Depraved West Sinks to Another New Low

There’s no ambiguity about US/Western complicity to try undermining Russia politically, economically and financially.

New shoes drop with disturbing regularity.

At this time, two US House adopted anti-Russia bills adopted head for rubber-stamp Senate approval and enactment into law by the fake Biden.

One measure calls for suspending what remains of US trade relations with Russia and Belarus.

It imposes visa and property-blocking sanctions based on invented human rights violations.

It increases duties “applicable to products of Russia and Belarus.”

It directs the US trade representative to suspend Russia’s participation in the WTO, along with halting the accession process for Belarus.

A second bill halts what little remains of Russian energy imports and other products, including mineral oils, products of their distillation, bituminous substances, and mineral waxes.

The White House imposter and his successors may waive prohibitions in the above two measures, subject to congressional approval.

Hegemon USA is heading toward breaking off relations with Russia altogether — as part of its undeclared war on the nation, its leadership and people.

The above measures, the Bucha provocation, unprecedented information war and hostility toward Russia barely stop of a formal declaration of hot war — or perhaps a sneak attack.

Despite what hegemon USA calls “sanctions from hell,” Russia’s special military operation continues as planned to sufficiently demilitarize and deNazify the threat posed by Washington’s use of Ukraine as a platform for endless war on Donbass, proxy hot war on the Russian Federation and regional peace.

At this time, Kiev’s military capabilities have been greatly degraded.

Its navy is gone.

Its remaining aerial capabilities are minimal.

Its command and control capabilities were largely eliminated.

Its supply lines were cut.

Its ground forces are cut off from each other, their ability to be resupplied minimal at best.

It can’t be done by air or sea. Shipments spotted crossing into Ukraine by land will be targeted and destroyed.

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Dmitry Konashenkov updated the toll on Ukraine’s military, saying:

Since begun on Feb. 24, Russia’s special military operation destroyed “125 aircraft, 91 helicopters, 398 unmanned aerial vehicles, 226 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,969 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 214 multiple rocket launchers, 852 field artillery vehicles and mortars, as well as 1,873 special military vehicles.”

Overnight Monday and early Tuesday, Russian Aerospace Forces struck 134 Ukrainian military targets, including eight command posts, a S-300 SAM guidance radar and a Tochka-U complex.

They targeted 134 Ukrainian military facilities, including eight command posts, a fire control/illumination and guidance radar of an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, the Tochka-U missile system, six ammunition and two fuel depots, as well as 85 strongholds and a military equipment concentration area.

Four more UAVs were downed.

How much more smashing Ukraine’s military can take before rendered unable to strike Donbass will be best known in hindsight.

Ukraine’s military infrastructure has been greatly degraded.

What took years by the Pentagon to create at the cost of billions of dollars was largely eliminated or rendered inoperable by Russia in a few weeks.

Ignoring reality, MSM prostitutes of the press pretend that Ukraine is counterattacking, retaking territory from Russia and dealing devastating blows to its military.

Not even in the wildest of wild dreams is it remotely so.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s  OSCE envoy Alexander Lukashevich said reports of mass graves of civilians in Bucha, Irpen, Borodyanka, the settlement of Motyzhin and Moschun are “staged fakes” to demonize it forces unjustifiably.

Sergey Lavrov debunked other reports of alleged Russian war crimes as fake news.

Whatever happened in Bucha won’t be the end of it.

On a virtual daily basis, all-out information war hammers Russia with a blitzkrieg of fabricated accusations with no end of it likely any time ahead for a protracted period.


3 thoughts on “Depraved West Sinks to Another New Low

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Tomorrow April 6,

    NATO “Leaders” will meet in Brussels to discuss more weapons for the Ukraine..

    And particularly how to ship the weapons into the Ukraine .

    RUSSIA is perfectly within it’s Legal Rights to blow them up

    Wherever the are.
    Invoking the Bush Doctrine.

    On a truck in Poland..
    In a Port in Poland..

    Or any other country in a
    transshipment of Weapons to be used to kill Russians…

    They could be on a ship in the Black Sea…

    Anywhere that constitutes an
    ” Existential” threat

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine.

    Or just like Israel says they have a Right to… wherever..

    Do did Nixon when he bombed Laos and Cambodia in 1971.


  2. Mr Lendman..

    What’s the End Game for the Gangsters..

    What is it they desire..?

    it’s Carthage..
    It’s Troy..
    It’s Libya..
    It’s the Final Solution..

    That’s the Plan.

    Everything Russian
    Russian Culture
    Everything Deleted.

    Wiped out
    Ethnic Cleansing.

    Everyone understands that.

    Except, apparently our dear Russian friends.

    They don’t want to believe thst.
    How evil the Gangsters are..
    The Sons of Satan.

    Who can blame..?
    It causes cognitive dissonance

    Russia is like Bambi.

    Meeting the Texas Chainsaw Murderer


    The Crumbling

    Stupid Fux
    Dirty Joe..

    Leader of the World
    of Shared Values

    Those being


    Spit it out..
    No secret..

    Now the Rascals
    The little scamps
    The Pathetic Pathological Liars

    Who perfectly reflect the Values of our Pariah State

    Our Praetorian State
    Run by Criminal Syndicate

    The Mob..the Military Industrial
    The Zios and the FAMILY

    And of course

    The Cheap Suits in Congress
    Not one worth a plugged nickel

    Who else is there?
    All proud non Reporters


    THAT’S IT.

    Destined for the Rubbish of History.

    A Detour Humanity sadly had to endure before People could come out into the Sunshine

    A Stink so pervasive..
    So foul..

    As to put your eyes out…
    And Gag you.

    And yet..
    These are our Leaders..

    Full of Hate Speech
    And inveterate liars

    Who would tell any lie
    Murder millions people

    Just to get a Donation
    From the Serial Killers.

    Leading us straight into WWIII
    ( Actually, we’re Already in it)

    T’wer it Rome..
    It’s 465 AD.

    The Vandals are only 30 miles away on Civitavecchia.

    Burn Baby
    Burn Baby
    Burn Baby

    Meanwhile the first thing the Vandals..

    The Barbarians do after sacking Rome..

    Is to take all the hoarded food
    Out into the Street

    Throw it in a pile
    And feed the starving Plebeians…

    The Savages.


  3. Gonzalo Lira’s Telegram channel will lead to many honest voices on Ukraine. To be short, he has said there were 50,000 troops dedicated to Mariupol and 40,000 were pulled a few days back to join the others pulled from Kiev. The big battle to eliminate the 60,000 or so Ukrainians from Kirovohrad is looming. The soldiers and supplies assembled to attack on February 25th have long been surrounded. They have no source of fuel and no chance, as in zero. The propaganda tells the soldiers they need to keep fighting and the world is on their side and coming to the rescue.

    The treatment of the civilians and the execution and torture of the Russian soldier means these soldiers are in for some shock and awe.

    Censorship on YouTube keeps getting worse.

    Treason fills the air.


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