Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

In her latest press briefing, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov (MZ below), explained the following about its special military operation in Ukraine, saying:

In stark contrast to “atrocities (committed by Ukrainian) neo-Nazis,” Russia’s military is going all-out “to avoid civilian victims.”

It’s “not striking civilian facilities and (it’s) opening humanitarian corridors for people to leave dangerous areas every day.”

With US/Western support, encouragement and direction, “the Kiev regime is shelling residential neighborhoods, destroying its own people and is leading the country into a humanitarian disaster.”

As directed by Biden regime hardliners, Ukie false flags like Bucha and missile strike on Kramatorsk’s railway station — to cause and display mass casualties wrongfully blamed on Russia — are all about distracting attention from how overwhelmingly Kiev forces continue to be smashed by superior Russian military strength, weapons and tactics.

MZ slammed US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents “of not only spreading fake news and disinformation, but of being an accomplice in the (above) massacre(s).”

“Evidence of the Russian forces’ innocence is so numerous that accusations against them must be lifted, and charges must be brought directly against the Kiev regime and all those who assisted it or who inspired th(ese) massacre(s).”

US puppets Macron, Scholz, bozo BoJo, and other Western officials recite lines from interventionist Blinken’s prepared script, falsely blaming Russian forces for what clear evidence shows they had nothing to do with.

While US/Western regimes pretend to be supplying humanitarian aid to ordinary Ukrainians they don’t give a damn about, they’ve focused solely on pouring weapons et al into the country for forever war-making, MZ explained.

Planned well in advance of Moscow’s special military operation, what’s going on is US-led Western proxy war on Russia.

It includes unparalleled sanctions, mass expulsions of its diplomats from European countries and full-throttle infowar demonization of Russia and its leadership.

It’s also about shunning conflict resolution since its campaign began in favor of forever war.

Domestically in the West, ordinary people are enduring soaring inflation, shortages of everyday items like food because of disrupted supply chains, along with growing poverty and deprivation.

According to economist John Williams:

“(C)risis (in Ukraine) continues to generate near-term uncertainty for and volatility in the domestic and global financial and commodity markets, exacerbating systemic risks (and) economic disruptions.”

Bloomberg Economics reported the following:

“Inflation will mean the average US household has to spend an extra $5,200 this year ($433 per month) compared to last year for the same consumption basket.”

Hegemon USA bears full responsibility for what’s ongoing — what most likely will worsen ahead.

US dark forces created “neo-Nazi death squads” in Ukraine, MZ explained — by recruiting, arming, funding and directing them to commit mass casualties.

They “continue perpetrating war crimes,” ones falsely blamed on Russia.

They’re “becoming public knowledge as Russian forces liberate Mariupol and evacuate civilians.”

“City residents are talking about them.” 

“Monstrous crimes were revealed in the secret prison known as ‘the library’ in Mariupol Airport where Ukrainian nationalists tortured and killed people for years.” 

“There exists evidence of this but none of it breaks through to Western media.”

“You won’t see reports about Ukrainian Nazis in Kharkov.” 

“They fired at random at residential buildings to intimidate the population.”

Few in number Western journalists with direct knowledge of their atrocities suppress it.

“They won’t say anything about mass disappearances of those who were suspected of sympathy for Russia.”

“The animal barbarism and sadism with which Ukrainian Nazis treat Russian POWs have no justification and are beyond comprehension.” 

“There was footage on the internet not of beatings, torture or murder but of sacrifices to evil.” 

“(E)yes (were) gouged out and people (have been) dismembered alive in the very heart of Europe.”

US Western regimes support these sadistic monsters.

Atrocities R’us describes them.

MSM ignore their horrific crimes.

Separately, MZ stressed that the Western anti-Russia campaign “is off the scale and has gone beyond all reasonable limits.”

It’s based on a foundation of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception with diabolical aims in mind.

At the same time, the vast majority of people in the West know nothing about reality in Ukraine and Donbass — because MSM feature state-approved propaganda over truth and full disclosure.

MZ asked:

“How is it possible that a major tragedy is happening in the middle of Europe and Western media forget to report it?” 

“It’s not possible.” 

“I asked many Western journalists how they choose what to cover and what not to cover.” 

“If the White House mentioned it, they will cover the story.” 

“And if the White House did not comment, reporting is not necessary. It’s that simple.”

“The world has witnessed deceit on a massive scale.”

It’s indeed “off the scale” with unparalleled demonization of Russia ongoing 24/7, a US invented enemy for being free from its control.


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  1. Mr Lendman…

    This week’s Story
    “Straight Outta Treblinka!”

    Hey Edgar Allan Poe,
    Let’s Cut to the Chase..!

    We are all aware of the Nazis

    From the US and NATO that are trapped in Azov Plant..

    Most likely..

    A US Army General..
    Three Star
    Lt General Coulter..

    Other US Officers

    MI 6..

    And a Slew of NATO GUYS

    Probably from UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, etc

    8 Floors of Nazi Torture Chambers.

    That are so heinous,
    So terrifying..

    They are beyond the
    Scope of the Common
    Citizens imagination..!

    I mean regular Uki Army guys

    are sticking daggers in
    Russian soldiers eyes ..

    While their hands and wrists are bound… behind them..



    Here’s the PART II
    Of the Nuland Nazi Nightmare

    Yesterday the 9th

    Sputnik reported a Ship was Sent back to UK

    From Sri Lanka..

    (Read the Article)

    It was filled with Human Waste
    And Body Parts..

    Where are they coming from?
    I deduce the following:

    Nazi Torture Chamber

    Thru the Black Sea
    Thru the Dardanelle
    Thru the Suez

    Over the Indian Ocean
    To Sri Lanka

    All the Sputnik article said was the unnamed ship was sent back to the UK..

    Why the UK?

    And Yesterday.

    Boris Johnson appears with Jacob Ben Zelensky..

    To write a Check and promise weapons…

    Couldn’t do that from London

    I noticed Zelensky is on the Shit
    Living in Hollywood and Hawaii

    I immediately notice that..

    And run away from the Freaks as fast as possible…

    Run Forest Run

    From the head jerks
    Double gulps
    And dilated eyes I knew that

    But the kicker is the
    Pineal gland

    The two distinct lines between the eyebrows

    He’s Red Lining..

    Maybe far gone
    80-90,000 RPMs

    They have him all doped up

    Couldn’t even walk straight with BoJo the Clown..

    The New Jewish Nazi Moses
    Was high as a Fruit Bat in July

    Probably.on what they call a Primo

    Half meth and half a micro dot of LSD.


    Then I did a Background check on other stories similar to this bizarre story..

    Knowing the MO of the Gangsters

    I was looking for “Bubbles”

    Bubbles are the stories of events that took place prior
    With similar phenomena

    Sure nuff.

    Two BBC stories from 2019 and 2021..

    Identical Headlines..

    Same story

    Year apart..
    Weird huh..

    ( the tip off.. )

    Ask yourself

    Why does the BBC want to advertise

    they are having body parts and human waste Shipped back to UK..?

    Is it Good For Business?

    No it’s the Cover.

    EIN So..

    There’s a Ship on the High Seas

    Probably Loaded with NAZI

    Going back to England.

    That’s Part II.

    Daggers in the Eyes
    Blinded for life..

    By scum..

    Our “LEADERS”
    We all know they are capable of any Crime..

    Imagine that..
    Daggers in the eyes..

    We’re Nazis



    “We don’t need no Stinking Geneva Accords…”

    The West’s Shared Values.

    So much evil in Whitehall
    In Langley

    In Brussels

    I tremble for Humanity come Judgement Day..

    Right around the corner..
    Take that to the Bank.

    ( What ..the Bank’s Gone…?
    A big crowd of angry Texans


    Getting in their cars now
    Apparently somebody knows where the Bamkers live…

    Oh yeah..
    These are Texans, son

    Don’t even need to ask..
    They sure as hell
    brought along Betsy…


    Don’t Cotton to bein
    tricked..Lied too

    And Robbed Blind..!)


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