war on humanity with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov announced the following:

Russian “(o)perational and tactical aircraft struck 52 of Ukraine’s military facilities” over the last 24 hours.

They includ(ed) “three command posts, three multiple launch rocket systems, a Buk-M1 surface-to-air missile system, a fire control/illumination and guidance radar of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, as well as 10 areas of combat equipment concentration, and 16 strongholds belonging to” Ukraine’s military.

“High-precision airborne weapons (also) destroyed six Ukrainian military facilities, including five weapons and ammunition depots in Boguslavsky, Krestishe, Reznikov, Velikaya Novoselka and one oil depot.”

Countering US/Western propaganda war, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained the following:

“As far as a new draft goes, all of us have already heard the statement by our military that this in no way pertains to the special military operation in Ukraine.” 

“Conscripts are not being sent there and are not being drawn into this operation.”

In early March, Konashenkov said instances of conscripts in Ukraine were discovered and rectified.

They were brought home to Russia.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, stressed that conscripts are not sent to hotspots.

On Friday, Russian Deputy UN Envoy Dmitry Polyansky said the following:

Moscow will present further evidence to Security Council members of Pentagon operated biolabs in Ukraine — involved in developing bioweapons from deadly pathogens.

Separately on Friday, deputy chief of Donetsk’s freedom fighters, Eduard Basurin, announced the following:

“Mariupol is completely blocked.” 

“There are three main centers of resistance,” including parts of the city’s downtown district, Azovstal and its port area.

DPR forces currently control about a third of the Maryinka settlement.”

It’s “well fortified by military engineers, so progress is slow.” 

Civilians are held there as human shields.

“There are no plans for a head-on attack in the Avdeyevka area.”

It’s being bypassed.

“There is a need to overcome multi-layered defenses, which took years to strengthen, particularly by pouring concrete.”

“This is what we are dealing with, and this is why things have been” slow-going.

Ukraine forces continue to shell Donbass residential areas — with killing and otherwise inflicting pain and misery on long-suffering civilians.

Meeting with his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, in New Delhi on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

Bilateral relations have been “very sustainable during many difficult times in the past.” 

“I don’t have the slightest doubt that our mutual respect and the search for balance of interests will prevail in our relations in the future as well.”

“We have been developing a specially privileged strategic partnership with New Delhi, and this is one of the key priorities of the Russian foreign policy.”

Among other issues, both countries are discussing increased trade in rubles and rupees, especially for Russian oil.

An announcement on things moving in this direction could come at any time.

Hegemon USA’s aim to sabotage Russian/Indian relations appear doomed to fail.

Lavrov stressed it, saying that bilateral ties are unaffected by this “blackmail” threat, adding:

Both nations are increasingly heading toward replacing dollars and euros with their own currencies in bilateral trade.

Separately on Friday, Lavrov met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In response to strikes by two Ukrainian helicopters against a Belgorod, Russia fuel depot, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

What happened did not “create conditions (conducive) for further talks,” adding:

At the same time, Russian military superiority “is an absolute fact.”

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations produced no breakthroughs.

There’s no ambiguity why.

The US-installed Zelensky regime has no say over all things related to Russia.

For the past eight years, hegemon USA poured billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and related equipment into Ukraine for perpetual war along Russia’s border with creating quagmire conditions in mind.

It’s inconceivable that dominant Biden regime hardliners intend a change of policy.

Russia’s only option is smashing what remains of Kiev’s military capabilities entirely — including destruction of attempted deliveries of more weapons along border areas.

Separately according to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Kahn, hegemon USA wants him toppled from power for not bending to its will on all things Russia.

On Sunday, Pakistani parliamentarians will vote on a (Biden regime orchestrated) no-confidence motion against him at a time when his Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party lost majority control.

Called by opposition forces in the country, Kahn called them “pawns (of a) foreign government” — leaving no doubt about which one he means.

Last year, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin explained that both countries intend to increase their defense cooperation to enhance regional security.

On Wednesday, Lavrov and his Pakistani counterpart, Shah Mahmoud, discussed the readiness of their governments to increase trade, along with cooperation in building a Pakistan Stream gas pipeline.

Biden regime hardliners want relations with both countries undermined as part of their war on Russia by other means.

On Friday, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry reported a (clearly made-in-the-USA) plot to assassinate Kahn.

In response, security was increased.

Leaders unwilling to subordinate the interests of their nation and people to a higher power in Washington are targeted for regime change.

Kahn is one of many US targets.


3 thoughts on “Ukraine a US Platform for War on Humanity

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  1. Great post! My takeaway, hurriedly: “Kahn is one of many US targets.” There are many…targets, takeaways, lessons learned [in resistance, improbable linkages, solidarity in unlikely corners of Mother Earth]….


    1. Mr Lendman

      Gangsters in Washington will keep Bleeding Russia

      Until the Gangsters are liquidated.

      Russia or the Gangsters.

      The Amazing development is the Middle Ground

      The Peaceful Co Existence

      Essentially since the end of WWII

      Or a “Sign Post Up Ahead ”

      The Western Capitalists
      Iron Curtain, say, 1947..

      Really is gone..
      No More Middle Ground

      Within a Year of the Biden Crime Spree

      The Gangsters have gone straight to the End Game.

      This is it.

      The Ukraine is only the First Chapter.

      Darkness at Noon,
      Is our depressed World..for the foreseeable future, sir.

      Total War looms ever larger.

      ( three of the Five Russians in my kick boxing class

      Think it will be War.
      USA will Attack Russia

      Yet they had no concept of the Final Solution being planned for Humanity.

      They’re all Jabbed with Sputnik V..

      It’s Obvious
      Or they wouldn’t be able to
      Have flown into Cambodia..

      (All of SE Asia )

      They are perfectly comfortable with their Vax

      Feel Confident the Government serves them well..

      Their Vax is benevolent and they trust it.

      I asked them all if they support Putin..

      They said they did..
      Two Are United Russia

      Two completely non political

      One a Communist Party supporter..voter…

      From Rostov on Don..
      Near there..

      A little bit North of Rostov

      Who told me his Oblast the CP wins Elections and holds “state ” and city offices..

      AMAZING !

      Interestingly, he’s 35
      The oldest of the group

      Speaks the Worst English
      Need an interpreter

      And Anecdotally

      And apparently,
      His Russian friend,
      A 6’6” guy from Vladivostok

      Said his Friend the Communist supporter

      Was Rich ..!
      Richest of all the Group!

      Everyone laughed.


      I asked him how..?

      He and his two brothers
      opened a Plumber Supply Store

      Now own several.)


      This is it, Mr Lendman

      All out War
      Take No Prisoners..!

      The Gravitas

      The serious nature of
      Where exactly we are in the Demise..the Debacle

      Hasn’t dawned on anyone

      (Cheney’s got it set up
      Where he dies..


      Next Day the World Ends in Nuclear Destruction.

      I feel very depressed by all this.

      I was struck by the words of Col Denisov of the Russian Army

      Who pointed out the brutality of these fuxin Nazis..

      That they use their own people as human shields

      Shoot them if they try to escape.

      Just poker chips in
      War Game.

      I immediately thought of
      911..and 3000 pawns

      That’s the Gangsters all Right..

      Don’t give a Fux
      That’s our Government

      And Worse.
      All the Scientific evidence of their plans for our

      The Working Classes extinction.

      Very depressing.

      Time to Rock the Casbah


      One Year into the
      Biden Family Crime Wave
      And we’re totally fuxed.

      Going over the cliff

      Here’s the newest
      Buzzword of the
      DC Drug Pushers News


      ” The Russians threaten to
      cut off all the gas
      Unless ..”

      100 times
      Over and over.

      No other word ever used

      Threaten to shut off
      Unless paid in Rubles..

      Mind you .

      Ask Qadaffi what the Gangsters do when you want off the Dollar Scam .

      Oh Sorry,
      Can’t ask him.


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