Odds and Ends, April 6

On Wednesday, Russian Defense Ministry General Igor Konashenkov said the following:

Russia’s “Bastion coastal defense missile system launched two Oniks precision missiles from the coast of the Black Sea against designated ground targets on Ukrainian territory.”

Precision air and ground launched missiles destroyed five fuel and lubricants depots near the communities of Radekhov, Kazatin, Prosyanaya, Nikolayev and Novomoskovsk in Ukraine — used for the Zelensky regime’s greatly eroded war machine.

Two more Ukrainian helicopters were downed, more UAVs destroyed.

Russia’s Defense Ministry also reported that the Pentagon used or tried to use Ukrainian troops as guinea pigs for testing experimental meds, adding:

Thousands of Ukrainian troops may have been infected with hemorrhagic fever.

Separately on Thursday, it remains to be seen if heavy-handed Biden regime pressure, bullying and threats mustered a required two-thirds majority of UN General Assembly votes to expel Russia from the world body’s Human Rights Council.

Ahead of the upcoming vote, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia called what’s going on appalling and unbelievable.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin doesn’t rule out cutting ties with Western nations if gratuitous expulsions of Russian diplomats continue.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed them, saying:

For years, the US/West “declar(ed) numerous Russian diplomats as persona non grata (by) imposing sanctions on them, isolating them from the opportunity to work in the region they had studied.”

The action (reflects US/Western) information and political” warfare.

“This (is) done to create a sense of guilt on the Russian side for something that no one had done, at least under the headlines under which Russian diplomats were expelled.” 

“There was nothing in terms of factual arguments,” just gratuitous attacks on Russia.

According to the White House and European capitals, more illegal sanctions on Russia are coming.

When imposed, their ruling regimes effectively sanction their own nations and people.

Against largely self-sufficient Russia, they shoot blanks time and again.

And the Kremlin has plenty of ammunition with which to retaliate.

If it halts exports of vitally needed commodities to unfriendly nations, their economies will sustain significant damage.

Russia is the world’s most resource-rich country.

Its commodities can be freely exported or halted to targeted nations in retaliation against their hostile actions.

The same goes for severing ties altogether until their ruling regimes come to their senses.

In Mariupol, remaining Nazified fighters are holed up in the city’s Azovstal steel plant.

They’ll be methodically eliminated until the city is liberated entirely from their scourge.

And this on Wednesday, a desperation-sounding Biden regime statement saying:

Sanctions were imposed on Vladimir Putin’s “adult children, Foreign Minister Lavrov’s wife and daughter, and members of Russia’s Security Council including former President and Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.”

They were falsely accused of “enrich(ing) themselves at the expense of the Russian people (sic).”

No evidence was cited because none exists.

Given what’s going on by US/Western regimes against Russia — their all-out sanctions war and proxy hot war along its border — it’s clear that their villainy is unmatched among any of the other world community member states.

A special place in hell awaits their depraved ruling authorities.

4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends, April 6

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    ” Pulp Fiction” and the
    “Last Tango in Brussels”

    Looks like the US General story is real.

    As well, it looks like the Nazi Torture Chambers are trending towards truth and reality also.

    Who could be shocked..?
    Certainly not I.

    What ?..you believed even one word of the Gangsters News.

    Everything is a lie.

    And these Crimes are perfectly consistent with the mile long

    Rap Sheet of the Washington Serial Killers.

    This is who they are.
    Put no Crime beneath them.

    This story will break soon with the gruesome details of new Nazi Torture.

    The USA , UK, France, Sweden NATO Nazis..the Fourth Reich!

    A slew of Countries are openly flaunting their complete

    contempt and disregard of

    sending men and Material
    To the Ukraine.

    Poland the most bizarre clown act…says their putting Nukes in Poland.

    And sending 100,000 men to the Border.

    UK talking Big Story.

    Gets bigger and bigger every day…

    And France says they’re
    sending a Carrier to jam Russian Communications

    and assist the Nazis in holding Odessa..and the Odessa File.

    The truth will hang them.

    Probably another Treblinka or Auschwitz in hidden in Odessa.

    Just the MO of gutter Rats like the USA and UK.he Real Nazis.

    Probably doing Experiments.

    Get Ready for the poisonous sickening truth from this infected cancerous tumor

    That is the United States
    of Lies.

    And the pox marks of the lord and savior of the USA and Uk..

    Their Father Satan ..whom they worship with every lie they tell

    It will all be exposed soon.

    The World will never be the same after the War against the Nazi Fourth Reich.

    As mentioned previously,

    A Great Healing is going to take Place.

    Oh and all the Weapons and Soldiers assembled on all of

    And on the Black Sea..

    Ready to Attack Russia or kill Russians for their Nazi proxies in the Ukraine..

    Why wait for a
    Mushroom Cloud..?

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine
    The Israelites Syrian Dictums

    And really now,

    Haven’t they been warned repeatedly..over and over again.



    BLOW UP little england’s shit.

    ( Using Non Nuclear missiles)

    And after you do what you said you were going to Do..

    Ask them and what the Fux are they gonna do about it..

    Better put…can they do about it..

    Yo BoJo the Clown

    After you get out of your Trial for having a Xmas Party without Masks..


    The British knaves
    The proud Raj

    Now just the Buttboys for Heroin Pushers..


    And what can you do about it BoJo ..

    Well literally quite nothing..

    Every missile fired now means you won’t have to fire Nuclear missiles in July.


    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


    Hello Russia..
    This is Buttercup Calling..

    May I speak with Marshall Dilion

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr Lendman

    A quick note..

    The Georgian Volunteer Battalion that fighting for the Ukraine..

    They are bragging that no Russian Soldiers will be taken alive .

    In other words..

    Telling the World they’ll be
    Commiting War Crimes against Russia…

    Russia perfectly justified in stopping that illegal activity.

    Why wait for the Murders..?
    Ie, the Mushroom Cloud..?

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine

    Drop a Birthday Gift on their Nazi heads..

    With Extreme Prejudice.

    Perfectly legit.

    They’ve volunteered to be in
    War Zone…

    And committed to violent War Crimes.

    Be sure to mention,

    That every single body part

    will be put in the Body Bag and sent home to given a proper burial.

    Next up..Dr Druzenko..
    This Mengele Motherfuxer

    Who instructs Doctors to castrate Russian Soldiers..

    Wait is that against the
    Geneva Convention..

    Well of course it is.
    He’s advocating War Crimes!

    Why wait for another
    Mushroom Cloud…?

    Invoke the Bush Doctrine, and
    Pop this sick perverted Quack

    Russia would be perfectly legal in doing so.

    He’s another War Criminal
    Who needs a Xmas Card.

    Immediately ending all

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