The Scourge of MSM Fake News Over the Real Thing

On all things Russia, other US invented enemies and key issues overall, truth and full disclosure are suppressed.

State-approved fake news alone is featured daily by MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and abroad.

Here’s a sample of what the self-styled newspaper of record NYT disgracefully calls news fit to print — from its latest fake news edition.

“South Korea (might consider developing nukes with) safeguard(ing) against a Russia-style invasion (sic),” adding:

“South Koreans demanded nuclear weapons for years as North Korea expanded its arsenal.” 

Because Russian territory spans Eurasia as well?

Or a fake Russian/North Korean regional threat?

One commentator tweeted:

“We must (arm) ourselves with nuclear weapons, unless we want to find ourselves in the sorry state Ukraine is in now (sic).”

Ignored is that throughout its history, North Korea never attacked another country.

Nor did the Russian Federation without just cause.

No threat to South Korea exists from either country — nor from any others, except hegemon USA if it abandons its vassal state status to be free from foreign domination.

The Times invented a fantasy threat to South Korea that doesn’t exist — one of countless examples of misreporting.

On Ukraine, the Times cited puppet Zelensky’s “video of (falsely claimed) war crimes committed by Russian forces against civilians in…Bucha.”

No such crimes occurred.

Remarks from his Polish hideout to the Security Council on Tuesday were quoted, including rubbish like the following:

“The fate of our land and our people is being decided (sic).” 

“We know what we are fighting for (sic), and we do everything to win (sic).”

Ukraine’s military defeat was certain before Russia’s special operation began.

According to one analyst, Ukrainian forces failed to achieve a single “victory or any sort” since Russia’s operation began, adding:

Ukies “are retreating and losing manpower virtually everywhere” — except in areas where Russian forces were redeployed to Donbass.

Because of its battered military, Kiev largely “shifted to…psychological war as its last resort.”

Its forces “are doing anything possible to take the attention away from their own massive strategic losses on the real, physical battlefield.”

As for Mariupol, liberating the city entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation is close at hand.

All of the above and much more of the same is consistently suppressed by the Times and other MSM.

Here’s a sample of WaPo fake news in its latest edition.

Russian soldiers are “street thug(s) (sic).

Putin’s operation in Ukraine is “catastrophic (sic).”

It shows “disdain for the laws of war (sic).”

Putin “fabricated the case for war in Ukraine (sic) and lied about his plans (sic).” 

“When he failed to achieve the easy victory he had expected (sic), his army appears to have taken savage revenge on civilians (sic).”

The above rubbish is typical WaPo misreporting.

So is falsely claiming that Russian forces “retreat(ed)” anywhere in Ukraine.

The same applies to WSJ fake news claims about Putin’s “imperial” aims, what don’t exist that’s not explained.

Claims of Russian war crimes in Ukraine (sic) by US/Western regimes and their MSM echo chamber were debunked as fake news.

Bozo BoJo sounded daft accusing Russia of “genocide” in Bucha.

The same goes for puppet Zelensky claiming that Russia is using hunger as “a weapon” in Ukraine (sic).

Calling Mariupol a Ukrainian city ignores that it’s in Donbass.

Russia indeed has been destroying Ukrainian fuel depots, storage facilities for weapons and other targets to smash Kiev’s war machine.

And this rubbish from National Pentagon (Propaganda) Radio (NPR):

Russian forces “kicked in the doors” of a residence, “dragged (a civilian) outside…made him kneel…then shot him in the head (sic).”

NPR claims that its mission aims “to create a more informed public (by reporting) information and other content that meet the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression.”

The above trash is typical of what it delivers in daily fake news broadcasts.

By refusing to report Western-style fake news on Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Al Jazeera falsely accused Chinese media of “advancing information proxy war (sic).”

BBC fake news on Russia mimics some of the worst US 4th estate rubbish with a British accent.

Video evidence of Ukrainian SBU security forces brutally beating suspected Russian sympathizers won’t ever get Western airtime. 

Nor will anything be explained about its secret jails, its torture of detainees, some perishing from their ordeal.

On all things Ukraine, made up stuff rubbish about Russia alone is featured.

It’s one of many examples of dismal MSM reporting throughout the US/West.

On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, fake news is exclusively featured over truth and full disclosure.

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