MSM Fake News on All Things Russia

MSM-style “journalism” and truth-telling on Russia are mortal enemies.

Put another way, MSM managed news misinformation and disinformation alone is featured on what relates to Russia’s special military campaign in Ukraine and virtually all else about the nation and its leadership.

A conspiracy against truth and full disclosure exists among debauched 4th estate members.

It’s evident daily in infowar reports, Russia bashing featured with a steady drumbeat of fake news mass deception.

In its latest edition, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT continued its reinvented reality on all things related to Russia’s Ukraine campaign.

In Brussels on Wednesday, foreign ministers of Western regimes discussed imposition of more illegal sanctions on Russia — along with more weapons for Ukraine’s military to be destroyed when spotted when trying to enter the country.

According to Times fake news, “Russian forces destroyed 90% of Mariupol’s infrastructure (sic),” adding:

Russian “bombard(ment) (of) the city (sic) prevented large-scale humanitarian evacuations from reaching thousands of people who have remained trapped for over a month in increasingly dire situations (sic).”

Most city residents were evacuated through humanitarian corridors established and protected by Russia.

Most residents remaining in Mariupol are “trapped” by Nazified thugs, holding them hostage as human shields — one of many facts suppressed by the Times and other MSM.

And this fake news by the self-styled newspaper of record:

“Russia continue(s) strikes against (Ukraine’s) infrastructure targets (sic).” 

Russian attacks focus exclusively on military targets with emphasis on rendering Ukraine’s war machine inoperable.

On Wednesday, most US House members called for an investigation of war crimes in Ukraine — to falsely blame Russia for ones committed by Ukrainian forces, notably by its Nazified thugs.

On Wednesday, from his Polish hideout, puppet Zelensky read the following lines scripted by his US master for him to recite, falsely saying:

“Russian troops are trying to remove killed people from streets and basements” in Ukraine (sic). 

“They killed a lot (sic). Responsibility cannot be avoided (sic).”

While he’s hiding out in Poland —  pretending to be in Kiev — Ukraine’s economy crumbled.

Millions of Ukrainians suffer from deprivation.

Russian nationals in the country are considered enemies of the state, their lives and well-being endangered.

Claims of Russian “atrocities” by the Times are bald-faced Big Lies.

So is misreporting the following:

Russia is responsible for “carnage and brutal atrocities (sic) that their military is inflicting as it retreats in the north (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, “Ukraine (is bracing) for Russia’s assault in (the) east.”

The “east” is illegally occupied Donbass territory — by Ukrainian Nazified thugs and conscript foot soldiers.

Alleged German intelligence intercepts of radio communications by Russian soldiers calling for indiscriminate killings of civilians in Bucha was fake news by the Scholz regime in cahoots with US-dominated NATO’s demonization war on Moscow.

The same fake intelligence reinvented reality by falsely claiming that “Russian troops are facing ongoing morale issues and shortages of supplies and personnel (sic).”

Claiming that “what’s happening in Ukraine is genocide” is more WaPo fake news.

No genocidal “crime of crime…is unfolding before our eyes (sic).”

Citing the Biden regime’s Bucha false flag as one example is part of relentless propaganda infowar on Russia.

The same goes for falsely accusing Russia of “massacres” and “butchery” in parts of Ukraine where its forces are or were deployed.

What the fake Biden called “major war crimes” by Russian forces were committed by Ukrainian Nazified thugs — armed, funded, trained and directed by the Pentagon and 


According to BBC propaganda, “Russian troops used villagers in northern Ukraine as human shields against counterattacks (sic).”

The bald-faced Big Lie ignored how Ukrainian Nazis continue using this tactic in Mariupol.

Not a shred of evidence links this practice to Russia.

Al Jazeera fake news warned of possible Russian use of “tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine (sic).”

No evidence was cited because there is none.

Canada’s CBC laughably compared puppet Zelensky to Winston Churchill during WW II.

And this from ABC (fake) News:

Bucha residents “told ABC News that when Russian troops came to his apartment building, they killed all the men who were younger than 50 (sic),” adding:

“When Russian troops arrived in Bucha in late February, they…immediately shot and killed anyone whom they deemed a threat, without asking any questions (sic).”

The above rubbish and daily amounts more reveal the debauched state of MSM throughout the US/West.

Instead of journalism as it should be, they operate as virtual press agents for ruling regimes where they’re based.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    ” I don’t care if it rains or Freezes

    Long as I got my Zelensky Jesus..

    Sitting in the Dashboard of my Car…!”

    Yep, he’s just like a Jewish
    Davy Crockett.

    Plugged into a Oligarchs biilion dollar socket..!

    An Asslicking lying Peasant
    The end ain’t gonna be pleasant

    Out in his Bal Harbour yachtzi
    Cuz CIA will discard the Nazi

    Just old school Gangster stuff
    When the hand is played and he knows to much ..

    So Bye Bye
    The Zelensky Jesus small fry..
    This I’ll be the day that you die!”


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