Russian Straight Talk

In response to US-led Western efforts to undermine Russia politically, economically and financially, Sergey Lavrov said the following on Tuesday:

The US/Western “propaganda machine (is) fueling hysteria” over what happened in Bucha, Ukraine.

Time and again before, false accusations of Russian wars crimes were exposed and debunked as fabricated.

At a Tuesday Security Council session, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia set the record straight with indisputable facts over US/Western propaganda rubbish.

See below.

Lavrov believes that the US-dominated West is using Bucha to “torpedo” peace talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

Perhaps so, but if true, why would the Biden regime have let puppet Zelensky delegates engage in talks.

On all things related to Russia, Kiev has no decision-making authority.

Its actions are orchestrated and directed by its higher power in Washington.

The US-dominated West is using the Bucha false flag as part of its war to undermine, weaken and isolate Russia, as part of a longer-term regime change strategy.

Going nowhere peace talks achieved no breakthroughs because dominant Biden regime hardliners want perpetual sanctions war and proxy hot war along Russia’s border.

Peace and more normalized East/West relations defeat their diabolical aims.

What “the Ukrainian side put on paper (about being) neutral…refus(ing) to deploy weapons (and military personnel) from foreign states,” along with abandoning notions of NATO membership and acquiring nukes isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

It’s meaningless because hegemon USA rejects restoration of peace along Russia’s borders.

On Tuesday at the Security Council, Moscow’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia debunked false accusations of Russian war crimes in Bucha or anywhere else in Ukraine.

Not a shred of evidence corroborates them, he stressed — because no such evidence exists.

Nebenzia slammed puppet Zelensky for calling Donetsk and Lugansk residents “species (sic).”

Russian nationals comprising about 40% of Ukraine’s population are harassed and otherwise mistreated.

Speaking the language, and Russian MSM were banned.

Claims of no “Nazis in Ukraine” ignored that these elements “are running the show,” said Nebenzia.

Ukrainian “national heroes (were) Nazi (Germany’s) accomplices” — involved in horrendous crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

Nazis in Ukraine today openly display “Nazi tattoos.” 

They “decorat(e) their clothing with swastikas and other Nazi insignias, and use the Nazi salute to greet each other.”

They control “Aidar, the Right Sector and Azov battalions.”

They “boast about suffering inflicted on (victims), including their fellow countrymen.”

They’re guilty of appalling “cruelty when dealing with civilians, us(ing) them as human shields and deploy(ing) heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems near residential buildings.”

Russia has documented evidence from “hundreds if not thousands of” witnesses to their brutality.

One victimized woman recounted the horror she experienced, saying:

“They tied me to a sewer pipe.” 

“When they learned that I was Russian, they started beating me, electrocuting me, raping, and threatened bringing my underage daughter to do the same with her.”

“Ukrainians were tortured to death with swastikas branded on their chests,” Nebenzia explained.

“I said it already and I say it again now.”

“Thinking that Russian military are capable of doing what they are accused of is vile.”

It’s despicable slander.

Once again, Nebenzia stressed that no dead bodies were in Bucha when Russian forces were redeployed in preparation for liberating remaining Donbass territory still held by Nazified and other Ukrainian forces.

No evidence disputes the above reality.

Russian forces “didn’t come for Ukrainian land,” Nebenzia stressed.

“We came to bring a long-awaited peace to a bleeding Donbass.” 

“Not a truce, but a genuine lasting peace.” 

It requires “root(ing) out the cruelty (of a) Nazi malignant tumor that is devouring Ukraine and would have eventually begun to devour Russia.”

“We will achieve this goal, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

“We avoid shelling civilian targets to save as many civilian lives as possible, and this is why we are not advancing as fast as many expected.”

“We are not acting like the Americans and their allies in Iraq or Syria who wiped out entire cities” — massacring their people. 

Hegemon USA, its European vassal states and Nazi foot soldiers “are ready to take all the people of Ukraine down with them into the grave, as the provocation in Bucha clearly showed.”

When Russian forces were in the town, “no local resident suffered from any violent action.” 

“People moved freely around the town and had access to mobile networks.” 

Russian military servicemen delivered and distributed 452 tons of humanitarian aid among civilians in towns of the Kiev region.” 

“There is evidence confirming this.” 

“At the same time, Ukrainian troops were shelling the southern borders of Bucha (including residential quarters) round the clock from large-caliber artillery and multiple rocket launchers.”

Fabricated claims about Russian war crimes in the city are belied by indisputable evidence proving otherwise.

To the US-dominated West, Nebenzia said “we (know) too well what you are doing when you play this Ukrainian card and propel hysterical anti-Russian propaganda campaign” daily.

Remarks by Lavrov, Nebenzia and other Russian officials — what sets the record straight — fall on deaf ears in the West, including press agent MSM of their ruling regimes.

Russia bashing information war suppresses truth and full disclosure.

Using Ukraine as platform for perpetual hot war along its border with Russia, hegemon USA and its complicit vassals want it continued to the last proxy foot soldier.

3 thoughts on “Russian Straight Talk

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Uncle Sam should be actually be in a Mental Institution..

    For the Criminally Insane.

    And these aren’t the little lies
    The little ” White Lies”
    like Republican counties in western Nevada and Arizona

    That have been Republican since LBJ…

    now suddenly give Dirty Joe.. a 60/40 plurality..


    You know, just the little lies..

    Of the Corrupt and Rotten whorehouse called the
    World’s Greatest Democracy!

    No these are the kind of lies that start Wars

    where tens of Millions of People get Murdered.

    (And Raytheon Profits soar..

    Words ..
    There are no more words left for this excretory matter.

    This bottom of the barrel sludge
    That is the World Government.

    No words..
    All out of words.

    Only Actions are needed to end their Reign of Terror.

    Simply incredulous that people believe this MSM garbage

    Wait.. Russia bends over backwards to make sure they don’t harm civilians

    And then suddenly
    Starts murdering people..

    Are you sure..?

    These are shameless
    Mentally ill
    Criminally Insane liars.

    Perhaps these new False Flags

    are meant to mitigate the new revelations of Nazi Torture Sites
    In MARIUPOL..?

    Wouldn’t be surprised.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If the alleged Bucha atrocities are true, why no citizen smartphone videos immediately after the Russian withdrawal, since mobile networks are functional?

    Liked by 1 person

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