Ukraine Update, Day 45

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s ability to successfully demilitarize Ukraine and deNazify its armed forces.

The sooner it declares mission accomplished, the better the outcome of its special military operation.

Conversely, the longer it continues, the more time if gives US/Western dark forces and their MSM co-conspirators to wage infowar propaganda on its operations — by making stuff up.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said Kiev is “preparing another provocation with the goal of accusing Russia of mass killings of civilians, adding:

As orchestrated by its higher power in Washington, Kiev’s Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) intends to use bodies of tortured to death Russian soldiers and others killed by Kiev’s forces to once again falsely “accus(e) Russia of mass killings of civilians.”

“The SBU will then stage the ‘neutralization’ of a ‘Russian reconnaissance unit’ at the Pushcha-Vodytsia forest, which will arrive in Irpin to ‘kill the witnesses of Russia’s war crimes.’ ”

Like always, MSM will fall all over themselves reporting the fabricated official narrative at the expense of truth and full disclosure.

As for rules of law, they’re whatever hegemon USA’s rules-based order says they are — no matter how false and hostile to peace.

Days earlier, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov warned that as long as Washington and its NATO vassals are able to resupply Ukraine’s war machine with weapons, munitions and related equipment, the risk of confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers will remain dangerously high, adding:

Their transport cross-border to Ukraine makes their convoys “legitimate military target for (Russian) forces.”

As for conflict resolution, Russia’s aims remain demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, along with liberating Donbass entirely, keeping Ukraine nuclear-free and out of NATO as a member state, as well as recognition of Donbass sovereignty and Crimea as Russian territory.

Commenting on Ukraine’s missile attack on Kramatorsk with a Soviet-era Tochka-U missile by Kiev forces on Friday, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said the following:

The Kiev regime “committed a similar barbarous crime on March 14, 2022 when a strike (a) Tochka-U missile at the center of Donetsk killed 17 people and wounded another 36.” 

“In both cases, the choice of the target was not random.”

As orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, “the Kiev regime is striving to maximize numbers of civilian victims.”

“Their murders in Donbass have become standard practice for Ukrainian armed units in the past eight years.” 

“By cynically killing civilians in cold blood, Kiev is trying to blame Russia for its own crimes in order to discredit Moscow’s special military operation to defend the DPR and the LPR.”

“There is conclusive evidence that the UAF committed this crime.” 

“It is the UAF that has Tochka-U missiles in service and uses them.” 

“Fragments of this missile were found on the site of the tragedy.” 

“Such inhuman actions by the Kiev regime confirm that the goals of the special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine are fully justified.”

“Kiev authorities will not escape responsibility” for their war crimes.

Separately on Friday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

US/NATO regimes are “caught up in a Russophobic frenzy and seek to cancel everything relating to the Russian Federation.”

“Their Russophobic policies hold all other crises around the world hostage.” 

“They are forcing everyone to stop working with us in any association just to prove that they can impose their unilateral will.” 

“This is an irresponsible approach.”

“(N)one of this will succeed in throwing us off our stride.”

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov updated its military operation in Ukraine as follows, saying:

“Tactical aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and missile troops destroyed 85 Ukrainian military facilities, including two command posts, three multiple rocket launchers, four self-propelled artillery pieces, a field ammunition depot, two logistics depots, four strongholds and a combat equipment storage site.”

Overnight, “high-precision air-launched missiles destroyed a major ammunition depot of the Ukrainian armed forces near the Novomoskovsk settlement in the Dnepropetrovsk region.”

Since Russia’s campaign began, Russian forces destroyed “127 planes, 98 helicopters, 425 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,031 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 228 multiple rocket launchers, 880 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 1,932 military motor vehicles.”

Separately, Konashenkov explained  that Kiev is using foreign mercenaries.

Intercepted radio communications identified six foreign languages spoken by combatants besides Russian and Ukrainian.

Defending so-called “European values, (they came to) kill Slavs for American dollars while hiding behind a human shield of civilians.”

Last month, Russia’s General Staff estimated that around 6,600 mercenaries from 62 countries are operating in Ukraine — taking blood money to kill Russians.

Here’s an example of how worlds apart Russian and Nazified Ukrainian thugs operate.

Days earlier when Russia downed two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters, ones trying to evacuate Nazi Azov commanders from Mariupol,  surviving crew members were med-evacuated to a Russian field hospital for treatment.

Crew member Ivan Gavrilenko said he was brought to a medical facility and “provided with medical assistance.”

Russia “didn’t let me die. Thank you very much,” he said.

In stark contrast, when Russian forces are captured by Ukrainian Nazi thugs, they’re brutally tortured and killed.

Don’t expect US/Western MSM to diverge from their Russia bashing narrative to report the above or anything else positive about the country and its leadership.


4 thoughts on “Ukraine Update, Day 45

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  1. Mr Lendman


    “The Bear Went Over The Mountain”


    Hitting on all 8 cyclinders.

    Exactly as Prognosticated after the First Battle of Manassas

    Or as we say in Memphis..
    ” First Bull Run ..!”


    Bear Bryant made some
    Half Time adjustments.

    I see the Bright Flame of the Nike Statue standing immortal

    In the Lands bequeathed
    To the prodigy

    of the Glorious and Heroic
    Soviet People

    And all the Tremendous Accomplishments..

    Science, Arts and Culture..

    The precious gifts they gave the entire World…

    Still burns Bright..yet.

    Not to be replaced with

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
    Monsanto And Afghan Heroin.

    Russian Culture and History will last eternal..!

    I thank the Russian People
    And the Glorious Red Army.

    All room for improvement
    As with any democratic state.

    I was just reading the
    Syrian Arab News article

    Russian Aero already blew up all Nazi Air Defense Systems

    they got From the Fourth Reich!


    The Long and the Short
    Of the “Short Goodbye”

    Or was it..

    The Postman Never Rings Twice…?”

    HAHA haha haha

    Blowin up Nazi shit..!.

    The Best thing that could happen in the Entire World.

    Bottom Line

    The strong right arm of the
    Red Army, the PLA and the IRGG…


    Lest for them the World would slip into the Dark World of Lies and Distortion

    Despicable Crimes against humanity and all Civilization

    Precisely the NAZI COALITION OF USA and UK..

    And the dick suckers and
    Pathetic ass lickers in Europe

    The events we are witness to at Present.

    With the panoply of Gaggle of geeks

    the Wasp Waisted Pencil necked

    Carrying out Ethnic Cleansing on the Number One Country in Europe..

    The Center of the Free Worl

    (Ask Assange or Snowden..)

    And hoping to share in the Spoils like a gang of Thuggees

    The most despicable and reprehensible gang of
    War Criminals..

    Ever assembled in History.

    I mean Hitler wanted the Sudenlsnd back…

    It was 90 % German Speaking
    German ethnicity for 800 yrs
    (Eight Centuries)

    400 under the Hapburgs
    My God that’s reasonable

    Also was completely stripped of the Alsace-Lorraine

    Another Sanction that was historically unjust.

    And what did the Gangsters start this war over..

    After pushing their military to the very borders of Russia..

    Encirclement of Russia with 100s of Bases and Nukes…

    What’s the Gangsters case

    ” Russia is too Aggressive!”

    “I ask, Judge..
    The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

    Do Pathological Mad Dogs like these, your Honor..

    Should they be allowed to keep biting people

    Wild with no leash..

    Moreover should they

    As a Service to all the World Community, sir!”

    Judge Bean replied,

    ” Son .they don’t Call Me the:gottdamn Hangin Judge
    for nothin, Motherfuxer..!’

    Pounds the Gavel.

    “High Noon.
    The Maidan

    Be there or be Square..!
    Court Adjourned..!


  2. Mr Lendman,

    After a second and third Reading..

    Just a Classic you penned.

    A Tear Jerker for me.

    Russians ..
    Young Russian soldiers

    Entitled to all the entitlements
    Of the Geneva Accords

    A bottom line for a civilized society..

    Look like teenagers so young
    Look like the Partridge Family

    Tied to posts
    With their wrists and hands
    Behind their backs

    While Nazis
    Regular Ukrainian Army Nazis

    Stab them in the eyes with their Nazi Daggers in the Eyes

    German and Swedish daggers made out of one piece of steel

    Perfect tools for NAZIS..


    I see you’ve never made it out
    Of the Gutters..

    We’ll never forget the Precious Gifts you gave the FREE WORLD

    The World of Shared Values..

    The World of HEROIN PUSHERS
    And Pedo Parties..!

    The Rules Keepers..

    Norway.. are thoust a Nazi Assassin also…?

    Italy ..e tu Brutii..?

    Greece ..?
    A despicable Alcibiades?

    I ask The Europeans

    In Line to Join

    Is this who you are…?

    Criminally Insane Monsters

    With a Criminally Insane Media
    That covers it all up..

    Is that what the children of Voltaire, Beethoven, Goethe have become..

    Like their illiterate cousins
    Who have Murdered half the World’s People

    Starting with their own indigenous peoples

    That had lived in Communion with their land for 15,000 yrs

    When the Christians showed up
    To teach them Shared Values.

    Yes, Europe…be there for Nuremberg 2

    Along with your fellow
    NAZI Insane Asylum..

    Their Motto..


    Frankly , I pity you gutter Rats
    What is a life even worth living for you peasants.

    Devoid of not only Reason.
    But even a soul..

    Or any Direction Home…
    Like Dogshit on a rolling stone.

    Sad pathetic little Nazi


    As Livy said, in the Inferno

    “Once you take that descent down …

    The first step..
    You’ll never be allowed to leave”

    Witness the Brutality of your CIA and MI 6 Azov Nazis…!

    More than theory..
    Eye Opening Reaity !


  3. Mr Lendman

    A Wonderful Development
    has taken place.

    The Gangsters are so afraid

    they’re whole enterprise in the Ukrainian Nazis is about to get wiped out..

    They brought back the notorious liar Bill Browder.

    Everyone on both sides of the Political Spectrum know this guy is a Professional Liars.

    The Worst.

    If Bill Browder said it..
    You know its a lie.

    Con Artist, hack,
    complete Opportunist…

    Write him a check and he’ll say anything you want him to.

    That the Criminal News Networks are down to the
    Real Dogshit is revealing.

    The MSM Criminals are already acting nervous about what’s
    on the


    They’re scared shitless.

    Forward Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


  4. Mr Lendman..

    Sorry to be so verbose
    Not really..

    Just more Fabulous News about the Ukrainian Nazis..

    And the Egg and Jizz on the Gangster’s faces..

    ***.*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    US Nazi Lt Gen Coulter…
    Trapped with the Azov Nazis
    in MARIUPOL..

    Nazi Kingpin President
    Jacob Ben Zelensky sent a ship “the Apache” to get him …

    But was stopped, captured
    and is now in a Russian Port.



    Like a Big Promo for what’s down there?

    Who’s down there..

    I remember some pundit about ha month ago

    was extolling the value of some Euro Trash or US Killers being captured…alive..!



    “Mr Lendman
    You mind if Dandy Don and I do a little sangin…?”

    “Oh General…
    Could this Really be the End

    To be stuck inside of Mobile
    With the Memphis Blues Again”

    Can’t even make shit up it so fuxing good.


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