No Longer a Nation State

“Ukraine is a US colony with a puppet regime” — installed by the Obama/Biden regime in 2014, Vladimir Putin explained.

It’s a hotbed of Nazi-infested, fascist tyranny — state-terror, forever war, and instability in Europe’s heartland its marching orders from Washington.

“(T)he Americans (are) us(ing) Ukraine blatantly and cynically against Russia,” Sergey Lavrov stressed.

According to Ukrainian Opposition Platform – For Life chairman Viktor Medvedchuk, a figure who supports cooperative relations with Russia:

“(W)e used to live in…an independent sovereign state.”

“Now, both independence and sovereignty are being undermined by external influence and most importantly by external political systems imposed by Washington.”

The Biden regime tries to “creat(e) the image (of Ukraine as a) paragon of democracy (sic).”

US “authorities imposed external governance…”

They’re “running Ukraine as their colony.”

On phony charges of funding and supporting terrorism, Medvedchuk faces possible longterm imprisonment — as ordered by hegemon USA to silence him.

February 2014 was the turning point for Ukraine, he stressed.

Since then, “the US imposed its political power, and it has not benefitted my country or the Ukrainian people…nor will it ever be able to.”

US-controlled, Nazi-infested, despotism runs things.

Elements controlling puppet Zelensky are “crack(ing) down on the parliamentary opposition elected by the Ukrainian people.”

As elsewhere throughout the West, democracy in Ukraine is pure fantasy, the real thing banned.

“Political repression, establishment of a dictatorship, closure of channels,” usurpation of power and ruthless discrimination against all things Russian reflects how hegemon USA runs Ukraine. 

What’s stipulated in its constitution is effectively null and void.

US dark forces abolished the rule of law in Ukraine, abolished its sovereignty, its existence as a nation state.

It exists in name only, not reality.

Following the US Maidan coup in Kiev, its puppet regime targeted challenges to its extrajudicial rule ruthlessly — to maintain iron-fisted control, as ordered by its master in Washington.

Tyranny is the law of the land.

Perpetual war on Donbass the regime’s marching orders.

The same goes for anything resembling democracy.

For the past 8 years, US dark forces have been using Ukraine as a dagger targeting Russia’s heartland —a platform for perpetual proxy war on the country by waging hot war on Donbass along its border.

Days earlier, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said the following:

Rule of the people in Ukraine no longer exists.

It’s “vital to bring back true grassroots popular rule to Ukraine, to liberate the country’s inhabitants from oppression by bigots, fanatics, tormentors and real animals in human guise who are rampaging throughout Ukraine.”

“For eight years, Europe turned a blind eye to the war that the Kiev regime was waging against civilians in Donetsk and Lugansk.”

Its ruling regimes “overreacted when Russia decided to end the war.”

“Europe ignored Kiev’s statements, touting future use of force to seize Crimea and Kuban, but was awakened when our government decided to eradicate the hotbed of neo-Nazism on Slavic soil.”

“Russia is now clearing out the (scourge of Nazism in Europe’s heartland) — created by the US and its European” vassals.

MSM are financed to support the diabolical agendas of their ruling regimes.

They’re bribed with big bucks, enlisted to operate as a virtual ministry of propaganda for their dominant hardliners.

Nothing — repeat nothing — they report on major domestic and geopolitical issues can be taken at face value.

On all things flu/covid, invented US/Western enemies like Russia, and all other major issues, their reports are based talking points supplied by their ruling regimes.

US-dominated NATO is the greatest threat to world peace, stability, security, and humanity’s survival.

Alliance members operate as US vassals.

Marching in lockstep with its diabolical aims, is WW III inevitable?

Are things racing in this direction?

Is unthinkable nuclear war possible?

Will humans be the first species ever to destroy itself — and all others with it.

Humans have been around for about 100,000 years, the average lifespan of most species.

Is its allotted time near over?

Will hegemon USA’s sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia be its undoing by sparking catastrophic global war with anything goes rules?

The specter of humanity-destroying thermonuclear war was never greater than since the dawn of the nuclear age on July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico — site of the first atom fission bomb detonation.

Was a rubicon of no return crossed in November 2020 after undemocratic Dems usurped power by the most brazen election fraud in US history?

Has the train now left the station, its destination armageddon?

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    I was surprised that in order to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, well, it’s the Americans who are in charge. We almost got arrested.

    An American came to tell us: “Here I am in charge, not the Ukrainians, but me.” He even introduced himself. He is a veteran of the Iraq War.


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