Full-Throttle Infowar

Russia’s campaign to demilitarize and deNazify Ukraine was won before launched.

Not straightaway but certain when conflict ends.

Accomplishing Russia’s aims wasn’t expected quickly.

If its forces operated extrajudicially recklessly with no regard for civilian lives and well-being — like US-dominated NATO in all its wars on invented enemies — fighting would have ended by now.

Russia likely could have declared mission accomplished in a couple of weeks or sooner.

Slow, methodical-going is to minimize civilian casualties and protect nonmilitary infrastructure.

As explained in previous articles and a same-day one, anything goes is official US policy in all its wars of aggression from the nation’s inception.

Crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities are committed by its forces against all targeted nations and their people.

Banned weapons are used to maximize casualties and suffering.

When Russia began its special military operation on Feb. 24, there was no ambiguity in the West about its forces prevailing over Ukrainian Nazified thugs and conscripts.

So the main US/Western weapons against Moscow have been sanctions and infowar — along with perpetuating proxy hot war on its forces to the last cannon fodder Ukrainian foot soldier.

Years of arming Kiev with billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and related equipment didn’t make a dime’s worth of difference in the inevitable outcome of conflict — given Russia’s overwhelming military superiority.

The capability of its super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

Russia’s military against Ukraine’s is the equivalent of Goliath v. David without a slingshot.

The virtually certain US-staged/Ukraine implemented Bucha false flag was one example of how the empire of lies operates.

It shifted attention from systematic smashing of Ukrainian forces by Russia’s military to phony claims of atrocities no evidence suggests it committed at any time since its special military operation began.

False flags are a US tradition from at least the mid-19th century.

More of the same is highly likely ahead in Ukraine.

What could happen any time and repeat is part of infowar demonization of Russia by hegemon USA.

It’s part of manipulating Western vassal states to wage all-out sanctions war on Russia — at the expense of their own interests by reducing or halting imports of vitally needed natural gas and other Russian Federation commodities.

Longstanding policy by both right wings of the US war party calls for undermining, weakening, and isolating nations free from their control — politically, economically and financially.

China is invented enemy No. One because it’s an economic and military powerhouse, a nation heading toward succeeding hegemon USA’s top dog status on the world stage.

At this time, Russia is in eye of the storm generated by the empire of lies.

Nominally headed by a know-nothing White House imposter, it’s symbolic of an empire in decline.

Commenting on the Biden regime’s infowar on Russia, its US envoy Anatoly Antonov said the following:

At the direction of their US master, “Ukrainian authorities are stepping up their anti-Russian misinformation campaign.”

They’re making phony “accusations of alleged atrocities and war crimes of the Russian Armed Forces.”

“Judging by the rhetoric, the leadership of Ukraine is driven not so much by concern for the civilian population as by the desire to secure the image of a ‘victim’ and discredit our country.”

Ignoring US dirty hands all over Kiev’s Bucha false flag, Western regimes “blamed the Russian military” for what happened in knee-jerk fashion — as planned.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has clear “evidence about the planned terrible crimes of the Ukrainian authorities in the Sumy and Kiev regions.”

“We know for certain that the Kiev regime is preparing yet another provocative content about the death of civilians in the Kharkov region” — to be falsely blamed on Russian forces. 

“People are paid $25 for taking part in staged filming.”

Abhorring peace and stability, hegemon USA wants perpetual war along Russia’s borders.

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “expulsion of (Russian) diplomats is a decision that closes the window to diplomatic relations.”

If continues, Moscow “does not rule out” cutting diplomatic ties to the West.

They’re nearly already cut by the US and Western vassal states with Russia.

Separately, head of Russia’s Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine General Mikhail Mizintsev said the following:

“(I)t has been reliably established that Russian service members are subjected to torture, violence and intimidation.” 

What’s going on “replicate(s) actions (by Nazi Germany’s) death squads during the Second World War,” including cold-blooded mass murder.

It’s “being widely published on the Internet and in the mass media.”

Yet, UN imperial stooge Antonio Guterres, “the OSCE and ICRC” pretend not to notice.

Surprisingly on April 6, the Russophobic NYT reported the following, a rare exception to its daily fake news blitzkrieg on all things Russia, saying:

“A video posted online on Monday and verified by the…Times appears to show a group of Ukrainian soldiers killing captured Russian troops outside a village west of Kiev (with their) hands tied behind (their) back.”

“He’s still alive. Film these marauders. Look, he’s still alive.” 

“He’s gasping,” a man says as a Russian soldier with a jacket pulled over his head, apparently wounded, is seen still breathing.” 

“A soldier then shoots the man twice.” 

“After the man keeps moving, the soldier shoots him again, and he stops.”

The Times left unexplained that Nazified Ukrainian forces are responsible for these war crimes.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed the following:

The Kiev regime notified Britain’s foreign office that it “does not intend to comply with the Geneva Convention concerning the treatment of Russian prisoners of war.”

This policy isn’t new.

Since installed by US coup d’etat in 2014, atrocities R’us defines how Nazi-infested, fascist Ukraine operates against “children, women, (men) and elderly civilians.” 

They include “burying (people) alive, killing, and burning their ritual symbols out on human bodies.”

“These manipulations around Russian service members demonstrate that the authorities of many Western countries are turning into accomplices of inhuman crimes by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

Zakharova added that Russia reserves the right to convene an emergency Security Council session to expose and condemn Kiev’s atrocities.

To present evidence of what’s going on to the world community of nations.

On Day 42 of Russia’s special military operation, its forces continue to obliterate Ukraine’s military — including the Kiev regime’s ability to resupply them.

3 thoughts on “Full-Throttle Infowar

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    I see you have 4 Silver Bullets today..just Fantastic stuff.. !

    The Crux of the matter.

    And all Heat, Baby..
    All in my Strike Zone..!
    In my Wheelhouse…!


    “Bring Me the Head of
    Alfredo Putin..!”

    First off..as I was walking into the Media Center..

    I read Lavrov said, the Uki Fuxs changed the. Documents that were agreed upon you in Istanbul

    Yep..the Liars do that, Repeatedly.

    You should know that by now.

    Obviously the Ukis are being told to stall the process.

    Why wouldn’t they..?

    The UK alone is sending enough A + material to prolong this war.


    They’re hoping for a big upset..
    Some kind of Phryric Victory..!

    They’re emboldened..!

    Here’s the Reality..

    If you would please just blow up all the shit the UK sends…

    On the docks
    On the Ships

    On the trains
    On “the Boats and planes..”

    Then…when the Uki Nazis see you’re SERIOUS

    And all their hopes went up in

    Blown up with Oniks

    They’ll be weeping hysterically and going thru some real
    Histori -ONIKS …

    “Oh, that Putin is a bad man!”


    Just like you Warned Them
    Ten times..!

    All the Nazis..Poland, Estonia etc

    That will get the bastards to come to the Table faster than they can say,

    “Party at John Podesta’s house!”

    They have no incentive at present..

    None whatsoever.

    Don’t even take Russia seriously.

    Poland with the Nuke threat..

    Finland now playing dirty after 75 Years…

    Sweden another Fascist Country

    All smell blood.

    Let em know now..
    They crossed the Red Line long ago..

    Now or Never
    Or hold off and then you send Nuclear missiles in August.

    “The Missiles of August”

    Old English proverb,
    “A stich in time..saves nine..!”


    There is nothing they can do to stop the Warning Shot Across the Dilly..


    The British People might not want to fight a War they know they will lose.

    Even the Oxford Dons
    The notorious Pirates..

    Won’t want to lose their kippers over a bad wicket like fighting

    The Russians who have those fuxin Barry Sanders /Superman Rockets…!

    Strike while the Punch
    That took 75 years of Soviet Science to create.

    You’re inimical edge..

    Your Ace in the hole
    Chip Leader on the Table!

    Do it..
    What the Fux are you waiting for

    Oh, they’ll say bad things about you ..

    The Gods whisper in my ears .

    ” Woe onto thee Who are afraid to strike the Ancien Regime

    Last Kipper .
    I used to think Earth Girls were easy… undoubtedly so..

    But not as easy as the Russian Leadership..!.



    Thelly On


  2. Mr Lendman,

    ” The House of the
    Laughing Windows!”

    The Boomeranging Sanctions remind me of something Goethe said,

    ” A straight line continued forever…Into infinity..

    Becomes the Opposite of Itself

    That’s what the poorly
    thought out..

    Completely immoral and illegal Sanctions have become.

    Putin did a fabulous 26 sec tape

    Explained how all the countries pulled their Reserves out of their Swiss Bank Accounts..


    You notice the Swiss are no longer supporting Sanctions on Russia..!

    Probably lost about five
    Trill in the last 30 Days.

    A learning curve at $100 B an hour..LOL





    NEXT ON ..

    Judge Neopolotano
    I wonder what happened to him

    The Judge:
    Let’s for argument sake…say,

    Russia is completely innocent of all charges in this Bucha case..

    But the Ukraine who made these false accusations…

    What becomes of them..?

    Isn’t it like a Woman who claims Rape
    And yet it never happened..!

    Is she liable..?

    Any repercussions for her ?
    Should there be?


    If Russia didn’t do it?
    Who did…?

    And that should be obvious by now.

    Moreover with this Caveat..

    CIA ,MI 6 and NATO
    set up the whole FALSE FLAG

    Even NYT and WaPo said it was just a Psych Op..

    ( That’s why we pay them hundreds of Billions a Year

    To run Black Ops on their Citizenry..!)

    What should happen to the Real Perpetrators..?

    What should happen is one question

    And what will happen, quite another question

    What will happen..

    Is that it will all get swept under the Rug..

    Mass Murder?
    No Problem

    If it was to hurt Russia..
    Oh..then it’s okay..!


    Lastly while your still here..

    Haven’t left on one of Elon’s Spaceships to Mars…

    Streets without People..
    “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon!”

    The Sanctions were like the Jab

    Covid was like the
    “Russian Aggression”

    And the Sanctions were the Cure

    But turns out..

    Russian Aggression was a Hoax like the Great Scam

    And the Sanctions were the Jab
    with the Poison …!



    and jump in the
    Dempster Dumpster behind Burger King…!


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