Height of (Bald-Faced Big) Lies and Cynicism”

On Monday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, minced no words, saying the following:

“Another ungrounded accusation is part of a coordinated effort by Western (regimes) to (unjustifiably) demonize the Russian armed forces.” 

“The provocation in the city of Bucha is the height of lies and cynicism.” 

The Biden regime, “having no evidence, immediately adopted a prosecutorial posture and began assigning blame.” 

“On the ground, things are exactly the opposite.” 

“In areas of Ukraine controlled by Russian armed forces, humanitarian aid is being built up.”

“Hundreds of tons of food, medicines and basic necessities have been delivered to meet the needs of the civilian population.” 

“The Russian side guarantees the safety of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of Ukrainians and foreign nationals.”

US Russophobes “should have paid attention to facts and stopped their criminal indifference to the actions of (Ukrainian Nazified) battalions, which continue to block civilians in cities, open indiscriminate fire on refugees, terrorize and torture anyone who does not share their Nazi ideology.” 

In cahoots with their higher power in Washington, European nations disgraced and harmed themselves by undermining ties with Russia.

On Monday, German foreign minister Baerbock declared 40 Russian diplomats “undesirable persons (sic).”

Giving them five days to leave the country, she lied claiming that they’ve “worked here in Germany every day against our freedom, against the cohesion of our society (sic)” — a despicable perversion of reality.

She lied about events in Bucha, falsely accusing Russia of “incredible brutality (sic).”

The Macron regime acted in similar fashion, a French Foreign Ministry statement saying:

France will expel “many” Russian diplomats.”

“This action is part of a European approach…about 30 Russian diplomats” to be ordered out of the country.

On Tuesday, Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio ordered the expulsion of 30 Russian diplomatis on the phony pretext of security concerns, saying:

The action taken “is in agreement with other European and (US regimes and is necessary for reasons linked to our national security (sic) and in the context of the current crisis caused by the unjustified aggression (sic) against Ukraine on the part of the Russian Federation.”

On Tuesday, Denmark’s foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod announced complicity with other European regimes, saying:

A total of “15 Russian intelligence agents (sic) must leave the country within the next 14 days.” 

“We are doing this jointly with a large number of European countries because we want to ensure our security (sic).”

In response to unjustifiable expulsions by European regimes, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said Moscow “will give a corresponding response (to these) unfriendly actions.”

Separately on Monday, Biden regime UN envoy Thomas-Greenfield said an April 7 UN General Assembly session will be held — with bashing Russia in mind.

According to White House press secretary Psaki, she’ll also seek to expel Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.

In response, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia called the despicable move “unprecedented” and unbelievable.

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

Russia will continue to expose and debunk fake news about its operation in Ukraine, adding:

“(T)here (are) many examples when outright fakes were reported and then instantly they were used to build a propaganda campaign and angry condemnations.”

“When the truth was revealed a few days later, no one seemed to want to talk about this topic in the West.”

“We will expose such fakes the same way as we exposed the situation in early March that was attempted to be portrayed as a tragedy in a Mariupol maternity hospital.”

The same goes for what happened in Bucha.

In cahoots with the Biden regime, so-called EU “investigators” are heading to Ukraine with inventing (nonexistent) Russian war crimes in mind.

No attention will be paid to indisputable ones by Nazified Ukrainian forces, including cold-blooded murders, torture and other mistreatment of Donbass residents and Russian POWs.

According to EC president von der Leyen, so-called EU “investigators” will not operate independently.

They’ll work in cahoots with the Nazi-infested Zelensky regime to invent more ways to bash Russia by falsely accusing its forces of crimes committed by Azov thugs and other Nazified Ukrainian forces.

Separately, grand theft of Russian assets continued.

The Scholz regime confiscated a German branch of Russia’s energy giant Gazprom.

Announcing the illegal move, economy minister Habeck falsely claimed it’s “to protect public safety and order and to maintain the security of supply (sic).”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced the move, saying:

“(N)ationalization in Germany of the subsidiaries of Gazprom and Rosneft would seriously violate international law.” 

“It will violate all imaginable and unimaginable laws.”

How the move aids Germany access to Russian gas is unclear.

Originating from Russian territory, Gazprom can cease deliveries to Germany.

As of April 1, they were halted to Germany and other unfriendly countries that refuse to make payments in rubles.

Last Friday, Gazprom announced the divestiture of its assets in its Germania subsidiary.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian Nazis reportedly blew up a chemical plant cistern in Lugansk containing hydrochloric acid, an LPR statement saying:

“Today, one tank, presumably containing hydrochloric acid, was blown up in the workshop number one of the Zarya plant.” 

“The detonation was scheduled taking into account the wind direction.” 

“It’s blowing in the direction of Kudryashovka – a settlement that we have just liberated.”

The criminal act aims to harm its residents.

For 8 years, US/Western regimes ignored Kiev’s aggression on Donbass, ignored its crimes of war and against humanity, ignored torture and other criminality by its Nazi thugs.

Expect no investigations of their crimes ahead, including against Ukraine’s own people, mainly against Russian nationals.

Moscow will continue being blamed for their highest of high crimes.

Blaming victims is longstanding US/Western policy.

Believing that the current storm will pass ahead by Moscow, improved Russian relations with the West to follow is foolishness.

What’s possible in the distant future is nowhere in sight at this time.

Nor is it likely for many years to come.

As long as hegemon USA remains out of history’s dustbin where it’s heading, it needs enemies to unjustifiably justify its diabolical agenda.

Russia is Exhibit A.

Along with China — hegemon USA’s main longterm target — Iran and other independent nations are considered enemies for not bowing to the will of a higher power in Washington.

As long as this reality remains unchanged, so will permanent US war on humanity, including at home against millions of unwanted people targeted for elimination.


4 thoughts on “Height of (Bald-Faced Big) Lies and Cynicism”

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    “A Streetcar Named Duplicity”

    Here’s the Question that has boggled the mind of Mankind

    since time immemorial,

    “Who has more..

    USA Lies or Carter
    Have Liver Pills ..?”

    As with all the mentally ill
    USA Lies shamelessly.

    Pathological liars
    No remorse ..
    No responsibility for their actions..

    Only to blame the victim
    And repeatedly chant,

    ” Russian Dis Information”

    This assemblage of
    Fecal Matter certainly deserve
    proper waste management..!

    Here’s the Newest Doozies..

    Looks like their was an American General captured with the Nazis in Mariupol..

    ( Not confirmed really..but overwhelming chatter on SM)

    That exposes another lie..!
    Of course the USA was lying

    They’re always lying.

    What’s that you say,
    “What should they do with him?”

    Easy…SHOOT HIM.

    Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh,

    TRY EM
    AND HANG EM..!

    That’s why we have the
    Geneva Accords..!

    NO..The Geneva Accords make no difference of rank.

    You’re in a Foreign Country
    Fighting for them..

    Read my lips
    ” You’re a spy..!”

    Bang Bang.

    Also on the Docket

    ( Not Confirmed)




    Let’s not rush to judgement
    But Eddie Haskell’s House says the odds of the Nazi Nightmare is probably about 75/25..

    Not listed yet..
    No chalk up on the Board..yet.

    In Closing
    One thing Certain

    Scott Ritter points out a whole series of forensic protocol should have been done of the Bucha evidence (Lie..)

    Before the announcement of a Russian mass Murder..

    Only flimsy glimpses of 25 seconds of tape from dubious sources

    And the Cherry on Top

    In the film you see a
    “Dead Corpse” move..

    Look up and see if the filming
    is over..!




    Insane lies.

    As you mentioned previously

    Lies that would make Hitler schiesse in his lederhosen.


  2. It makes me think of Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms Speech” of January 6, 1941 and the loss of analyzation skills from not teaching the children well.. Text link: https://voicesofdemocracy.umd.edu/fdr-the-four-freedoms-speech-text/

    [82] In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

    [83] The first is freedom of speech and expression–everywhere in the world.

    [84] The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way–everywhere in the world.

    [85] The third is freedom from want–which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants-everywhere in the world.

    86] The fourth is freedom from fear–which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor–anywhere in the world.

    And everything you have ever been told is a lie, because Mythland does not do truth.


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