The Usual Suspects on Propaganda TV

Showing up with disturbing regularity, truth-telling is off-limits on US propaganda TV.

Sunday was no different from other days on so-called talk shows.

War criminals are welcome when representing Western interests.

Time and again given platforms to lie and deceive viewers, they showed up again on Sunday.

Notably, the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor 

Sullivan came on at least 4 Sunday shows to turn truth on its head as in all his public remarks.

Instead of explaining how hegemon USA created Nazi-infested Ukraine as a platform for endless US proxy war on Russia, he falsely blamed its forces for Pentagon/CIA-orchestrated and directed war crimes on Ukrainians and Donbass residents.

He lied accusing Russia of “attacking Ukraine…in brutal and vicious ways (sic).”

Saying the Biden regime is “doing everything (it) can…to deliver weapons” to Ukraine’s military, he ignored that this has been going on for 8 years to wage perpetual war along Russia’s border — with destabilizing the country and central Europe in mind.

He left unexplained that dominant Biden regime hardliners directed the Zelensky regime to reject conflict resolution in talks with Russian delegates — while pretending otherwise.

Like other US/Western officials and their MSM co-conspirators, he lied accusing Russia of killing civilians, (along with committing) atrocities, war crimes (sic).”

All of the above and more of the same reflect longstanding US policy from inception — polar opposite how Russian forces have operated in Ukraine from day one of its operation.

Sullivan lied claiming that Ukraine’s (battered and beaten) military “won the battle of Kiev” never fought.

He lied saying that Russian forces failed “to take and conquer the capital” they had no intention of occupying and controlling.

He lied claiming that Ukrainian conscripts involved in fighting involuntarily showed “bravery and skill (sic).”

He lied saying that “American (and) Western weapons (let them) turn back the Russians (sic).”

In head-to-head battles, they were overwhelmed and smashed by superior Russian weapons and tactics.

Hegemon USA’s “policy” has nothing to do with “help(ing) Ukraine succeed (sic).”

It has everything to do with waging forever proxy war on Russia to the last Ukrainian foot soldier.

Sullivan lied claiming that Washington “want(s) to see a free and independent Ukraine (sic).”

Colonized and controlled by the US for the past 8 years, its vassal state status won’t change until its people free themselves from its dirty hands.

Sullivan laughably claimed that dementia Joe’s know-nothing double is “organizing and coordinati(ng)” US policies on Ukraine daily (sic).

Ignored by Sullivan was the following World Bank announcement on Sunday, saying:

“Ukraine’s economy is expected to shrink by an estimated 45.1 percent this year, although the magnitude of the contraction will depend on the duration and intensity of the war.”

Ignored by the World Bank is that ordinary Ukrainians are hard hit by devastating economic decline.

Its ruling regime is doing fine, thanks to billions of dollars poured into the country for militarism and warmaking — plenty diverted for self-enrichment by its dominant fascists.

Ukraine’s imitation foreign minister Kuleba showed up on Sunday to lie and deceive viewers like Sullivan.

Ignoring the state of the regime’s battered and beaten military, he falsely claimed the “Ukrainian army is capable of defending the capital (sic).”

It’s only “capable” of prolonging conflict as directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

Its outcome was clear before begun.

Pleading for more US/Western weapons, he was silent about how Russian forces are systematically destroying them — along with oil depots for fuel, Ukraine’s command and control, its air defense system, its air force, navy and most all else a military force needs.

Yet he laughably called Ukraine’s army “one of the strongest in the world, maybe the second strongest after the US (sic).”

He wrongfully blamed Russia for the made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented Bucha false flag and Kramatorsk massacre.

He sounded daft claiming that “we will win this war and we will liberate our territories (sic).”

Most Ukrainians forces are concentrated in and around Donbass.

Phase two of Russia’s operation is all about liberating Donetsk and Lugansk entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, along with completing the transformation of Ukraine’s military into a hollow shell.

It’s just a matter of time before Russia can declare mission accomplished.


3 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects on Propaganda TV

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman,


    The Sunday Line Up of Preposterous Lies..

    Should be entitled,
    “The Sunday Funnies ..!

    But they’re not Funny.
    Not at all.

    They’re Deadly Serious.
    In point of fact, they’re Deadly.

    They’re created to Start Wars..
    Imperialist Wars..

    Bankers Wars..!

    The Prima Donna
    Of Sunday Shows

    The Goebbels #301 broadcast
    The Fareed Zakaria Alibi Show

    To wit..

    Fareed in trying to disparage
    Le Pens tremendous serge in the Polls said,

    ” But it’s not the Russian issue
    Voters don’t care about that..

    Once Again the Pompous Idiot,

    “But it’s not the Russian issue
    Voters don’t care about that..!”

    Only the Criminal Elite care ?
    Why, Working Class to stupid?


    Fareed following up in next sentence,

    It’s just the culture of the
    Right Wing Nationalists..

    Reflection of the simple
    Populism coming out..!”

    Yo Fareed,

    What’s the issue that specifically drives Le Pen
    5 pts higher in the last week?

    Maybe the NATO War..?

    And Macron’s France is on the Wrong Side …

    Weepy, Creepy Fareed
    offers up the same vague
    Alibi for Hungary and Serbia..!

    That’s all.
    One lie fits all.

    I close by mentioning


    Fareed, as well as all the
    CIA News Anchors

    Are completely distraught that all their lies are failing to convince the Public.

    ” on both sides of the Pond..!”

    Yet they have a complete Monopoly on the News..

    Every honest comment blacked out in the Great Democracy

    And they still are losing.

    Amazing, huh..

    Clearly, the Public has grown sick of them..and all their lies.

    You know what’s coming next!

    Glory Glory Hallelujah..


    and Subsequently War Crime Tribunals..!



  2. I just watched the Gonzola Lira interview of Scott Ritter. It was very intense because it was to honest and too informing on the global view level. I think there is an oversight of what Death by Injection is doing to the military and especially the pilots who will soon not be able to fly or die as solar and space energy gets them with their altitude exposure.

    This video will start at 53:30 on the Russians are in it to win it, which has already been determined. It’s intense and poignant: Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbas — “Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbas” — 1:17:26 video from hours ago:


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