Ukraine Update, Day 47

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov minced no words saying the following:

Russia’s “special military operation is designed to put an end to the reckless expansion and reckless course towards complete domination by the US and, under (its ruthless ruling authorities), the remainder of Western countries on the world stage.” 

“This domination is built with egregious violations of international law, and in accordance with some (unclear) rules, which are imposed” to serve its diabolical aims.

Europe surrendered it sovereignty to US interests long ago.

Since Russia’s special military operation began, it was lost entirely at the expense of their nations and people.

US-dominated Western policy “reflects anger, in some ways even frenzy, and which, of course, is determined not only by (the situation in) Ukraine, but by Ukraine being transformed into a foothold for the final suppression of Russia.”

Made-in-the-USA “provocations are outrageous.” 

“As for Bucha, our military presented both chronological arguments, and arguments related to the video materials, and…the position of corpses and their appearance” to debunk the fabricated official narrative by setting the record straight.

“Everything possible was presented.”

“If Bucha continues to be played in some way for several weeks, then Kramatorsk was somehow silenced very quickly.” 

“Evidence presented (by Russia) included ballistic facts and the absence of Tochka U (missiles) in our service.”

“Facts provided will make their way to Germany (and other Western regimes) about who is committing war crimes” in Ukraine…based on our hard-hitting facts.”

On Monday, Russian “Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov updated the toll on Ukraine’s battered military through Sunday, saying:

“Overall, the following targets have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation.”

They include “129 aircraft, 99 helicopters, 243 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa AKM surface-to-air missile systems, 441 unmanned aerial vehicles, 2,079 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 239 multiple launch rocket systems, 909 field artillery guns and mortars, and also 2,003 special military motor vehicles.”

On April 10, “sea-launched Kalibr precision missiles delivered a strike against the southern outskirts of the city of Dnepr to eliminate the hardware of an S-300 surface-to-air missile battalion delivered to the Kiev regime by a European country and hidden in a hangar.”

The missile strike destroyed four S-300 launchers, killing about 25 Ukrainian military personnel.”

“Operational-tactical aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces eliminated 78 Ukrainian military facilities, including three command posts, a target illumination and guidance radar, three positions of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems, four ammo depots, and also 58 strongholds and areas of the amassment of Ukrainian combat hardware.”

“During the night, the strike delivered by air-launched precision missiles in the area of the community of Velikaya Novosyolovka eliminated an arms repair base of the Ukrainian air defense forces, including Buk-M1 and Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile systems.”

“A precision strike delivered near the communities of Vozdvizhenka-2 and Ivanovka in the Donetsk Region eliminated 9 tanks, 5 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery guns, 5 BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems and over 60 nationalist” Nazi fighters.

“Russian air defense systems shot down two Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft near the community of Izyum.”

Russian forces destroyed two ammo depots near Nikolayev and Zhovtnevoye, as well as guidance radar of an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system near Uspenovka.

Three more Ukrainian UAVs were destroyed and a Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopter. 

If hegemon USA hadn’t ordered battered and beaten Ukrainian forces to keep fighting no matter their lost cause to vastly superior Russian weapons and tactics, their authorities likely would have surrendered days or weeks ago.

Separately, are EU regimes having second thoughts on abandoning Russian energy, especially its gas?

According to EU foreign policy chief vassal to US interests Borrell:

“We discussed how to ensure the effectiveness of the existing sanctions (on Russia) to avoid gaps in their implementation.” 

“We also discussed new steps we can take, including sanctions against oil and gas.”

“We have not made decisions regarding such sanctions. We agreed to continue the discussion.” 

The above remarks reflect EU reliance on Russian energy by most of its member states.

Abandoning it entirely would be economic suicide.

On the one hand, Borrell called for reducing bloc dependence on Russian energy.

On the other hand, he admitted the impossibility of taking this step significantly any time soon.

Referring to Germany’s dependence on Russian energy, he warned that without what’s indispensable, its economy would “collapse.”

Pre-all-out US/Western sanctions war on Russia, Gazprom supplied about 40% of bloc gas and around one-third of its oil.

And this on Monday:

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced the elimination of deputy neo-Nazi Right Sector commander Tasas Bobanich — aka the “hummer.”

Russian forces reportedly killed him about five km south of Izium in Ukraine’s Khkarov region.

He personally ordered indiscriminate shelling of Donbass residential areas, massacring many civilians — with full US/Western support and encouragement.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine Update, Day 47

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    “I’m looking at a Map..”
    So began Scott Ritter..

    Me… I’m looking at the same map as Mr Ritter..

    And I see that the Ukis are gonna get wiped out soon.

    I see the Pincers close..
    Operation Bagration II

    Yo Nuland Nazi Boyz

    Kiss that Big Swastika Tattoo
    on your ass goodbye..

    Cuz you’ll be dead soon..
    like Ms Piggy cares… LOL

    Wall St cares if you’re Dead
    The Money making Mavens


    Borrell, Jens and van der Lie

    Don’t know you and don’t give a fux if you’re Dead.

    You’re Cannon Fodder.
    Wake Up..

    Go Home…fools.

    It’s not like you’re gonna get tortured.

    You’re just going home.

    2)..Me..I’d put some athletes in Russian uniforms in Belarus

    Right across from the Border
    With Ukraine

    25 Km back maybe

    Some Belarus equipment
    Paint a Z

    As decoy ducks

    So if the Kiev Armies move South or East..

    Kiev will be overrun from the North.

    Having said that in the Clear
    I add a ++….

    Maybe they should be real crack divisions of Russian Army

    And the Ukis aren’t sure.
    Keeps me local.

    Away from being reinforcements.

    3)…Bletchley Park tricks:

    Let a hundred cats go behind the lines of the Ukis.

    All wearing tiny cameras with electronic signatures


    I see a Second Salient
    Can’t say it in the Clear

    But another,
    ” Little Prokhorovka!”

    Just a little dot on the Map..

    Also but unrelated,

    I’ve learned the roads are not stress proof enough for Heavy Armaments..

    Notice Aero blew up the Airport at Dniepro.. didn’t worry about roads or BRIDGES…yet

    Blew up alot of Nazi Shit !


    GO RUSSIA..!


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