Ukraine Update, Day 46

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s coup in Ukraine, replacing democratic rule with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny, anything Russian in the country risks harassment, torture, other state-sponsored violence, extrajudicial execution or being disappeared out of sight and never resurfacing.

For the past 8 years, all of the above and what relates to it was suppressed in the West, notably by MSM mouthpieces for dirty business as usual and so-called human rights NGOs.

Life in Nazified Ukraine resembles 12 years of Nazi Germany tyranny.

As explained in previous articles, Ukrainian Nazis terrorized long-suffering Donbass residents for 8 years.

Nothing was too brutal or monstrous to be left behind.

At long last, Russia said no more — after over 7 years of diplomacy accomplishing nothing.

The sooner Donbass is liberated entirely, the quicker normality can be restored for its people.

In Ukraine, US-installed puppet Zelensky operates like his predecessor Poroshenko.

Imperial tools serving US/Western interests at the expense of most Ukrainians, the country is a virtual cesspool of Nazified tyranny in Europe’s heartland.

Over the weekend, Ukrainian Nazis seized two foreign ships in Mariupol’s port.

Holding their crews hostage, their lives and well-being are greatly endangered.

According to the Donetsk News Agency:

“There are six foreign vessels with foreign citizens in the crews in the waters of the Mariupol port.”

“These ships are blocked by the Ukrainian forces.”

“They are unable to leave the Mariupol port because of the threat of being targeted with weapons or probably because the port’s water area has been mined even before the start of the special operation.”

“Crews of the vessels include citizens of Bulgaria, the Syrian Arab Republic, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Liberia and Egypt.” 

“The Ukrainian side ignored numerous requests of the DPR authorities to evacuate foreign ships and citizens.”

These actions flagrantly breach the 1988 Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation and UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

At this time, Russian and Donbass forces are trying to rescue trapped crew members.

Separately, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said that another attempt to rescue Nazi commanders, NATO instructors and foreign fighters from Mariupol was thwarted.

As of Sunday, “127 Ukrainian aircraft, 98 helicopters, 234 surface-to-air missile systems, 436 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,052 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 232 multiple launch rocket systems, 894 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 1,975 special military motor vehicles, have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation.”

On Sunday, Russia’s state-owned nuclear company Rosatom said four of its staff held hostage by Ukraine were freed and returned home as part of a prisoner swap with the Zelensky regime.

Company CEO Alexey Likhachev called Kiev’s action “absolute lawlessness,” adding:

They delivered essential materials needed for Ukraine’s nuclear power plant to operate.

It cost them around 7 weeks of captivity at the hands of the Nazified regime.

And this turning reality on its head by the Pentagon’s so-called spokesman Kirby, sounding daft saying:

“The Pentagon…assessed that Ukraine could win the war against Russia (sic).”

“Of course they can win this,” Kirby pretended. 

“The proof (sic) is literally in the outcomes that you’re seeing everyday (sic).”

“Absolutely they can win.”

If Pentagon commanders are as incompetent and mindless of reality as Kirby, it’s further proof that US forces are only good at smashing third world countries.

Head-to-head with strong ones like Russia and China, they wouldn’t have a chance.

According to one analyst, hegemon USA cannot risk direct conflict with Russia.

It “cannot risk showing the world the superiority of Russian systems.”

Imagine the Pentagon’s self-described state-of-the art stealth warplanes downed with ease by Russia’s superior air defense systems.

Imagine US military industrial complex shockwaves when discover the superiority of Russia’s super-weapons overall — outclassing the best in the West.

A Final Comment

According to what the London Telegraph called an “exclusive” report on Saturday:

NATO intends to “deploy a permanent full-scale military force…to combat Russian ‘aggression’ (sic).”

US-installed puppet Stoltenberg sounded daft, saying that it’s to repel an attempted Russian invasion of Estonia, Latvia or other alliance states — clearly not forthcoming.

The Telegraph quoted bozo BoJo’s reinvention of reality, saying:

“Ukraine defied the odds and pushed back the odds and pushed back Russian forces from the gates of Kiev (sic), achieving the greatest feat of arms of the 21st century (sic).”

“Ukrainians have shown the courage of a lion (sic)” — ignoring its battered and beaten military, its lost war since about 48 – 72 hours after Russia’s special military operation began.

At this time, around 40,000 US-controlled NATO troops are deployed near Russia’s borders.

Apparently more are coming, the Telegraph saying:

“NATO is preparing to have a permanent presence on its eastern flank of a scale that could itself defend the alliance against (the nonexistent threat of) a Russian attack” on a member state.” 


7 thoughts on “Ukraine Update, Day 46

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Today Gen Alex Dvonikov
    Took Command of the Army.

    46 Days into the War.

    80 yrs ago
    On day 146 of the War..

    Zhukov took Command
    of the Red Army..!

    Like Eisenhower
    Zhukov jumped his seniors

    For instance Rokossovski had previously been Zhukov’s Commanding Officer.

    Zhukov was a Cavalry Officer in WWI

    Thar helped him understand and In excel in Deep Operations

    Understanding that half measures don’t win battles..

    He understood Blitzkrieging
    And Deep Penetration.

    Zhukov was not a Staff Officer
    Found it Laborious and drab

    Rather he was a Man of Action.
    He recruited in his own image.

    But nobody could foresee
    That he was Brilliant

    a Broad Million Men
    Divisional Movements.

    The Big Pieces of the Clock
    All working in Unison

    And all striking Midnight..
    all at the same time..!

    He was perhaps
    the Greatest General of WWII..!

    Enough said.

    We all know how that turned out …

    Nazis got their skulls cracked wide open on the Brick Wall that is Russia…!

    Comrade Marshall Zhukov
    I Salute You, Sir.


    28 Soviet Souls were lost to this Nazi Scum.

    And Now the Nazis are back
    The FILTH is at the Front Door.

    A Job must be done.
    Redone, perhaps a better word.

    The Fourth Reich
    Now carrying Hitler’s Banner

    Pockets full of Heroin Money

    Larceny and Slaughter in their hearts..

    Human body parts and blood on their lederhosen.

    The Stink of Death
    Mass Murder

    And wanton Empty eyes
    like cattle…

    These are the Criminally Insane
    Once again…

    To perform their Ritual Killings
    For their Lords..

    The Mavens of Wall St
    And the Temple of Satan.

    Once again, they must get their Skulls cracked open on the Brick Wall that is Russia.

    “Cometh the Hour
    Cometh the Man..!”

    Good Luck
    Gen Dvonikov.


    May The God of Justice
    Speed Your Victory..!



    Good Luck


  2. Mr Lendman..

    Have you noticed the whole new batch of False Flag Events the Ukis are planning..

    The rapacity of the cascading never ending False Flag Attacks

    That are coming soon.

    The accusations already being spun..

    I think there’s about four of five separate FF’s in the Works now.

    In my entire life I’ve never seen anything like it.

    So prolific are the lies..!

    You know what all this

    Cover for the Coming


    Soon to Pop Out
    In MARIUPOL..!

    The Gangsters are going to saturate their War Crimes

    With tons of lies
    To obfuscate their freakiness


    Oh boy…This is gonna be big.
    My Lai x 1000..!


  3. Mr Lendman

    Sputnik announcement

    Austrian Chancellor Nehammer Meeting with Putin Tomorrow..

    Nehammer is a Snake.

    Remember what Don Corleone
    Told Michael..

    ” The First Guy to Come at You
    With an Offer is your Enemy…!”

    President Putin..


    Nehammer wants only
    one thing

    A Humanitarian Corridors for his NATO and US NAZIS


    Needless to say..

    The Evidence of their Crimes..
    Will a Game Changer..




    The Shame of it

    They’ll never be able sweep under the table..OR LIVE DOWN

    You couldn’t possibly allow them discreet Corridors of Escape..

    Perish the Thought.

    No matter what the Gangsters promise..!

    This Guy is not your friend.
    He’s your Enemy.

    Never said a word when the Nazis murdered people in the Donbass..!



    Too bad Gorbachev didn’t record the Gangsters give
    Their Assurance.


  4. Mr Lendman

    OMG …
    Great Caesar’s Ghost..

    Are you watching the Footage on Telegram..

    I’ve Never Seen anything like it!


    Remember last week the
    Uki Army was dropping so many Rockets and Artillery
    on the Donbass…

    They had to Evacuate again..

    Holy Fux.

    Looked like the Bear
    Dropped some XXX Shit on em

    Some Get Well Soon Cards

    Cuz those Uki Fuxs are now atomic particles …

    Disappeared into NAZI dust
    Several hundred at a time.
    maybe a few thousand killed.

    Red Army lit em Up.. babee!
    Old School

    Old Style
    Real Rock n Roll..babee!

    Gotta new General…
    A Rock n Roll General…!

    Like the Ramones say,
    Hey Ho..Let’s Go..!

    Fuxin Fabulous..!


    To Victory…!

    The Uki


  5. You are so ignorant! Really propaganda thinking that the previous president was ‘democratic’! Who are you to know anything about Ukraine and what the people want??? Go back to America and propagating false information about your own government!


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