A Tale of Two Nations

Weekend events in Pakistan and France are discussed below.

With attribution to Dickens from his Tale of Two Cities, what’s going on today is indisputably the worst of times, nothing remotely like anything best.

For Dickens, the 18th century French revolution’s hoped for “liberte, egalite and fraternite” didn’t turn out that way — just the opposite under Great Terror tyrannical rule.

Throughout the West today, the rule of law no longer exists.

Growing tyranny replaced it.

Is full Nazi where things are heading next?

Is early 1930s Nazi Germany after Hitler became chancellor being replicated in similar form — in the US and elsewhere in the West?

In Ukraine, dominant US dark forces installed Nazi-infested rule.

For the past eight years, US-dominated NATO recruited, armed, funded, trained and directed Kiev Nazis and conscripts to operate as alliance foot soldiers with waging proxy war on Russia in mind.

A Biden regime coup toppled Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday for refusing to sell his soul and nation to hegemon USA.

Pro-Western rule is set to replace him — to the detriment of the nation, peace and stability in Eurasia.

In response to Khan’s call for Pakistanis to turn out in force against what happened, tens of thousands protested in Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Malakand, Multan, Khanewal, Khyber, Jhang, Quetta, Okara, Islamabad, Lahore, Abbottabad and elsewhere on Sunday.

Early in the day, Khan tweeted:

“Pakistan became an independent state in 1947…”

“(B)ut the freedom struggle begins again today against a (made-in-the-USA) conspiracy of regime change.” 

“It is always the people of the country who defend their sovereignty & democracy.”

“We are with you sir,” responded one supporter — indicative of countless more throughout the country.

Separately, Khan tweeted:

“Thank you to all Pakistanis for their amazing outpouring of support & emotions to protest against US-backed regime change abetted by local Mir Jafars to bring into power a coterie of pliable crooks all out on bail.” 

“Shows Pakistanis at home & abroad have emphatically rejected this.”

Early Sunday, Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesman Fawad Chaudhry also called for mass protests nationwide.

The PTI tweeted:

“Protest points nationwide (a chart showing scores of locations).

“Shortly the Nation will demonstrate how they stand with their leader 


“We want #ImranKhan back.”

“Pakistan will not rest until fresh elections are conducted!”

PTI’s Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the following:

“Today, the party’s core committee had a meeting under Imran Khan’s chairmanship.”

“There was a discussion on” whether to resign from the National Assembly.

“(A) final decision was not taken.” 

Khan “call(ed) a meeting of the party’s parliamentary committee for” Monday at noon local time.

“The opinion of those who are standing by him in these tough times will be sought.” 

“A final decision will be taken after that meeting.”

“Whatever Imran Khan wants will happen.” 

“He will take the decision and whatever the decision is, will be accepted by all.”

“However, ours is a democratic party and Imran Khan listens to everyone’s opinion and then decides.”

At this time, “a clear majority of the party members think that we should protest inside the assembly and also make contact with the public outside.”

If Khan does decide to go for resignations instead, party members “would accept and tender resignations whenever asked for.”

By a slim two-vote majority late 

Saturday, a made-in-the-USA no-confidence vote removed him from office as prime minister.

On Monday, Pakistan’s parliament will select a pro-Western puppet to replace him.

Despite long odds against him, it remains to be seen if pro-Khan people power can push things toward defeating the Biden regime’s coup against independent democratic rule in Pakistan.

Separately on Sunday in France, round one of the nation’s presidential election was held.

As expected, imperial vassal to US interests/incumbent Macron and lead challenger Marine Le Pen finished one and two respectively.

On April 24, they’ll face each other in round two/runoff voting, the winner to lead the nation as president — after preliminary results showed that Macron received 27.6% of support to Le Pen’s 23.4%.

Ten other aspirants were eliminated from contention.

Last evening after preliminary results were announced, Le Pen said the following:

Calling (neoliberal hardliner/pro-war) Macron a globalist puppet, she vowed to be “president of all the French people” if elected on April 24, adding:

“The French people have spoken, and did me the honor of qualifying to take on the outgoing president.”

“I see hope there – the hope that the forces of recovery in this country are rising.”

“The French people clearly wanted to make a fundamental choice between two opposite visions of the future…” 

“(O)ne of division, injustice and disorder imposed by Macron for the benefit of a few…” 

“(T)he other a rallying together of French people around social justice and protection.”

“All those who did not vote for Macron are destined to join this national rally.”

“What will be played out on April 24 is a choice between societies, and even a choice between civilizations.”

“I will bring order back to France” if elected.

“On your vote depends the place in our society that we want to give to people facing the power of money.”

“On your vote depends the political decisions of the next five-year term but which will commit France for the next fifty years.” 

“I intend, without delay, to sew back the tears that a ripped-apart France suffers from.”

“My ambition is one of a nation that is invincible.”

“We will win. We will win,” she added.

Not if things are rigged for Macron, what elevated him to power in 2017.

Open, free and fair elections are anathema in the West.

Fantasy democracies assure otherwise.

Wealth, power and privileged interests run things.

While a surprise Le Pen triumph is possible, it’s highly likely that Macron will be handed a second term in office to prevent her ascension to power.


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Nations

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman.

    “Saturday Night Pakistan,
    The Night the Earth Stood Still ”

    I once flew over Lahore..

    The Lights of Lahore below..

    The most astonishing thing
    I ever saw ..

    Still vividly in my brain..!

    Watching the the footage on
    Telegram…I was reminded.


    Just what’s needed, Cuz..!

    Good Job..

    The People of Pakistan love you Mr Khan..!

    Three items of Import.

    1)..No do not quit the

    What’s the use of self isolation?

    Stay..use it for a Forum to speak out at the Injustice

    To vociferously Protest the ROBBERY…

    2)…Most importantly

    Why even demand a New Election

    Settle for that..


    Khan and Pakistan were cheated..

    They were robbed..?

    Does a Judge ask the victim of a Robbery to have a contest to reclaim the items stolen from them..?

    No..no they don’t.
    Nor should Khan..

    He correspondingly, should demand the culprits of this Crime be tried in Court.

    3)… I’m in Left Field

    Not able to evaluate the Relationship of Forces
    on the Ground..

    But what of Unions backing Khan..?

    I ask this.. because a
    General Strike is the next step

    Good Luck, Mr Khan..!
    Forward to Victory..

    The Whole World is Watching!
    One quick comment on Le Pen
    Apparently she’s getting the youth vote..

    From memory, ostensibly
    Ages from 21 to 35.

    That’s a recent development
    That bodes well.

    Go Le Pen..
    To Victory..

    Let the Citizens of France rule France…

    Not the War Lord’s of NATO..!


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