China Slams Pelosi’s Now Cancelled Taiwan Visit

China considers Taiwan a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland.

It’s justifiably outraged by US arms and related shipments to its ruling regime.

Longstanding Beijing policy “opposes official and military ties in any form between the US and the Taiwan region, and opposes US interference in China’s internal affairs.”

“No country and no one should underestimate the resolve, the will, and the ability of the Chinese people to defend their national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

On Tuesday, the Biden regime authorized the sale of $95 million worth of Patriot Air Defense System equipment to Taiwan.

Condemning the announced sale, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the following:

“The action seriously undermine China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, and severely harm the China-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” adding:

“China will take firm and forceful measures to resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and security interests.”

“All possible consequences that arise from this will completely be borne by the US side.”

“China resolutely opposes all forms of official contact between the US and Taiwan.” 

“Congress is a branch of the US government and should stringently abide by the one-China policy that the US upholds.”

After testing positive for flu/covid,  triple-jabbed (most likely with a harmless saline solution) Pelosi postponed her visit to a later date.

If she arrives in Taipei later on, she’ll be the highest-ranking US official to visit China’s breakaway province since then-House speaker Newt Gingrich in 1996.

According to researcher Li Fei at Xiamen University’s Taiwan Research Institute: 

Pelosi’s proposed visit is “part of Washington’s salami-slicing tactics on Taiwan in recent years.”

“It’s trying to force a showdown with Beijing and stir up regional conflict to maintain US global hegemony.”

Separately, China’s official People’s Daily blamed the Biden regime for what’s ongoing in Ukraine, saying:

“The ongoing Ukraine crisis is the result of a geopolitical game in which the US uses Ukraine as a chess piece in its attempt to pressure Russia in a step by step move.”

By using Ukraine “as its pawn, (Washington) initiat(ed) the Ukraine crisis.”

At the same time, China’s Global 

Times said its “ ‘coercive policy’ is getting less effective.”

Yet it tries to “kidnap” world community countries into bending to its will by threats and other bullying tactics.

It falsely accused Beijing of “coercive diplomacy,” a longstanding US hardball tactic.

The US is also benefitting at the expense of European countries.

Its gain is their loss by bypassing Russian natural gas for much higher-cost US LNG.

Pushing them to more greatly militarize comes at the expense of vital homeland needs.

Spurning normal trade relations with Russia disrupted supply chains and caused sharply rising inflation, including for food and many commodities.

Michael Hudson explained that “(t)he dollar (is) devour(ing) the euro.”

“Instead of buying Russian gas, oil and food grains, (European countries are) buy(ing) these from the United States, along with sharply increased arms imports.”

The euro is weakening as dollar strength gains.

In response, “Russia, China and Eurasia (are) creat(ing) (an alternative to neoliberal) New World Order” tyranny to the exclusion of US-dominated NATO.

Along with waging sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia, hegemon USA is provoking China toward potential confrontation.

By biting off more than it can chew, it’s hastening its own decline.

Already past a point of no return, it’s paying the price of imperial arrogance like earlier empires in world history.

2 thoughts on “China Slams Pelosi’s Now Cancelled Taiwan Visit

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Clearly the Imperial Conquests and Expansion of the

    Late Great American Empire is coming to an abrupt end.

    The arc of the never ending Firepower…

    The “Gun Boat Diplomacy” is screeching to a Stop.

    At the Big Red Light in Taiwan.

    Chances are the Great American “Experiment” will be long gone

    before the Imperialists enforce their will upon China.

    I’m always reminded of the Fact

    That Rome had armies stationed all over the Known World..

    And Subjugated vassal states all over Europe, Africa and Asia..

    When Rome Collapsed…

    Imploded, actually a better word.

    Swamped in debt from Centuries
    Of Imperial Wars …

    And never expanded the Means of Production in 1200 years.

    The USA almost the mirror image of all the “grievous”

    mistakes of the Ruling Class of Rome.

    So it is written..
    So it will come to pass


  2. Goddam. The “hegemon” US pokes and provokes, portending WWIII (imagine a three-nuclear-power conflagration/end to all life on Mother Earth…). How can “We, the People” condone our government’s (sic) belligerence, non-diplomacy, militarism et al?…rhetorical question: “We…” are nearly universally dumbed-down, numb, numbskulls, unworthy of the trappings and expected glory of a democracy that functions as it should in pursuing the advance of civilization, not the perverse reverse….

    Keep trying, Mr. Lendman. You are the best in your field of reporting and courageous journalism.

    BTW, thanks for mentioning Michael Hudson. I read with concentration his lengthy, essential tour de force “The Dollar Devours the Euro” last night…ominously and convincingly scary in its depiction of Neocon-ZioOccupiedWashDC’s machinations, malign maneuverings, manipulations, malevolence….


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