Russian Forces “Pulverizing Civilian Infrastructure” in Ukraine?

In its latest fake news edition, the long ago disgraced NYT falsely accused Russian forces of the above like many times before.

Knowing it’s untrue doesn’t matter, just daily Russia bashing by making stuff up.

Like other MSM, the Times and journalism as it should be are mortal enemies — why the real thing is banned in their daily editions and broadcasts.

All fake news, all the time, on major issues is featured exclusively.

Truth and full disclosure are considered unAmerican.

Disseminators are considered heretics.

So be it if heretic/iconoclast opponent of the fabricated official narrative am I — a badge of honor to cherish, not conceal.

On all things Russia, other US invented enemies, and major issues across the board, the Times and other MSM stick to fake news over the real thing.

Do they ever report factually on big issues?

Does anything slip in once and a while?

Life Diongenes’ search for an honest man, there’s none or almost no truth-telling in Times and other MSM reports on issues mattering most.

The Times lied claiming there are “disturbing accounts of atrocities committed by Russian soldiers” — a US/NATO specialty in all its wars of aggression, not how Moscow operates.

The Times falsely accused Russia of “pulveriz(ing) civilian infrastructure (sic)” — knowing polar opposite is true.

The Times lied claiming Russia has been using banned weapons in Ukraine (sic) — another longstanding US specialty from inception.

No evidence links Russia to their use, why the Times and other MSM never reported any in support of their accusations — because there is none.

Russian forces  are preparing for “a new stage of terror against Ukraine (sic)?”

The Times quoted from the US-prepared script for Zelensky to recite.

Terror reflects how hegemon USA and its NATO vassals operate.

Nary a quote or other comment about it appears in Times reports.

And there’s this from Times prostitute of the press Paul Krugman.

Saying “Europe must move quickly to cut off imports of Russian oil and gas” translates to urging economic suicide to punish Russia.

Saying “the West needs to supply Ukraine with the weapons it needs…to win a clear-cut victory (sic) ignores how Russia continues to smash its military by superior weapons and tactics.

And there’s this fake news from WaPo, saying:

“Ukraine’s triumph over Russian forces in the Battle of Kiev was an epic victory for the ages (sic).”

Ignored was that no battle for Kiev occurred.

WaPo and other MSM pretended otherwise.

They pretend that Ukrainian forces are “defeating a more powerful adversary (sic).”

The same defiance of reality applies to saying that Russian forces are hampered by “brutality, low morale, poor planning, faulty logistics, bad intelligence, lack of coordination between units, over-centralization and” more blah, blah, blah utter nonsense.

And this: Russian armies exist “on paper only (sic).”

“Shortcomings of public administration help to explain Russia’s dismal performance in conflict after conflict (sic).”

WaPo conveniently ignored how Russian troops smashed Nazi Germany’s four million-strong Wehrmacht invasion force.

Without heroic Russian efforts defending the Motherland, Hitler might have won WW II.

The Red Army was indispensable in defeating the scourge of Nazism in Europe.

America’s vaunted military played a supporting, not a leading, role on the continent.

While the myth of America turning the tide of battle persists, Russian forces won what the nation calls the Great Patriotic War.

The so-called Eastern Front was the bloodiest ever theater of war to this day by far.

An estimated 12 million combatants died while fighting raged.

Soviet Russia was responsible for 75% of Germans killed in action – plus hundreds of thousands of Axis allies. 

According to WaPo fake news, the Red Army prevailed over Nazi forces “only when…greatly assisted  by Western allies (sic).”

Victory in Europe was clearly the other way around.

From Hitler’s invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941 to D-Day Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, the Red Army nearly alone smashed the Wehrmacht.

It clearly played the major role in defeating it.

It’s just a matter of time before what remains of Ukraine’s military as a fighting force is too battered and beaten to continue fighting a battle lost almost straightaway after Russia’s military campaign began.

What MSM suppress is what’s most important for everyone to know.

2 thoughts on “Russian Forces “Pulverizing Civilian Infrastructure” in Ukraine?

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  1. The False Prophet UK-USA are sending weapons for Ukrainians to kill Russians as human sacrifice to please the Babylonian god Marduk (aka Bel).


  2. Yo Peter.


    Some Medusian Cult
    Sons of Baal..

    Progenitors of the
    Temple Satan..

    Afflicts the Ruling Classes of the Capitalist West..

    A Death Cult
    Their own.

    Like Jim Jones

    “The Electric Acid Experience!”


    The intellectual foundation of the new Fascist



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