Attempted Biden Regime Coup in Pakistan to Replace PM Imran Khan with Pro-Western Puppet Rule

Here’s the latest on what was discussed in an earlier article.

Coups R/us reflects longstanding US policy to replace leaders unwilling to sell their souls and nations to a higher power in Washington with subservient ones.

Defying hegemon USA last month, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to stay neutral on all things related to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

Slamming US/Western regimes, he said:

“What do you think of us? Are we your slaves…that whatever you say, we will do?”

“We are friends with Russia.”

“We are also friends with America.”

“We are friends with China and with Europe.”

“We are not in any camp” against another one.

On Saturday, he denounced foreign meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs after the country’s Supreme Court ruled that his move to dissolve parliament was unconstitutional.

He acted to thwart a made-in-the-USA no confidence move to oust him, what’s virtually sure to go against him as things now stand.

Last week, Khan supporter, Pakistan’s Deputy Speaker of its National Assembly, Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri, blocked a no-confidence vote, saying:

It’s part of a foreign conspiracy and unconstitutional.

Khan then dissolved parliament.

On Friday, he tweeted the following:

“My message to our nation is I have always and will continue to fight for Pak till the last ball.”

If the no confidence vote is held and Khan loses as expected, the pro-Western opposition bloc can replace him with one of its own.

At this time, the vote is scheduled for around 8:00 PM local time, April 9.

In early April, Khan’s ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party lost a parliament majority when a coalition partner said its 7 MPs would ally with the opposition.

More than a dozen PTI members defected to the other side — most likely bribed or otherwise manipulated by the Biden regime to desert Khan.

According to the opposition, it has over 172 votes in Pakistan’s 342-seat parliament.

It needs one-fourth of MPs present for a quorum.

On Friday night, Khan called on Pakistanis to mobilize Sunday on the country’s streets after Saturday’s vote to protest against an “important government.”

Foreign powers want him toppled, he explained, adding:

Lawmakers are being traded like sheep to accomplish this diabolical aim.

“We know that US diplomats were meeting our people.” 

“Then we got to know about the (Biden regime’s) entire plan” — with no further elaboration at this time.

Its dominant dark forces want a pro-Western puppet installed.

What’s going on is a made-in-the-USA attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty, a coup attempt by any other name.

If Khan is replaced as prime minister, an opposition one, when installed, will be empowered until August 2023.

At that time, new elections are scheduled to be held.

On Saturday, Khan convened a meeting of his cabinet members.

His PTI party filed a review petition in the Supreme Court.

It urged the Court to dismiss the no-confidence resolution against Khan as unconstitutional. 

It named the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Supreme Court Bar Association, Sindh High Court Bar Association and Sindh Bar Council as conspirators to oust him from office unconstitutionally. 

At this time, the vote is scheduled to be held.

It’ll go against Khan.

Things will proceed to replace him with a pro-Western puppet.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

An 11th hour Supreme Court reversal of its ruling can upset the Biden regimes’s best laid plans.

Hope springs eternal though at this time things look grim.

It may be all over except for the postmortems and what happens in the country’s streets post-vote when this article is posted on my blog site.

4 thoughts on “Attempted Biden Regime Coup in Pakistan to Replace PM Imran Khan with Pro-Western Puppet Rule

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  1. Well said. Thanks.

    A government based on meritocracy such as in China where government officials since ancient times are selected based on competence in exams and promotions are based on performances is a truly democratic system. Corrupt officials are jailed or even executed. The government is respected by the populace and cannot be toppled. This system will disqualify nearly all the politicians in western countries.


  2. Mr Lendman

    I love Imran Khan..
    Another of my Cousins.

    Mr Khan..
    Has one play left.

    Show Proof of CIA collusion
    In plotting his demise.

    Have it Blow Up.
    Hire some Good Publicists..
    Go Big..

    Have them well watered.

    Lambast the crooked
    Yankee Imperialists ..


    Win in the Court of
    Public Opinion

    Then go to the Deputy or Judiciary and demand a “reevaluation..”

    Then Khan can kill two birds with one stone…

    The Anti Imperialism could carry him to new heights and
    His popularity win the Election

    and consequently
    It exposes the crooked
    Yankee dupes in Pakistan.

    His inveterate systemic enemies in the ISI.

    The Play

    Having millions of irate citizens in the Streets riding shotgun is
    Easy..’s not even a
    Hail Mary Play.

    The USA meddling is legitimate
    And Pakistanis hate the USA..!

    Only the thin layer of the Criminal Elites support the Gangsters.

    This is an Epic Battle.

    If Khan is Replaced
    The Fall will be precipitous.

    A Nuclear Country with
    225,000,000 People..

    4th or 5th in the World in Population..

    And Strategically located
    And powerful player
    in a dozen key areas.

    If he can mount an appropriate legal cause

    and gather enough popular support he can put himself
    right back in Office.

    It would be of enormous importance to the World.

    Khan has very powerful friends and allies all over the World.

    Start Mr Khan by
    Thinking out of the Box..!

    Hit em with the Boogie Stick!

    GO KHAN..


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