Ukraine Update, April 2

On all things related to Russia, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators abandoned truth and full disclosure long ago.

Especially apparent on what relates to its special military operation in Ukraine, what’s going on continues what followed its 1917 revolution in unparalleled form.

Intense Russia bashing propaganda continues daily without letup, MSM fake news playing a lead role.

It’s notably ongoing by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT, a funded to lie and mass deceive broadsheet — notorious for leaving no bald-faced Big Lie behind.

On April 2, it invented reasons for redeployment of some Russian forces from Kiev.

The step was taken after phase one of its operation was successfully completed.

It’s with phase two in mind to liberate remaining Donbass territory controlled by Nazified and conscript Ukrainian forces.

Not according to NYT fake news, saying the following:

“Kiev withstood Russia’s attacks (sic).

Its UK/NATO created, funded, armed and directed military has been on its back foot from day one of Russia’s special military operation.

It remains rich in manpower, greatly degraded in weapons, a military infrastructure and overall inferiority to Russia’s battlefield superiority.

There’s no ambiguity about the outcome of its operation, only the duration and precisely how it’ll proceed ahead to achieve its objectives.

Not according to Times fake news.

“Why has (Russia) failed to seize” Kiev, it asked?

“Kiev is the ultimate prize for Russia (sic), the seat of a government it has sought to replace (sic).”

Fact: Russia never had any intention to seize Kiev.

Fact: The Kremlin wants large-scale destruction of the city and heavy casualties avoided.

Fact: The aims of its operation are: 

Demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine.

Neutralizing the country to make its ruling authorities nonaligned, notably by not joining NATO.

Liberating Donbass entirely.

Restoring normality to its long-suffering people by ending 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression on its territory.

Protecting Russia’s security by eliminating the scourge of heavily armed Nazified forces along its border with diabolical aims in mind. 

The operation has nothing to do with regime change.

Ukrainians alone should decide who’ll lead them, what democracy as it should be is all about — what’s absent throughout the West.

Times fake news: “Russia vastly underestimated Ukrainians’ resolve to defend their homeland (sic).” 

Its “military trained for open spaces has struggled with basic realities of urban warfare (sic).” 

“The Russian army failed to even surround.”

Fact: Russia underestimated nothing.

Fact: Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Defense Ministry knew it would take time to achieve campaign objectives and planned accordingly.

Fact: Russian forces largely surrounded Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities — while establishing humanitarian corridors for residents to leave safely.

Times fake news: “The campaign went wrong on Day 1 (sic) when met with stiff resistance (sic).”

Its forces “couldn’t…build up the airborne forces needed to invade the capital.”

Fact: Russia’s campaign was virtually sure to succeed before begun.

Fact: Despite billions of dollars worth of weapons and related support by US and other NATO regimes, Ukraine’s military capabilities pale in comparison to Russia’s superiority in all respects.

Fact: No Russian plan existed to invade and occupy Kiev.

Times fake news: “Russia sent a small force into Kiev…intent on quickly toppling Ukraine’s government (sic).”

Fact: No Russian forces entered Kiev.

Fact: No plan exists to “toppl(e)” Ukraine’s government.

The Times: “There are plenty of places to hide. Opposing forces can camp out in tall buildings. Rubble hides fighters as well as standing structures do.”

Fact: Indeed so to the above — yet omitted by the Times was what was most important to explain.

Fact: Ukrainian forces embedded themselves in residential areas behind civilians as human shields.

Fact: Those trying to escape captivity were lethally shot when spotted.

Times fake news: “Russian trucks and tracked vehicles (on a) thoroughfare leading to the center of Kiev…were taken out from above before (others) were forced to retreat (sic).”

Times fake news: “Russian leadership was deluded that Ukraine would collapse at the first sign of fighting, and that President Volodymyr Zelensky would flee (sic).”

Russia is unable “to coordinate its ground forces with intelligence, air power and engineering (sic).”

Fact: Putin said nothing about expecting a quick triumph and collapse of Ukraine’s regime.

Fact: Russia’s campaign has nothing to do with regime change.

Fact: Coordination of Russian intelligence and forces is proceeding effectively as planned.

Fact: No large-scale destruction of Russian tanks, trucks or anything else.

Times fake news: “The Russian offensive stalled (sic).”

Fact: Polar opposite the above rubbish has been evident from day one.

Fact: No Ukrainian city is invulnerable to Russian military superiority.

Fact: No “Ukrainian forces relentlessly attacked Russian positions,” forcing their retreat.

Fact: No “Russian tanks were sitting ducks…ambushed and destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery fire.”

The Times hyperventilated at length about a nonexistent failed effort by Russian forces to seize and occupy Kiev.

No “logistical failures” plagued Russian forces, no “supply problems.”

No Russian convoys “were repeatedly ambushed.”

No “debilitating counterattacks from (battered and beaten) Ukrainian forces.”

“No wider strategic failures.”

No “lack of support” for Russian forces.

No “stupidity” of Russia’s operation.

No “partial” or otherwise “Russian retreat.

“Russia’s prized (Kiev) target appears out of reach?”

The above rubbish and a blitzkrieg more like it on all things related to Russia and Ukraine is why what the Times calls news fit to print isn’t fit to read.

What comedian Ernie Kovacs once said about television applies to print media.

Each is called “medium (the singular for media) because (they’re) neither rare or well done.”

Days short of age-43, Kovacs was tragically killed in a car crash.

He didn’t live long enough to see the worst of MSM rubbish — by the Times or other prostitutes of the press.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine Update, April 2

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  1. Ok, this is now one of my top five conservative websites, probably even top three. Instead of conservative, let’s just call them “real news” media. I’m glad I was told about it. Thank you sir, for getting the truth out there. Will share with others.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Now I read Russia has not shut off the gas to Europe.

    Last week Russia said the gas shipments ENDED on the 1st.

    WHY NOT ?

    More idle threats by Russia.

    No wonder the fuxing Gangsters don’t take them Serious.

    What’s gonna change between now and whenever

    Wherever the goal posts are moved to?

    Absolutely nothing.

    What..the Gangsters are gonna wake up…Change their spots!

    No one in the Russian Leadership is willing to play hardball..

    Play the game at the level the Heroin Pushers play

    Over and over again..
    Russia backs down.

    Reminded me of the
    Deep South

    Like a small truck farmer

    talking to the big landowning Slave Master

    Their “betters!”


    When does the Real Bear wake the Fux Up…?

    Not Winnie the fuxing Pooh.

    Next up..


    The fuxing Nazis fly two helicopters

    ONLY 18 miles into Russia..

    At Belgorod..and itt blow up

    An Extremely HIGH VALUE TARGET ..

    Helicopters with no radio signatures..

    No proper Identity

    And blow it up..

    And then ESCAPE..

    Russia didn’t forsee that..?
    Didn’t even defend it..?



    Bottom Line..
    The Russians don’t respect their enemy..

    That’s a very bad sign.
    Extremely bad.

    That’s how you lose..!


    Have more complaints but rather not air them and give any succour at all to the fuxing Nazis

    Who also can read this Blog.



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