MSM Fake News War on Russia Rages

US/Western MSM are infamous for featuring fake news over the real thing.

Especially about health destroying kill shots, support for privileged interests over the general welfare, and all things related to invented US enemies.

Throughout 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev on Donbass, MSM reported nothing.

Notably nothing about torture and dismemberment of detainees, indiscriminate mass slaughter, destruction of vital infrastructure, holding four million Donbass residents hostage to the viciousness of its Nazified forces, and related atrocities.

According to head of Russia’s National Defence Management Center General Mikhail Mizintsev:

In cahoots with US/Western regimes, Kiev is preparing to mass murder civilians in Lugansk — the false flag to be wrongfully blamed on its forces and Russia, adding:

Nazified Ukrainian fighters “booby-trapped chlorine tanks at a local water treatment plant with the intent to blow them up when LPR People’s Militia forces approach”  Belogorovka in the Popasnaynskiy District.

“(T)o lend credence to the provocation, Ukrainian forensic experts and national police are going to be involved in filming” it.

What’s planned “once again demonstrate their inhumane attitude towards the fate of the Ukrainian people, and signify an utter disregard for all norms of morality and of the international humanitarian law.”

In its latest edition, NYT Russia bashing infowar propaganda continued at gale force strength.

Ahead of Phase Two Russian operations to liberate Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, the Times falsely claimed that its citizens face an “assault by Russian forces…with reports that (they’re) being killed (by its troops) as they try to escape (sic).”

And this fake news from the Times:

Ignoring protection of the mothballed Chernobyl nuclear site by Russian forces, the Times falsely accused them of “expos(ing) (Ukrainians) to harmful radiation (sic),” adding:

“They showed little concern for their safety.”

A Times fake news opinion piece invented nonexistent “pure evil” in Russia under Vladimir Putin, disgracefully calling him “a monster (sic).”

Ignoring 8 years of atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazis in Donbass, the hit piece falsely accused Russian forces of “raping and killing civilians (sic).”

And this rubbish in a guest essay the Times published:

“Putin sent history into reverse (sic).”

“The US should punish (his nonexistent) aggression (sic).”

“Russia poses (a) threat to geopolitical stability (sic).”

WaPo falsely accused Russian forces of “deliberately targeting civilians with artillery, air and missile strikes and summary execution, torture and rape (sic),” adding: 

“The Russian strategy is to raze any towns that refuse to surrender (sic).” 

“When the Russians take over towns, they launch a reign of terror (sic).”

In Bucha, so-called “investigators…“uncovered evidence of torture before death, beheading and dismemberment, and the intentional burning of corpses” by Russian forces (sic).

CNBC (fake) News quoted puppet Zelensky’s Big Lie, falsely accusing Russia of killing “tens of thousands” in Mariupol.

The above trash and reality are light years apart.

It’s more evidence of unparalleled hate-mongering MSM propaganda about all things Russia.

It’s highly likely to continue long after its special military operation ends — in support of official US/Western policy.


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