Russian Foreign Ministry on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following:

Things are “proceed(ing) in strict accordance with the plan.” 

Vladimir Putin “emphasized that its goals and objectives would be fulfilled.”

Russia’s military “is doing everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.” 

What risks harming them is avoided — in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO operates.

Russia “open(ed) (numerous) humanitarian corridors (to) evacuate civilians from harm’s way.” 

Through near-end of March, “469,000 people, including 97,000 children, (were) evacuated from Ukraine, the DPR and LPR” to safety cross-border in Russia. 

Around “9,500 temporary refugee accommodation centers are operati(ing)” to provide for their needs. 

“Russia is supplying (thousands of tons of) humanitarian aid.”

Included are “essential supplies, medications and food to the republics of Donbass and Ukraine.”

Hegemon USA and complicit NATO regimes provide only mass slaughter, vast destruction and human misery — along with weapons, munitions and equipment for endless war.

Nazified and conscript Ukrainian forces continue to shell Donbass residential areas.

Since US-orchestrated and directed Ukrainian aggression on Donetsk and Lugansk began in April 2014, US/Western MSM reported nothing about thousands of civilians killed, destruction of vital infrastructure and human misery from endless war.

The same goes for their ruling regimes, ones complicit with crimes of war and against humanity.

They suppressed information about tortured Russian, DPR and LPR POWs — at hands of their Nazified captors.

MZ: These US/Western supported thugs shot them in the legs and left “them without medical help.”

“This is savage cruelty bordering on sadism.” 

“Ukrainian (Nazis) seem to enjoy this.” 

“All war crimes are recorded and perpetrators will be held accountable.”

For eight years, “they buried people alive, killed children, and held civilians in basements.”

Donbass freedom fighters “who fell into their ‘paws’ learned firsthand about the sadism and cannibal cruelty of” their hooligan-infested ranks.”

Captives “were mistreated not because they participated in hostilities.”

“They got it in retaliation for not surrendering to the nationalist ideology and not swearing allegiance to those who were considered enemies as defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal verdicts.” 

“They did not bow to evil and upheld everything that has always been considered righteous and dignified” according to the rule of law.

Talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations since begun on Feb. 28 achieved no breakthroughs.

As explained earlier, the Zelensky regime has no decision-making power on all things related to Russia.

Hegemon USA decides things.

There’s no ambiguity about its anti-Russia agenda.

It includes forever war along its borders.

Moscow’s only option is smashing Ukraine’s military entirely, eliminating the threat it poses to regional security — along with leaving Kiev no choice but to accept its terms.

On the related issue of the EU’s so-called Strategic Compass, its newly approved military and political doctrine, MZ said the following:

It’s another example of bloc “unwillingness to carry out an unbiased analysis of why the European security situation has deteriorated and to identify ways of normalizing it.”

“Its very first lines declare the intention to build up confrontation with Russia whose international actions have been (falsely) branded as a longterm and direct threat to European security (sic).” 

The so-called doctrine ignored the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

It ignored the reality of 8 years of Ukraine’s war on Donbass.

It said nothing about EU vassalage to hegemon USA’s diabolical interests.

Like both right wings of the US war party, Nazified Poland “has long been fully engaged in destroying bilateral relations” with Russia, MZ explained.

The Poles “cast aside any remaining conventions and decency and abandoned the requirement to follow at least some legal standards.” 

“This is confirmed by the recent declaration of 45 employees of Russian foreign missions in Poland as ‘persona non grata’ and the unprecedented blocking under absurd pretexts of our Embassy’s accounts in Warsaw.”

“None of the hostile Polish encroachments will remain unanswered.”

Once again, MZ stressed that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine followed over seven years of trying to resolve its war on Donbass diplomatically.

What couldn’t be achieved through good faith Russian negotiations is being pursued militarily.

Moscow was left with no other way to restore peace and stability — to end 8 years of made-in-the-USA misery inflicted on millions of long-suffering people.


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