Outrageous MSM Russia Bashing Fake News Sinks to New Low

A same-day article discussed what has earmarks of a US-orchestrated/Ukraine staged false flag incident in the country to blame Russia for what no evidence suggests it had anything to do with.

Russophobic MSM are all over the incident with their customary fake news over truth and full disclosure.

For months since last year, they invented one phony reason after another to assault Russia with fake news accusations.

What happened in Bucha, Ukraine over the weekend is the latest example.

Despite no evidence linking Russia to dozens of bodies found in the town, others in mass graves, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators falsely blamed its forces.

Unindicted war criminal/interventionist Blinken called for “accountability” for what Russia had nothing to do with.

UK, French and German regimes urged more sanctions.

UK MSM screamed the following fake news headlines:

“Putin’s Latest Atrocities – GENOCIDE (sic)”

“Horror in Bucha: Russia accused of torture and massacre of civilians (sic)”

“Horror of Bucha – Russian retreat (sic) reveals extent of atrocities (sic)”

“Massacre of innocents (sic)”

“Putin’s Stain on Humanity (sic)”

“Civilians shot in the streets (sic)”

“EU plans fresh Russia sanctions as evidence (sic) grows of war crimes (sic)”

“Allies want Putin to face justice for war atrocities (sic)”


And this: “Putin’s War Crime Shame – WORSE THAN ISIS (sic)”

Much the same repeated by the state owned and controlled BBC, headlining:

“ ‘Horror in Bucha’ and Russia ‘worse than Isis (sic)’ ”

And this from Britain’s bozo BoJo: 

“No denial or disinformation from the Kremlin can hide what we all know to be the truth (sic).”

“Putin is desperate (sic).” 

“His invasion is failing (sic), and Ukraine’s resolve has never been stronger (sic).”

France’s Macron tweeted: “My solidarity with the Ukrainians. The Russian authorities will answer for (Bucha) crimes” they had nothing to do with.

From Germany’s Scholz: “The murder of civilians is a war crime, and we must relentlessly investigate these crimes committed by the Russian armed forces (sic).”

All of the above and what’s discussed below by US MSM is the latest chapter of fake news Russia bashing — escalated to an unparalleled level.

“Furor at Russia Amid Scenes of Dead Civilians,” raging Russophobe NYT screamed.

Despite not a shred of evidence linking the Russian Federation to war crimes throughout its history — including in Ukraine — the Times featured the following fake news quote relating to when its forces were in Bucha:

“They shot everyone they saw (sic).”

Images of dead bodies in the town had nothing had nothing to do with when its forces were in the city.

Just the opposite! 

Russian forces supplied residents with humanitarian aid — what the Times, other MSM and Western officials ignored.

According to Times fake news, “bodies lay in yards and roadways days after Russian troops withdrew from” Bucha.

Ignored was that no bodies lay in streets — or anywhere else — while Russian forces were in the town, none there when they were redeployed to Donbass.

What happened occurred days after they left — what the Times didn’t consider news fit to print.

According to WaPo rubbish:

“(A)trocities in Bucha are no aberration (sic).” 

“This is the Russian way of war (sic).”

“There is ample evidence of other war crimes by Russian troops across Ukraine (sic).” 

“Russian troops “committ(ed) rape, summary execution and looting (sic).”

“(T)hey bombarded a (Mariupol) theater where civilians were sheltering (sic).”

“Some 300 people in the building were reported killed by Russian bombs (sic).”

“If there is any justice in the world, Russian war criminals, from Putin on down, will someday face the kind of justice that the Nazis received at Nuremberg (sic).”

And this from the WSJ:

“When the Russian military forces abandoned Bucha, it left streets littered with bodies of civilians (sic).”

“Putin has to go (sic).

From National Pentagon Radio (NPR): 

“Scenes of devastation emerge in recently liberated areas.”

“Shocking images emerged from Bucha…showing bodies of men on the street, including some whose hands were tied behind their backs, after Russian forces withdrew.”

No liberation of Bucha by Ukrainian forces occurred.

No Russian responsibility for killing civilians in the town or anywhere else. 

According to CNN fake news: 

“The horrors of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are increasingly coming to light (sic).”

From Canada’s owned and operated CBC: 

“Ukrainian forces recently liberated the town of Bucha, northwest of Kiev, from Russian forces (sic).” 

“What they found was destruction and allegations of civilians being killed by Russian troops (sic).”

From Qatar-owned Al Jazeera:

“(W)itness accounts of unprovoked civilian killings and images of (Bucha) streets littered with corpses have revealed extensive human suffering” — falsely blamed on Russia.

All of the above and much more of the same bear witness to the deplorable state of US/Western MSM.

On all things Russia, other US invented enemies, and virtually all issues mattering most across the board, state-approved press release ‘journalism’ substitutes for the real thing.

The public mind is manipulated with fake news rubbish.

The power of repetition — combined with suppressing truth and full disclosure — gets most people to believe almost anything, no matter how indisputably false.

2 thoughts on “Outrageous MSM Russia Bashing Fake News Sinks to New Low

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..
    Doesn’t really matter if it is debunked..

    The Heroin Pushers Newest Lie

    Bucha no different than Assad used Chemical Weapons in Syria..

    Debunked Repeatedly..and yet

    The Gangsters still claim that today..

    In fact, the Serial Liars use that farce …that charade…that hoax

    As part of the fabrication of why Putin will use Chemical Weapons

    To murder people in the Future.

    Doesn’t matter to them.
    Nothing matters..

    Only a Cracked jaw or skull ..
    Their own..needless to say.

    Russians feel compelled to answer them.

    ( Who could blame them..)

    Russia spends an inordinate amount of time and brain cells getting down in the gutter with the FILTH.

    And yet..no matter what..

    The Bourgeois Press continues to lie.

    Gee wonder why..?

    Here’s the Chili Dog..
    Russia (Lavrov)should only say,

    ” Gee..can anybody even name one time the USA was telling the Truth..?

    Even just one time…?

    I cannot remember even once in my entire lifetime..!”

    Or at the end every debunking statement.

    The Veracity of that

    RUSSIA wins the
    Information War.

    It’s over.

    Cuz Here’s the Money Shot
    Mr de Mille..

    Nobody can.
    Not one American when they think about it.

    Even the most Brain Washed

    Russia perhaps needs to think more outside of the Box

    The long trepidacious
    Milton’s Paradise Lost explanations

    Are not superfluous

    But rather just stuffy and pedantic to most.

    Shake it Baby.

    Shake it, Shake it,
    Shake it Up baby..

    Hire some gottdamn

    Get Some Philosophy Profs

    Make it Sting..
    Stick to them Bones..

    Resonate…with 10 to 20 Words!

    John Q Citizen

    ” Wait.. wasn’t the
    Washington Sniper real?”

    No that was also a lie..


    Wasn’t WWII the Truth..

    No that was all engineered.

    Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
    was a False Flag Event .

    Everything is a lie.
    In the Land of Lies.

    Beg the question,

    “Oh and suddenly the USA is going turn over a new leaf and start telling the truth

    After a Century of Lies..!”



    I suggest a more


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